Friday, 17 April 2009

Barcelona has first option on Ribery

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has a first option on Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) (read more here).

Barcelona president Joan Laporta would have closed a deal with Bayern Munich chairman Franz Beckenbauer that states that Barcelona has a preemptive right to sign the Frenchman.

This means that if Ribéry leaves the German club, he will go to Barcelona if the club offers as much as the highest bidder. Laporta would have been able to reach the agreement thank to his good relationship with Beckenbauer and Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and the support of American sports supplier Nike.

The paper gives ten "key issues" relating a possible summer move of Ribéry:

1. He prefers Barcelona over Madrid
2. He doesn't want to leave Bayern in a bad way
3. His entourage is pressuring him to join Madrid together with Zidane
4. His wife travels between Munich and Spain, where the couple has a house
5. Barcelona has reached an agreement with Bayern to have the first option
6. Bayern would want the player to stay one more year and to sell him then to Barcelona
7. Guardiola sees his as a priority target
8. Barcelona won't enter a bid race
9. The personal friendschip between Laporta, Beckenbauer and Rummenigge is Barcelona's main card
10. The interest of Nike to see the player join Barcelona since Ribéry is one of their star players and Bayern is an Adidas team

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Granche said...

So get him !!!

R10FCB said...

the first point is the best point of the 10.
i really hope thats true and he comes to barcelona and destroys madrid at the Bernabéu!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Relationships do mean something at the top level. Look at the way Madrid treated Man Utd last summer and Fergie's defiance because Madrid pissed him off. A good relationship with Bayern as with any other club is extremely important. Barca is not a threatening club like Madrid that bullies clubs into selling. We have good relationships with all the top clubs i.e. Man Utd (Pique), Arsenal (Henry), Milan (Ronnie) etc. Barca are well regarded and respected. This could be a huge determining factor particularly if Bayern have similar offers on the table for Ribery.

noubarca said...

its getting boring already.

Miztah Mobstah said...

I'm 100% sure that Ribery is on his way to the Camp, who would be better than on for our left wing? Ribery on the Left and Messi on the right, that would be dangerous for or oppenents. It would take 2 people to mark Ribery and 2 or 3 to mark Messi, than Maybe Bojan can get a starting role... LoL

Albert said...

so good to hear.i am very sure he would be here by 2011.he is desparate to join barca as he knows that it is the only club which can take him to his highest level.
Ribery if you are reading this.. join barca immedietly before it is too late

raidall said...

RAIDALL SAID... you'll talk about ribery as a leftwinger, what will happn to henry, are we gonna sell him just because we have another skillfull player. and he has done a lot this season we can't treat him like that let us not be like the stupid real madrid

ZenI said...

Raidall, we need a strong squad. Today our players play a little bit to much, like Xavi, Alves, Iniesta and Messi. Henry isn't getting any younger but I still would like him to stay for another 1-2 seasons. And we don't know how the Eto'o situation will look next year? So, If we get Ribery, we could rotate Henry on LW and also as a striker. Maybe we could even rest Messi sometime and play Ribery RW and Henry LW. I think that for the next 2 seasons Henry could be our supersub, and definitively very important in CL.

Jonathan said...


Remember, if we get Ribery, we'll have him on the left, and he can also play a midfield position.

If we have him, Henry can then play the lead striker role when Eto'o needs a break, and especially when Eto'o has to miss several weeks for the African Cup of Nations.

It makes total sense. Don't get so distressed.

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