Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pinto: "Nobody touches my tail!"

Barcelona player José Manuel pinto gave an interview to Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón.

At the start you joined for six months - to replace Jorquera who was injured - and now you could play the cup final after having played all games in that competition. This is like a dream, no?
Everyone in the squad would like to play this final and Víctor, Jorquera and I are equally worth to play. It's true that I've played all cup games but I don't think this gives me an advantage compared with the others.

You have been thinking a lot about this final?
No. The truth is that I’m always focusing on the next game on the calendar. I like to go step by step and when a game is over, then I start thinking about the following one.

You already lived a cup final (2001, Zaragoza-Celta 3-1), although you didn’t play...
That final left us with a bittersweet taste. We started as the favourites, because we were already qualified for the Uefa cup and even competing to be in the Champions League and we played great football, while Zaragoza was in the danger zone. We went to the game with an enormous motivation, so the result left us with a very bad feeling.

How did Guardiola tell you that you would be the goalkeeper for the cup?
Well, nobody ever told me "you'll be the goalkeeper for the cup". They just told me game by game and the coach just picked the one he thought to be the best choice.

Tell me the truth: you lately had nightmares in which Fernando Llorente appeared?
(laughs) Until now I sincerely didn't.

So Athletic's attack doesn't make you sleepless...
It's clear that they have great players, but I think that you never should be scared of an opponent. We all have a lot of respect for the quality of their players, but no fear.

What's the biggest danger of Athletic?
They have a very strong group. It wouldn't be right to point out one player because it's really a very solid block.

You were decisive in the semi-finals against Mallorca when you saved a penalty from Martí...
Well, for me there were also other key details, that are maybe less noticed, like a run by a defender or a forward who dropped back to defend. For me, those details are more important than my save, which maybe caught the eye more but that doesn't give it a higher value.

Did you train on penalties ahead of the final?
We still didn't. We've been training normally.

But you know how Llorente kicks them?
(smile) When the moment is there, I'll analyze things...

What has been the most delicate moment during the way to the final in Valencia?
Maybe the game we've been talking about, against Mallorca, when we were 1-0 down and they got a penalty after one of our players was sent off. The last minutes against Espanyol were also difficult. They put a lot of pressure, but the team stood strong. There have been delicate moments, but the team solved them in a good way.

How do you imagine things could be tomorrow at midnight?
Now I just wait for that day to come. I'm a person who lives in the present, the here and now. If I would think about the future, I would lose energy and I shouldn't waste it that way because I would lose the present.

You made some promise for in case you win?
I didn't. I don't like to bet.

You don't want to make one now? Like: "if we win, I’ll do this or that..."
(laughs) No. Although some wanted me to cut off my ponytail! They say: "If we win this things, you’re tail is off!" In Vigo, the press sometimes insisted. But the tail won't be touched...

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rObReV7 said...

haha, but the tail wont be touched! Thats great! I ope he plays wel tomorow. He's a good strong keeper with a great personality. And he was the Zamora a few years ago too, wasnt he?

Andrezinho said...

Great second goalkeeper! Although he´s propably equally as good as Valdes....

Dude said...

Pique leave Pinto's ponytail alone :)

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