Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wage demands Gudjohnsen block West Ham move

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that West Ham is struggling to reach a personal agreement with Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30).

Although West Ham wants to close the transfer deal soon, Gudjohnsen's salary demands would be a major obstacle at this moment. The English Premier League club would nevertheless remain hopeful of signing the Icelandic player.

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Fenderek said...

Please go... tahnks for those few years- but it's time...

Mido said...

I dont why players dont want to leave barca maybe wages but money isnt everything in case of Jorquera a 3o years old player being a 3rd choice for barca who will not play any match in next season and pep dont want him to promote mino or oier and he dont want to leave bec of money barca give him I dont understand why are barca players so greeday same problem with guddy he dont leave bec of money

creus said...

Good. Hope he stays.

Kevin O said...

Creus. We need this change.. Especially because he needs more money. Barca doesnt need greedy players, who dont pull their weight... He has been fantastic, but the key word is HAS.

Jay said...

guddy was good. but now its time for him to move on!

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