Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Barcelona could sign back-up for Alves

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Barcelona is again considering to sign a right back defender who could act as back-up for Barcelona right back dani Alves.

With the club having excluded the transfer of Shakhtar central defender Chygynskiy (read more here), signing a full-back would release Barcelona central defender Carles Puyol from covering for Alves next season.

A transfer of a right back defender would be cheaper than signing a centre-back, which would mean the club has more money left to spend on a midfielder. With Muniesa having impressed during pre-season, the Barcelona board thinks another centreal defender isn't really needed. Spanish news agency EFE confirms that Barcelona will now try to sign a right back defender.

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ponnyKID said...

messi is injureD!!!!!!!! no!!!!!!!!!no!

Anonymous said...

god damn! we won`t win anything next season with those injurys coming and coming.

and bacup for alves??? we have henrique and montoya for backup

barca4life said...

We need more depth. Loosen the purse strings and bring in some backup. Its all well and good to say we have messi xavi iniesta ibra henry but what good is it if we have nobody that can back them up. As it is now Ibra Marquez Iniesta look likely to miss the first leg of the spanish super cup and Messi is now a doubt. Where are the subs? Maybe a loss to athletic will wake up txiki and laporta

Marc4barca said...

wow everyone just goes into panic mode. no worry 20 more days of transfer season and we won't lose the spanish supercup. i bet messi injury is not that bad and will be able to play against bilboa and we have the second half at home. the manc match isn't even worth it. sign cesc and zabaleta and we are set.

KluivertsBoots said...

Bruno Saltor

Cheap, experienced and Catalan. Reactivate this option, Tkiki.

Jnice said...

Bruno is on Valencia.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

Felipe is free is going on

barca nike said...

Filipe is a left sided player and not right

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