Sunday, 9 August 2009

Txiki on Cesc, Mascherano and Chygrynskiy

Speaking to the club's official media, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain commented on some names that have been linked with a move to Barcelona.

"It depends on what you are willing to spend. If we will invest a lot of money, he could come. But we don't know how big the investment should be since we didn't yet ask Arsenal about him. If the asking price would be exaggerated, we won't try to sign him."

"I don't like to exclude any of the players we like and that we believe can improve our squad."

"He is a very good option, but at the right price. We have made an attempt and we will continue to try, but only if we consider the price to be reasonable, otherwise we won't do it."

Youth players
"We have the fortune that our youth policy is working so well. Muniesa, Fontás, Jonathan... They are all having a great pre-season. They are once again showing how extraordinary the youth structure is. Besides, it is easier for homegrown players to adapt to the way of playing than it is for those who come from elsewhere. We should take advantage of that. I think they are more than likely to play a role."

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refter said...

22 days to go before the end of the transfer period... Let's see what this will bring.

Mido said...

I dont beleive we will sign one of the above I think we will sign a surprise player dont know who If pep wants really a CB there is a very good german international player playing at stuutgart called tasci I think he plays at left centre back and he is 22 years old his price maybe 13m euros maybe a straight swap with helb,Your thoughts please?

MiDO H. said...

another Mido LoL :P
what are the odds ? :P

skanjos said...

i like what txiki said,basically he said we after only fabregas,first they wanted to know if the player was willing to come and i think they will make a bid now.

he didnt say much about masherano,and the transfer of xabi doesnt allow any other departures in anfield.

for chygrynskiy ,i bet pep wants him alot but txiki thinks muniesa and fontas can do fine and prefers to splash the cash for cesc.

only 22 days left ,lets see

in the last game with chivas in the whole game we lacked creativity in midfield,xavi was alone in the first half and in the 2nd we had to wait a good pass from guddy.i think in the end guddy will end in arsenal,maybe jeffren on loan there too and we are gonna get fabrgas with 30-40mil .that would be great for the team.

inieeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

this whole fabregas sounds so unreal to me

not only arsenal board has expressed numerous times they arent gonna sell him

but cesc himself made clear he's to stay at least this year before he could be under the wings of guardiola

skanjos said...

inieeeeesta next year it will be imposible for us to sign cesc,they will ask alot more than this year.i bet arsenal are willing to sell the player this summer.i cant even imagine the sum of money the new president is gonna splash to get cesc so the current board should sign him now if possible.

Anonymous said...

mate there is a clause in fabregas's contract which could allow him to leave next year for 25 mill... i think it is better we wait for one more year before we get him... we could save atleast 15 mill because i don't think we will get him for less than 40 mill this season...

Anonymous said...

Link for that claim?

MiDO H. said...

if this so called 'clause' exists, of course barca would have made it public and stated that they will purchase the catalan midfielder next season; of course, i could be mistaken, but i dont think so.

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