Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Barcelona to close deal with betting company

Madrid financial newspaper Expansión claims that Barcelona will sign later this month a sponsorship agreement with British online betting company Betfair.

Sources close to Barcelona told the paper that Betfair will obtain the rights to use Barcelona's image in their advertising campaigns for the next two to three years.

Barcelona would receive a fee of 1,5 to 2 million euro a year for the deal. Until last year, Barcelona had a similar agreement with Austrian online gaming company Bwin.

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JR said...

"online gaming company bwin" ? probably meant online betting company

Anonymous said...

the online gaming company's name is 'Bwin' JR,

JR said...

yeah but bwin is an online betting company, that's what I was saying.

trez said...

Online gaming as in betting games, poker games, etc.

LeónDragón said...

if this happens, something at fc barca will die, as also my love for this club was always bout their realness and with this deal, also something at my heart for this club will die.
as someone, who's against one of this whole poisonous-spreading-business, that make weak people ill and addicted, i'm sure, i'll cry with a deal like that done.
unicef was a sign of humanity, but it's said, that one bad thing, overweights thousand goods.
see, i'm not religious, as religion is made by human, but i believe in the good, and that's definetly none of those

creus said...


"Until last year, Barcelona had a similar agreement with Austrian online gaming company Bwin."

LeónDragón said...

microsoft, the desperate housewife dumbhead and now this...
dark days for our club.
first we help unicef and say we fight malarya and now we make promotion for freaks, who maybe got rich by the death or weakness of people

LeónDragón said...

yes, creus, saw it now and really don't like it

SimonP said...

Barca is also sponsored by Nike (using child labour) and Estrella (producing bear).

Just go with it, just because the club don't have anything on their shirts doesn't mean they're sponsored by companies.

LeónDragón said...

know, simon, but don't like this betting-business, as it came from one day to another and became such a big thing (every rat came out of his hole to start this business), from which you can't hide anymore, from newspapers, i-sites, television.
and the badest thing is the number of people using their services.
anywhere, everywhere.
it became a pest, that makes people addicted.
hate the whole gambling s***, as it feeds only a poor requirement and making people soulless, making people think, they can become winners, as they even lost, the first time they played

LeónDragón said...

there were also gamblings like casinos, horse-races, etc., but this form of betting has become to enormous in it's dimension

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

LeónDragón I agree with you!

Those betting-sites will kill the sports!

There where already trouble with asian sites who payed clubs, players and managers to fix a game! It happend in Belgium and the scandinavian country's!
Clubs like Barça schould make a statment that they reject these sites!!!

Like they made a statment with Unicef!!!

LeónDragón said...

thank you iniesta, as italys football is also in the hands of those or cases in germany, where refs like holzer got banned for life

Hola said...

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