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[2008] Villa renewal could lead to Silva exit

this post was published one year ago:

Both main Catalan sports papers claim today that Valencia left winger and Spanish international David Silva (22) after a deal between Valencia and striker David Villa about a renenwal is close, as both the club and the player's agent have confirmed after a meeting yesterday.

It seems that Valencia is, quite literally, putting all its money on Villa, wanting to satisfy the striker and keep him at the club. Silva, who is willing to join Barcelona, would then be the last option left for Valencia to sell a player and deal with the economic situation of the club.

Catalan sports papers El Mundo Deportivo claims that some promotional obligations of Silva that were linked to the player wearing the Valencia shirt have been put on hold until the future of Silva has been decided.

With Barcelona's last offer being 18+4 million euro°, the paper now claims that Barcelona Atlètic winger and Spanish youth international Jeffren Suárez (20) could be included in a transfer deal (read more here). Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is ready to bid up to 25 million euro°.

Asked about the situation of Silva and Villa, Valencia manager Unai Emery left the door open for an exit at a press conference today: "I have always said that I'm able to adapt to new circumstances. Silva and Villa are two important players, key figures of the team, but it's a reality that there's a transfer market with offer and demand going on and, like the other teams, Valencia takes part in that. But today I'm fully counting on both players to stay."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

22 million euro =
34 million us dollar
17,5 million british pound

25 million euro =
39 million us dollar
20 million british pound

k-1 said...

What do you guys think about this.
I think Silva is a good option but to include Jeffren in the deal would be a huge mistake.

James said...

If we really think that Silva is the answer on the wing then we should include Jeffren if it keeps the costs down. We could also make sure we get a sell-on clause for Jeffren. There's no point in keeping players, even promising ones, if realistically they have no real shot on the team. Silva is only 22, so the chances of Jeffren (21?) ever displacing Messi or Silva is improbable. I'm sure the player himself is more ambitious than hoping to be a career backup.

I personally think it makes sense for both clubs as long as we get decent value for Jeffren.

James said...

Just a correction to my post, Jeffren is 20, not 21.

cojonudo said...

There's no reason for Barcelona to include Jeffren in such a deal! I know it's only one game, but if any of you saw him perform in their last match against NYRB you would see that the lad has star potential. One goal, one assist and couldn't be marked while he was on the pitch. He may just be Barcelona's next new "star" in the waiting so it would be foolish and irresponsible on their part to let him go.

I may not be as high on Silva as some others, but you either go ahead and make your best offer or move on to someone else (Palacio)? What you don't do is give away one of your brightest talents in the process, especially to another La Liga club where he will haunt you for the rest of his career. Sure Silva's a better player as of right now, but there's no doubt in my mind that Jeffren could be a "special" player down the road.

one year ago, readers said...

James said...

I agree that Jeffren has talent is one for the future. But when is that future? How many more years would he be happy playing on Barcelona Atletic? Crosas is also a young starlet but he wasn't going to supplant Xavi/Toure/Keita/Iniesta the next few years so he moved on.

Jeffren has similar ambitions I'm sure. If he was 17/18 of course I'd say we should keep him. You never know what's going to happen with the club in 3-4 years. Jeffren however should be looking to move up in competition starting this year. However on our first team he might not even be called on as backup if we sign Silva.

I'm not saying we should give away Jeffren, and ideally we would loan him out and get him back next year. But if we can get a substantial reduction for Silva's price I don't see the problem. That's the business of soccer, you have to know when to cash in your chips and when to hold on to them.

cojonudo said...

You make a valid point James. Barcelona is not a team that can remain patient and wait for their young players to develop into stardom, (at least not now, having gone two years without any silverware.) But then what's the point of developing these players through the youth system if they are never going to get a fair chance to make the team?

My solution? I would go after Palacio, who's 26, sign him to a two or three year deal with Jeffren as his backup. Then when Palacio's contract is up Jeffren should be ready to step in and take over.

My point on Jeffren being that if Barcelona wish to sell him or include him a deal then at the very least they should have the foresight NOT to deal him to another La Liga club. Deal him to a team in Serie A or the EPL for that matter. The last thing I want to see is him killing us for the next 10yrs at Valencia.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that is the disadvantage of having such a strong youth system, we cannot keep all of them! Realistically we have to expect a lot of our young talent is going to leave because we can only fit 11 players on the pitch. However good Jeffren might be, if we are willing to let him go it is only because we have somebody better waiting in the wings. Its a nice problem to have because we only end up keeping the best of the best.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Couldn't Barca just make their 22 + 3 mil deal. it's just a few millions more, it's not like Barca haven't got the money. Don't put Jeffren in the deal. Get lost.

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