Thursday, 6 August 2009

Transfer history: Marquez was close to Madrid

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that Barcelona player Rafael Márquez (30) was close to joining Real Madrid in the summer of 2002.

Márquez confirmed the story to the paper: "I was very, but really very close to moving to Real Madrid, can you imagine that? It didn't happen and thanks to God I'm still here." One year later, Márquez joined Barcelona.

The player's agent Enrique Nieto explained why the transfer didn't go through in the end: "The truth is that it didn't happen because they had tactical doubts. They couldn't decide on the question if Rafa was better as central defender or as defensive midfielder and the deal was was cancelled. That's how life can go..."

The paper also reports, based upon statement of the agent, that Real Madrid and Barcelona were already interested in Márquez when he was still playing in Mexico. The two clubs were following the player and drew up scouting reports but none of them took the decision of signing him. Márquez in the end signed with French league club Monaco in the summer of 1999.

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Anonymous said...

I just wished he had gone to Madrid. He is either injured and off the pitch, or healthy and fouling on the pitch...or making horrendous mistakes. As a Mexican, I am tired of him, especially when he plays for the national team. He doesn't put the same effort.

I think it's time for Barcelona to stop buying players from Mexico just to have a share in "Latin American" market! Gio was a disgrace, but I am willing to see how his brother turns out.

Viva El Mexico

Anonymous said...

Marquez is good. Most barca-fans agree.

barca nike said...

Marquez is very good but he is injury prone.

Eladir said...

He is good for back-up and rotation, not for a starter. But he has a high wage so Barcelona should better get rid of him.

Sune said...

He looks creepy in that picture

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

The only thing i read here is complaning about players...

Search for a other team when you dont like the players who play for Barça!

Marquez is an excellent player.

mike in africa said...

i'm not a racist, but get lost anonymous mexican! most of us love marquez and thinks he's excellent. he may not be the toughest nor the quickest defender, he's however a versatile and experienced player, who has a good vision and touches and knows exactly how to play the barca way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both Iniesta Gooooaaal & mike in africa

There are some people who keep bagging on players. I know everybody has their personal opinions on how good or how bad a player is, but instead of always talking about the bad why dont we talk on what the player could improve on, this way we can help the team be better.

To the annonymous mexican:

Marquez doesn't play great for the national team because he is put under more pressure there. He comes from the most prestigious club any Mexican player is in. He also doesn't have anybody else he can rely on in defense, there is no puyol or pique to help him. So the pressure is more immence on him. He also can't give those nice long cross passes because there isn't a guy like messi or henry who can take it down like if the ball was made out of cotton.

barca nike said...

What the hell are u talking about Eladir Marquez was a starter in Barca for the last 5 years and ur saying he is a good back-up i think u should think again

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