Thursday, 30 July 2009

Genoa interested in Milito

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Genoa is interested in Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (29) (read more here).

The Italian club would have asked Barcelona more information about the Argentinian centre-back and reportedly wants to pick up the injured player for cheap hoping on a quick recovery, like happened with former Barcelona player Thiago Motta last season.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica meanwhile claims that Genoa saw Milito as a back-up option in case the transfer of Lecce player Esposito wouldn't go through.

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prathsBarca said...

I say ship him, this is our last chance to salvage something.

skanjos said...

i dont think a transfer will go through ,mainly cause milito is in pain he wont play football for another year at least,the man had 3 surgeries and still the doctors cant find and fix the problem.

if genoa is interested even with knowing the situation we should give the player for free or a very small fee just to avoid his salary.

Anonymous said...

His salary is probably already being paid by insurance.

HouseMD said...

His contract expires in 2011. and it'll be another season without him. And if he'd be ready to play this season by the chance, I don't think that he will perform like before. So, if Barca want to cash in on him than he should be sold next summer.

creus said...

I hope we keep him. Don't like the idea of dumping an injured player just like that. Barcelona needs to help him, not abandon him.

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