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Guardiola has 30 million to spend

Catalan sports paper Sport claims, based upon a Barcelona source, that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola will be able to spend a little more than 30 million euro° this summer.

That amount will be increased with the transfer fees the club will receive from the sale of players of the current squad. After having seriously invested last summer, Barcelona plans to be a more modest player on the transfer market this year.

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pep said...

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
26 million british pound

zuka said...

i cannot belive this they won treble
and they act like this.They should be able to spend at least 100 mil.

James said...

lol 100 million? nobody spends 100 million except maybe real madrid. that's only because they just rack up debt then steal from madrid tax payers.

even winning the treble our profits only increased a little due to all the extra payments on transfer fees and bonuses to wages. last year we spent 90 million total but only 40 million was out of pocket, and that was a big year. we had sold 50 million worth of players.

this year we're going to spend a bit less than last year, we can still sell players if we want to buy.

skanjos said...

lol i cant believe this ..... dont tell me the crap that earning the tremble we get a "little more" cause of extra fees,thats crap m8,we have the 2nd more income in the world after man utd this year and i cant believe the 30mill figure.spend less than last year ? this year will be heavy for us ,didnt we learnt anything after the 2006?i hope this is a crap rumor cause we need to spend more than 30mil to rejuvenate the squad.

zuka said...

then stop speaking about big names(ribery, ibrahimović, villa) Barca doesnt have the money for them? shame!!!

Manolo said...

This can't be true!

I don't Pep is so stupid to buy Zlatan and no other players.

30 m + eto'o hmm..

He said we have the have 4 more players.
I think we will spend around 30-60 m euro,

zuka said...

i could agree more with @skanjos

Medo said...

That's more the style i like!
No big names, but players who have proven to have the talent, but are not hugely overpriced.
A list of players I would like Barca to choose from: Srna, Zhirkov, Modric, Pjanic, Hazard, Dembele, Dzeko.
Three of the above should be affordable and although they don't all have the experience yet, they do have the talent for Barca.

James said...

skanjos - what are you talking about man. how much money do you think a club makes a year? they can make 200 million in revenue but there are these things called expenses. salaries alone are probably like 150 million or more. there are interest payments, and debt payments.

when you see clubs spend 100 million a year you're forgetting they're selling a ton of players that same year. like i said, just look at last year. we only spend 40 million out of pocket and people considered that a big spending year because we needed a complete overhaul.

raidall said...

i agree with you zuka i can't believe we are gonna spend 30 mil and money from the players we are gonna sell.

which players will be out:
hleb and guddy and we will get a total amount of 20 mil from these player, so we are about to spend just 50 mil that's ridiculous.

since i know barca they have a lack of experience about signing players if they got alot of money they buy less players, if they got less money they are trying to buy a lot of players.

sometimes they buy the right players but sometimes you are wondering what is going into their mind especially laporta.

pep said he needs a larger squad then how are we gonna get a larger squad with 50 mil? tell me laporta how?

if we are going into the season with this squad and with all the other clubs who are trying to crush barca espiecially madrid then we won't make it.

can't they see what real,chelsea,bayern,ac milan,inter are trying to do they are trying to strenght there squad. only barca are trying to start the season with the current squad and some players who doesnt fit in barca like forlan.

when will they gonna have expercience?
don't they know how many players wanna join us just because we won the treble?

wake up barca wake up if you were still sleeping.


James said...

Total investment in players in last 3 years (according to futebolfinance)

Barcelona - € 162,000,000 = 54 million per year

Manchester United - € 108,000,000 = 36 million per year

And that doesn't include player sales.

You guys have some completely unrealistic ideas of the transfer market. Go add up all the transfers last summer and then subtract the money the club got from sales and see how many clubs spent more than 30 million euros. Other than Barcelona there weren't that many.

skanjos said...

james m8 i know about the expences ,but look at it this way,if last year we gave 40mil when we didnt win anything(way less money earned,i think we can agree with that)why cant we do the same this year? and we are going for 30mil?i know barca's policy isnt about buying ,i wish gai/muniesa will be promoted this year ,but if eto leaves(thats 100%happening i believe)we will need a world class striker and to get one we must pay around 50-60mill,if we sell some players we still need to cover them with new players so that 50-60mil must come from eto+ our if we are going to buy a world class striker we need more than 30mill to spend in order to get 4-5 transfers.on the other side we can get forlan for 30mil and suck the whole next year......

jordy said...

I just read in elmundo that aguero would want to come to barça. what a talent. I prefer him over zlatan. most talented striker around the world. yes he still needs to grow and get better.but he's already so good.

Amir said...

30 millions?!?!?! shame!! oh god they won fucking treble!!!!

James said...

We spent 40 million last year because we had to do a complete overhaul of our team. We were in disarray and the president had to perform major moves or he was going to be kicked out, which he almost was. If we're going to buy a world class striker then we're going to use Eto'o plus a portion of our fund. Then the rest of the fund + other sales will be used to strengthen the rest of the club.

We're going to get a free RB, left back we want to spend 5-8 million. We're going to get 10 million for Hleb. Eto'o + 10 million to replace Eto'o. The rest of the money to get left winger.

