Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Front: Sport


At the end of the tour, Messi is promised the best contract

He will be the best paid player in the team over Ibra

The club aims to make his clause 250 million like that of the Swede

Barcelona is already in Los Angeles


Bram said...

Guys! I must say, since the reopening from the blog I have been even more impressed with it! Thanks a lot for al the good work. It's also very nice to see the front page of Sport and MD every day! Cheers!

Messi will never leave us! Mes que un Messi!

AJ said...

Mes que un Messi? LOL! Laporta should stop waving cash to our best players like he did with Ronnie. Remember giving Ronnie a pay raise every 6 months? Yeah.

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