Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sponsorship deal with Arab telecom company

Barcelona has yesterday announced that the club has signed a commercial agreement and sponsorship deal with United Arab Emirates based telecommunications company Etisalat (read more here).

Etisalat, currently operating in 17 countries across Asia and Africa, becomes a new so-called Premium Sponsor of the club in a deal that is according to Barcelona president Joan Laporta "the most important agreement ever signed by FC Barcelona on an international level".

The agreement has initially been signed for the next four years, until 2013, and can after that first period be renewed annually. Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the deal is worth 12 million euro for the first four years.

Apart from the commercial commitments of the agreement between FC Barcelona and Etisalat, the pair will work together to increase the feeling of solidarity and corporate social responsibility within the zones of influences of the communications company.

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Julian said...

Does this mean Unicef is getting replaced on the kit?

If it does.. I don't like this =(

Aussie Barca Fan said...

No no no this isn't a shirt sponsorship deal. Unicef will still be on our shirts. This is called a 'Premium Sponsor' mainly focusing on commercial interests and links. As my friend who is Spanish told me, they will both promote each other on websites, functions, press confrences and within the stadium but not on the shirt. I believe in the past Barca have been offered tens of million dollar contracts to have shirt sponsors that they have always knocked back.

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