Thursday, 30 April 2009

Barcelona needs to move soon for Asenjo

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona will have to move in the coming weeks for Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19).

Atlético Madrid would already have made a formal proposal to Fernando Redondo and Zoran Vekic, the agents of the player, and is now waiting for the answer.

Asenjo would have been offered to sign a five-year deal including a serious pay rise. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Asenjo is Atlético's first choice to replace goalkeeper Leo Franco, who would already have found an agreement with Turkish club Galatasaray. As claims that Villarreal would also be interested in the Spanish goalkeeper.

Once they have the approval of Asenjo, Atlético Madrid will start negotiating a transfer deal with Valladolid, who already has been informed about Atlético's interest to sign Asenjo. Although the goalkeeper has a buyout clause of 5,5 million euro°, Valladolid would be planning ask a transfer fee of 6 million euro plus the loan of two Atlético players.

Asenjo would still be in doubt about his future. The player's agent Zoran Vekic would have promised Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain that Asenjo won't make a final decision before giving Barcelona a last chance to talk with him. It is nevertheless believed that a transfer could be finalized before the end of the season, which means that Barcelona should soon make the player a proposal and clearify the position of current Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés.

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pep said...

5,5 million euro =

7,5 million us dollar
5 million british pound

Knives Out said...

I hope we move for him real soon.
He is a very bright prospect and can be indispensable in a team like ours. Of course he will need experience, and he will gain lots of it here.

barca4life said...

Valdes saved our bacon in the last game, maybe we should go for De Gea instead. He can learn and grow while valdes remains #1

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

It would be a foolish thing not to get this kid. Valdes saves us every now and then but he makes too many costly mistakes. There is nothing Valdes can't do that a world class keeper can't do which Valdes is certainly not. He has had the chance to establish himself as one of the best and he failed. It's time to move on and find the right goalkeeper for us. Asenjo it is.

Kxevin said...

I would like someone to chronicle the egregious errors that Valdes has made this season, that "cost" us. There was the Juninho free kick and the horrid Espanyol clearance that come to mind immediately.

I guess that if we can all see the blunders, we can then say that he's terrible, and needs to be sent away. But I can recall a great many more Drogba saves, or keeping shots from Drenthe and Van de Vaart(?) out in the last Clasico, to name countless other times.

Other sides' keepers are like backup quarterbacks, in that the potential is so great, because the incumbent is awful, and should be benched.

Asenjo is a talent. If we can get him for a reasonable amount of dough, I'd be all for it. But to say that we should get him and jettison Valdes....not too sure about that one.

Anonymous said...

i hope we get him then either ribery silva or aguero im not fussy abt which:)

sashi said...

Keep VV and make let Asenjo gain experience with us...

thebackseatstrangler said...

i read somewhere that caceres is out injured as well...when did this shit happen o_O???

can anyone confirm or deny this?

Amir said...

valdes is one of the worst goalkeepers ever!! he SOMETIMES catches the ball and do not pass it to the enemy's team!!! and SOMETIMES he catches a good day and saves goal.... to me he doesn't deserve to play in barca!! sorry my opinion

Aussie Barca Fan said...

We need Asenjo for 2 main reasons;

1. To provide competition for VV. At the moment there is none.

2. For the long term future of our goal keeping department.

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