Saturday 8 August 2009

Laporta on Cesc, Messi and Ibrahimovic

Barcelona president Joan Laporta gave an interview to Spanish television channel La Sexta. Some excerpts.

"Guardiola is very satisfied with the current squad. But if another transfer would be needed, we will do that."

Central defender
"If the coach says he wants to add another centre-back to the squad, then it will be like this. We'll try to solve the issue."

"If we need more midfielders, our technical department will propose some names of possible transfers."

"The most important thing is the commitment and the affection from both sides. This paves the way, so when we're drawing up the papers everything will be done like it was planned. Every time he plays, he shows he's the best player in the world. And what is more important, he shows that he is happy. He creates a lot of expectations, he unbalances the opponent, he offers a show... I like to see him happy."

"Like all the fans, I want to see him play as soon as possible. People really expect a lot. It's a great quality player and I think he'll add a lot to the team."

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Anonymous said...


Pique himself tried and convinced his manager ( Ferguson ) to allow him to get back to Barca. And that was when Barca was in one of the most troublesome phases in the recent times. Finished third in Liga, losing out on the most influential figure of recent times in Ronaldinho, a vote of no confidence & appointment of an inexperienced manager... One can go on. He came in such a disastrous situation and proved his worth. It was almost like a free transfer you see. Imagine us sending him out on loan for like 2-3 years, his wages alone would amount to like his transfer fee :)
And look at the Fabregas case. He SHOWED his interest to the club when Barca have won every thing & seem to be like the most dangerous club in the world. Won fresh accolades for it's beautiful, attacking game.

There's no comparison at all. Pique's getting out seems more like Crosas transfer who if proves his quality would get back to us next year. To get Fabregas now is like getting a new Super Star like Ibrahimovic that too him being a Cantera product.
BUT if Fabregas tries from his side to facilitate his transfer to Barca and if the transfer fee is some where around 20-25 million, yeah he can be welcomed with open hands. IF NOT fk off dude. You are not worth the fee YOUR club is claiming for you, PERIOD.

E said...

I totally agree with that...

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