Saturday, 8 August 2009

Intensified talks with Cesc could lead to bid

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has recently be holding intensified talks with Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22).

Cesc would think that his cycle at Arsenal has come to end. The Catalan midfielder reportedly feels ready for a new challenge and would be delighted about the chance to return to Barcelona, the club he left six years ago. The new talks could lead Barcelona to launch a new offensive before the end of the transfer window.

Barcelona's board could prefer to sign Cesc. Board members would have doubts on spending money on another central defender and think it might be better to strenghten the midfield, with Cesc then being the preferred option. Arsenal is believed to be interested in Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30) and a loan of Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22), and Barcelona could include both players in the deal to lower the transfer fee.

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peter said...

We've already downsized the squad alot. Seems stupid to let another two players go in exchange for one. Don't think the value of Gudjohnsen or the loan of Henrique would affect the price that much anyway. If they can convince arsenal to sell: sure. But keep Henrique and Guddy.

All in all this is utter bullshit. No way is Cesc tired of playing at Arsenal and no way is Wenger ready to let him go for anything less than maybe 50M. He is captain and key player in the team.

Furymaker said...

This sounds good , but if we loan Henrique we must get Chigrynskiy or Filipe .
+ promoting Fontas

btw. at Barca time when match against chivas start ?
5am ?

fcbee said...

Yes, 5 am (in Barcelona).

Unknown said...

Cesc will not be coming to Barca thats for sure, number one because he is useless and secondly Arsenal would want a large fee, now that is unacceptable considering that Cesc and his mummy and daddy decided to slam the door on Barca and go to Arsenal.

Thats a shame

Nicholas Gaffney said...

is that tonight???

max said...

does anybody know what channel we can watch the match on
would really appreciate it


Anonymous said...

I'm really getting tired of this guy . He is a good player BUT he is NOT that great . I hope he never comes back . Let that be a lesson to others who choose to leave for money !!

Manolo said...

U can't say that he's useless!
He's not but the thing is, Pep wanted a biger squad for this season and we have a smaller lol.


Hleb Out

And Guddy maybe going out..

If we going to get a bigger squad we need to sign 1 or 2 more + promote 1 and /or 2
Dos Sanots/Jeffren and Fontas/Muniesa

ElBananero said...

Ejdur and henrique + money for cesc.... ok then lets go for it!!!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Unless Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champs League there is very little chance they will sell Cesc.

It would be pointless to go after him if we can't play him in the CL. I think he will come to Barca particularly that Madrid have now brought Xabi Alonso. It is all just a matter of timing.

I am very concerned about the size of our squad though. We need reinforcements in midfield particularly with Hleb and most likely Guddy to leave (who should have left last season).

fcbee said...

Cesc will return one day, that's almost sure. The question is: when? I think he's out next summer if Arsenal doesn't win anything. Then they cannot keep him any longer.

Anonymous said...

@ max:

Here u can find any game on a number of channels. Sopcast needs the software download but has normally very good quality. Veetle and TVant is equally as good.

BARCA/FAN said...

I think barca should leave cesc where he belongs,in a useless team that wont be winning anything for a long long time.he turnned his back on barca and he shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentance.pique won me over but he wont

Anonymous said...

Pique won you over but Cesc won't? Are you kidding? Pique and Cesc are great friends and Pique is one of the ones trying to bring Cesc back.

He'll come back and he'll fit in. And then Sanur and yourself will just have to admit that you were wrong.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

If we have to pay 40 millions + Guddy for Fabregas, that's real price and good job for Barca. That's the price for fantastic young player like Cesc. Do it Laporta please!

Last year we had a luck with injuries, during this year somebody of most important plaers will be injured i think, that's something what we have to expect, so we need more world class players and fresh blood to defend our results.

We have to also get a Felipe for free and Chirginsky for abouth 25 millions.

So we need spend that 65 millions, that's big money but nothing unposible for Barca's budget. If players want to come, and Guardiola want them, Laporta please do it.

We can sell some players like Abidal (15) millions maybe and Keitha (15 millions) and that is 30 millions.

65 - 30 is 35 millions, and that's not so much money for having Fabregas, Chirginsky and Felipe. Maybe it's looks as we losing players in the middle, but with Cesc, Iniesta, Xavi, Yaya, Maxwell and Bousyuets there is a lot of options and qualyties for changes and rotations. There is a place for one Jeffren and Pedro for improving too. They are all young players and we don't need spend money in next seasons. Next year we only need refresh left wing.

Anonymous said...

r u bloody nuts? we're not gonna sell abidal or keita. bloody fabregas should of asked for a special buy out clause so if barca wanted to buy him bak it wouldnt cost as much. just like wat keirrison did

Unknown said...

We have to forget about Cesc forcing his way out of Arsenal this season as it is not him that wants out but rather Barca looking for a midfielder. If this bid was to be made next transfer season, alot of factors may come into play, he has 1 year left on his current contract and Arsenal, with competition from MC, A'villa, Everton may not qualify for CL 2010-11.

As it stands right now, don't expect a cheap or even a reasonable transfer fee for him. the only consolation is that with Guddy gone, his salary can be passed on to someone else. With Henrique, I'm not so sure. As the Helb's Inter saga shows, when we're desperate we even offered to pay for his salary.

For those proposing the sale of Abidal and Keita, you guys will just have to dream on with your 30mil. It just won't happen this season. 1) no one has even ask for them and 2) you guys keep talking of needing a bigger squad yet hoping for our defence and midfield be reduced further at a time when the market any replacement player is not going to be cheap.

I'm all for Chygry but with Muniesa, Fontas and Milito coming back and not forgetting potentially Filipe, I think the board has decided Cesc's transfer over-rides Chygry and for good reasons. We need cover for Xavi and Iniesta and Cesc is one for the long-term. You guys may hate him now but he is only 22 y.o and should we get him now, he may give us 8 years of potentially Xavi-like service.

fcb_india said...

getting Cesc for an exchange with Guddy+Henrique +cash is not a bad idea
as such we want to get rid of these two for this year at least.. so why nit use them for someone like cesc who will help bring stability to the squad...

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