Saturday, 1 August 2009

Barcelona not excluding MLS franchise

Although negotiations to start a new team in Miami failed last year (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta has told journalists in the United States that the club is still looking at options to have a franchise in the American football league:

"The project is still open. In our strategy in the States, we're trying to develop grass roots. We're trying to get a franchise in MLS and to develop our image with campaigns in merchandising and marketing.

I had a lot of conversations with MLS. In these meetings, I learned a lot of things, especially in marketing. They are working very well in this direction. I'd also be delighted to have an American playing on my team. It would be great. I think it's important for us as a global brand, a global club, to have players from everywhere."

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Anonymous said...

This would be a waste of time and money !!

Anonymous said...

"I'd also be delighted to have an American playing on my team."

No way. Players from the United States suck. Even the Bundesliga is too good for them.

MESSI-10 said...

He has to say it guys, do you want him to say that the MLS is shit...But just to show respect he has to say it.. Even though we all know it aint gonna happen!

BamaCule said...

except Tim Howard. I would much rather have him than Valdes.

Areign said...

as an american, i wouldnt get upset at these comments if they were true but theyre not. given, no field player has a chance at barca in any sort of forseeable future. but america DOES consistently pump out world class goal keepers. i wouldnt put much between tim howard (record holder in the epl for most clean sheets in a everton) and valdes, though i wouldnt necessarily say either is better. as for americans not being good enough for germany, you are a fool. Howard played for ManU and now americans protect the goals of both aston villa and everton in a league far superior to that of germany. not to mention dempsey all but leading fulham to their best league finish in the epl ever. thats not to mention onyewu who is currently plying his trade at ac milan.

Don Luis said...

When they open it, i will be one of the first to be in their open try outs.

Just watch in about 5 yrs how good the MLS will be. Trust me there are a lot of talent in the u-17 ranks from my experience. Im pretty sure users will take back their words.

mike in africa said...

tho it was only an exhibition, MLS all stars played everton as if it was barca against numancia... gotta give them some credit.

Anonymous said...

I would like a Barca club here in the states, even if it's all the way down in Miami. And don't be so hasty saying any American wouldn't play for Barca. They could have picked up Onyewu as a back-up defender and there's always the US's habit for turning out great keepers. And who knows, maybe Donovan impressed...though he wouldn't really get much playing time.

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