Thursday, 30 July 2009

Messi will renew contract after US tour

According to Catalan sports paper Sport Barcelona right wing attacker and Argentinian international Lionel Messi (22) will receive a contract renewal when he returns from the US tour.

In addition to an increased salary, Barcelona would be planning to raise the buyout fee of the Argentinian forward from 150 to 250 milion euro°. The length of the contract, which currently expires in the summer of 2014, is expected to remain the same.

Messi's contract was a last time renewed during the summer of 2008 (read more here). Since then, the player earns a year salary of 8 million euro, plus another possible 4,5 million euro in incentives, depending on trophies won, classification for the Champions League and games played.

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Keenan said...

damn..leo arleady made 12.5 million euro this year, thats 240,000 euro a week.

imagine how much with the renewal! O_O! :D

skanjos said...

messi deserves to be the best paid player in our team.he must get more than ibrahimovic,if ibra is getting 8,5-12 then i think messi will get a 12mil deal.

Don Luis said...

Messi should make 25M euro a season.
Thats how much Kobe Bryant makes! The best basketball player in the world!

Extend his contract until like 2020...

Anonymous said...

45M E like Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen maybe lol

Dan R said...

Messi (22) ?

Aeneas said...

right-o, Dan. I seem to be stuck in the past

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