Saturday, 1 August 2009

Ibrahimovic is making friends

source: Aftonbladet
translated by: Dmitri

Barcelona is a team with a family atmosphere and it looks like Zlatan has already found his "clan". Among the team's Brazilian players... "Sure, me and Zlatan are amigos", said Dani Alves.

Zlatan has already made friends with three Brazilian players in Barca and according to our sources the players are Alves, Maxwell and Henrique. While Maxwell has been one of Zlatan's best friends during his spell in Inter, he also made friends with Alves and Henrique. When the team left the plane after it had landed in Los Angeles, it was Alves who said "Now you must also learn Portuguese!"

When "Sportsbladet" got to talk to Alves, he confirmed: "Yes, me and Zlatan are friends. In Barca its quite easy to make friends with the teammates." When asked about what Ibra can do, Alves said: "I hope he can show his greatness at Barca and I'm sure that he will succeed in doing that."

Even the captain Carles Puyol has talked and welcomed Zlatan to the club. This happened when Zlatan and Puyol were sitting next to each other on the airplane.
"I explained to him how it is in Barca and asked about his hand", said the Barcelona captain.

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pep said...

Many thanks to Dmitri for the translation!

Jnice said...

pep, do you know how Puyol or Alves communicates with Ibra? I assume it's in either English or Italian, but I was under the impression Puyol spoke only Spanish and Catalan.

messiiiiiiiiii said...

maxwell is his brazilian connection. puyol and ibra can probably get along through spanish/italian cognates

Anonymous said...

What are we in pre-school now?

yuti said...

Very smart move by Ibra to make friends with the two players - Alves and Maxwell - who will have to provide him with their crosses...

Anders said...

Guess it's kind of a long flight if you have to sit and talk about a broken hand for about 8 hours ;)

They are all grown-ups. Like Anony said, this it not children - I think they can communicate professionally as a group without having best friends or clans.

koko=barca said...

Alves, he confirmed: "Yes, me and Zlatan are friends?!?! I would like to know who ask that. That guy should work in Yellow stamp.

Anonymous said...

what a video

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