Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Deal with Xerez on Victor Sanchez loan

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Barcelona midfielder Víctor Sánchez (21) is close to leaving for newly promoted first division club Xerez.

Xerez would have asked Barcelona about loaning the player next season and after Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has given his authorization, Barcelona yesterday informed Xerez about the club's positive answer.

Everything will now depend on the decision of Víctor Sánchez although the Catalan player would seem to be willing to join Xerez in order to get more playing minutes. The loan deal could be made official later today.
Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo confirms the news saying that a deal between the clubs has been found yesterday.

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refter said...

How many players will we have left, seriously. Jorquera can still leave, Gudjohnsen too, Henrique too. We might get one or two new guys, but this doesn't seem to compensate. We have six trophies to play for, you can't put your money on the young guys like this.

Anonymous said...

Victor Sanchez is a bad player anyway so what are you complaining about? Better using Jonathan dos Santos.

We are just getting rid of players which are not good enough.

refter said...

Then we should ask: why do we have so much players that are not good enough...

Anonymous said...

Best news of the summer. This guy was a big mess. I'm not saying he's bad, but he currently doesn't have the ability to play at Barça.

Bogman said...

Beeing "good enough" for Barcas first squad is a very rare thing. If the youthranks are capable of producing in the same manner as they have done over the last ten years (no need to name the players because you all know them very well from the treble-winning team) it would be great news to me! As it is now the first team will be offloaded by a number of youthplayers whom we saw during the USA-tour and to that there is Thiago and Gai. I do appreciate the danger in relying on these young players and I guess it would'nt hurt to bring in a couple of new guys with experience to cover for the lack of such amongst the youngsters. But time is running out and we don't have that much money to do it with. AND, the new players must fit the Barca-style. Otherwise it's another Hleb or Caceres-case.

barca nike said...

Its good for him to get more minutes. he will not effect Barca's squad when he leaves Refter because there are better youth players awaiting there chances.

Anonymous said...

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! finally olegay #2 is gone.

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