Sunday, 9 August 2009

Txiki finds it difficult to improve the squad

Speaking to the club's official media, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain talked about the transfer market:

"We have financial resources but more than the value of the players, we're interested in the type of player. There are transfer possibilities, but it's difficult to improve what we have now. It's really difficult to improve a squad that just has won the treble, that's a reality.

Because if you want to get a serious upgrade, you could get problems of managing the whole. We're always trying to sign players that can fit in well in the group and how it is managed by the coach. If this would cause problems, we of course won't do it. That's where the opinion of Pep is crucial.

There are several positions we could strenthen, not only the centre back. We could go for a striker, an attacking midfielder, a defensive midfielder, a centre-back or a full-back. We have 'Puyi' who can play on the right despite being a central defender. We'll see what the best option is and what the market has to offer. We should improve what we have and if that's not possible, I feel very strong with the squad we have now and the youth players that are coming through."

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Anonymous said...

agree, better keep the current squad, easier for pep to handle and maintain the tactics.

inieeeeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

hell no, our squad is too thin and too small in composure

Anonymous said...

We dont need any new Maxi Lopez's, Ezquerro's, Hleb's or Caceres'.

inieeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

no because there aren't other players in the world.. NOT

there are players that can reinforce Barça;

Fabregas/Mascherano 100 per cent
Chygrinskiy probably
Filipe definately

Anonymous said...

we don't need a bigger squad. only 16 or 17 relaiable players are enough.

inieeeeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

i disagree, we are going to battle for 6 cups with 16 players?

No way, we should get more experienced psysique players

bombastico said...

pep has already told the board that he wants a bigger squad and laporta and txiki did pormise to get 3 or 4 topclass footballplayers for him but what happened instead??

keirrison whom seemed not to be a player which pep did wish to get..

henrique a type of a player which the cantera produced themselves(muniesa,fontás etc.)

only maxwell and ibra can be called reinforcement but the rest seems to not fit in peps plans.

chygrynski is a type of a player which the cantera does not have..
one 1.90 m skillfull centreback with a good passing game...
only piqué does fit in that category but the other cantenarios don't.

if we loose now gudjohnsen we need reinforcements for the midfield but it does not have to be players some expensive signings..

barca4life said...

The problem is chygrynskiy cant play in the CL so if we do buy him we'd be going into the CL without him. I'd rather we go for him next year if we wanted him to come. Pep said he wanted a bigger squad but then he said after he prefers smaller squads of 16 or 17 quality players and he'd make up the difference with luis enrique's players. I'd still like to see cesc that gives us more quaility to back up xavi and iniesta and who has been known to play the DM position. Milito is pain free at last so maybe we could even finally see him return at some point this season which would be a big boost.

Puyol Pique Marquez Milito Fontas Muniesa

looks much better than if you take out milito.

Anonymous said...

Squad has to be bigger, there are so many competitions and games coming up. Injuries will happen, even more if you have only a small squad that can't be rotated enough.

Barca's starting eleven is the best there is, no one can match that. But think of CL-final 2010 against Man United - Messi, Iniesta and Xavi injured. Who we have as backups? Feeling confident?

bombastico said...

Indeed.Good point.
That could be a serious problem if Barcelona reaches the queter and Semifinals again..

Sorry i wasn't informed that pep did have changed his opinion so i have to thank you.

It would be great if Laporta could fix a Deal with Arséne but i'm kinda pessimistic that an agreement is possible.

But once is for sure he could be a perfect backup for Xavi which was honestly needed in the last season cause you never know how the last season could have ended without xavi..
The confed cup did show he needs some rest..
i have never seen him playing so pathetic.

if we can't get fabregas the board should think about perhaps for arteta...

barca4life said...

yeah here is where he said it

In his first press conference for the 2009/10 season, Josep Guardiola reviewed the latest events at Barça. He described the team as “a joy” and said that he’d like to have “16 or 17 reliable players”.

Guardiola is happy with his squad but as manager he’s going to do some fine tuning. “The team is a joy, and if we can we’ll do some fine tuning. I’d like to have 16 or 17 reliable players to rotate and so people can’t guess our line-ups.” Pure Guardiola: sincere, direct and with humour.

After saying he’d like to have 16 or 17 reliable players, Guardiola admitted he preferred small squads: “I don’t want large squads like those at Madrid or Inter”. And he said that if necessary “I’ll nick some players off Luis Enrique” and rely on the Barça Atlètic squad.

Unknown said...

guys just wait a little more, you will be hearing new two signings, Txiki is working in the shadow. he will sign two players, a central defender and midfielder

xaviniesta said...

would be nice if instd of posting links we could draft smth and offer it to the editors to post. that way more ppl could read it esp if its informative. just saying.

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