Sunday, 26 July 2009

Marquez confident about contract renewal

Asked about the renewal of his contract that expires in 2010 (read more here), Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (30) has said in an interview with the club's official media that a deal is only a matter of time:

"It's my wish to retire at Barça, so I hope it will be possible. I'm very relaxed regarding the renewal. I know that we will reach an agreement. It's just a matter of time.

In general I'm feeling very good at this moment, happy to be back. I'm still not training with the group, but we're working hard so I can be totally fit soon and join in during the US tour.

During my holidays, I first have been working three weeks in a recovery centre in France because I wanted to make good progress. After that, I spent some time with my family."

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tero said...

I hope he gets well soon

Marc4barca said...

marquez and valdes makes mistakes more than anyone but they always suck it in and manage to win back the fans some how that's why i like them so much, renew marquez plzz.

barca nike said...

he deserves 2 ritire in Barca because he impresses most of the time by putting in very good preformances.

Barca>madrid said...

i like marquez many goals come from hes amazing cross field passes he will get a renewal Pep said he was fundamental to the the team

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