Lastly I have a question for you. Name the last striker that went for 50-60 million on the market? These are just numbers thrown out by agents and clubs for their own agendas. Don't forget the world economy is on the downturn as well.

Anonymous said...

i am really worried about next season, i hope we can make quality additions to the squad. otherwise its going to be tough to defend our titles next year

barca4life said...

The club said guardiola will have enough for what he wants earlier this year. So dont worry too much. Remember ideally all we need is a backup forward a left back (although muniesa could fill that roll) another midfielder (thiago and one other to replace guddy and hleb) and a backup striker.

Dave said...

We are keepin' Hleb!!!!!!

Dolce said...

30 million is absolutely nothing but if its true then the wisest move would be keeping Eto'o, getting Henrique, buying Forlan & a left back and maybe loaning Bojan and promoting couple Barca B players. Why Barca is chasing Mascherano if the team has already three pivotes and also Marquez can play as a DM? Nations Cup cant explain everything, are they planning to sell Toure? First the board and Pep say that they want a larger squad and avoid complacency by spending but now their transfer budget is only 50 million if Barca sells Hleb and Guddy!? We are turning into a club like Milan if we become too stingy. Chelsea and RM want revenge and they are ready to pay absolute anything to get top players who put them back to top. If Perez could decide, he would buy Kaka, Ronaldo, Ribery and Villa all this summer, because its the only way to catch Barca as soon as possible. We cant just watch how they dominate the transfer market. Getting Kaka is only an "appetizer" for Perez who has huge plans. Barca´s "massive overhaul" in 2008 was much smaller than expected, we should have bought one more attacking midfielder, but luckily Xavi and Iniesta saved the season. Dont forget that Barca earns extra millions if Dinho´s and Zambrotta´s team Milan reaches CL next season and in addition Barca generated massive incomes in prize money and ticket revenues because they played so many games at Camp Nou thanx to their success in copa del rey and CL.

skanjos said...

berbatov to man utd last year 46,4mill and he wasnt world class.....
shevchenko to chelsea 46,5mill 2006 and for forwards robinho to man city 49mil.... you dont see many world class players move mainly for their price ,but if a wcp wants to move the transfer will be 40+at least(face it for eto we will get 20-25, we still need other 10-15 for a good player)

Meursault said...

I'm with James. 30 million after incoming fees for sales of other players is actually quite a lot.

All this stuff about needing to rejuvenate the squad a bit may be true, but we have a quality youth system unlike Chelsea, Inter etc. Why bring in big egos on huge transfer fees to replace some forwards when you've got kids like Bojan and Gai coming through? We have our superstars already and they're humble guys who don't harm team unity (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta etc).

Put some technically good young and cheaper players around them (from either the inside, eg Gai or the outside, eg Llorente) and we'll be fine.

We're not a galactico style team that players of championship manager dream about. The past years have shown that retaining the team's culture and internal atmosphere is very important at Barca. Last thing I want to do is mess with this through a 55 million euro signing.

barca4life said...

Etoo is so cheap because he had major operations on both his legs, questions of his attitude, his age and time left on his contract. Honestly though, if it aint broke why fix it? Lets forget zlatan and just get a cheaper striker to back up henry and etoo. Trez could be cheap or Toni.

Henry - Etoo - Messi

Gai - Trez/Toni - Bojan

In the middle

Xavi, Iniesta, Keita, Busquets, Thiago, Mascherano and 1 other

At the back

Muniesa, Abidal, Pique, Puyol, Marquez Henrique, Dani Alves


Valdes Pinto and i hear asenjo could be still available despite reports that he had signed for atletico.

Anonymous said...

Dzeko is the right player for Barcelona!

James said...

Berbatov was 40 million euros, Robinho was 42.5, and was 24 years old.

Shevchenko was the best striker in the world at the time. He cost 31 million pounds or just over 45 million euros at the time. Chelsea was also at the height of their spending with Roman's money so that was really a special case.

Before Shevchenko signed for Chelsea the rumor was that Chelsea offered 75 million euros + Crespo. The real fee was 45 million. It just goes to show how unrealistic some of these numbers are.

Shevchenko went back as far as 2006 and still didn't top 50 million. People make it seem like every world class player goes for 50, 60 million euros, it's just not true. There are only a few that would command that kind of money easily, Kaka, Messi, Ronaldo, that's it.

Anonymous said...

We spent 100m euros last year, almost 50m on Hleb, Keita and Caceres alone. We can't spend like that this summer as well, so 30m plus sales sound realistic.

We only need a left wing, a big striker and backup fullbacks.

left wing could be zhirkov or mata for 20m euros, striker could be Dzeko, for RB we could get Sartor for free and LB Anderson Pico from Gremio for 5-8m.

i forgot my name said...

can someone tell me why do we need a new striker?
what we should do is renew etoo's contract keep and keep bojan(trust me bojan is better than is just that he didnt get to play much) as a back up. when etoo is not available due to ACN matches, we can use henry as a back-up. so the CF problem is solved....

for midfield.....
sell gudj and hleb and buy a new CM.

for LB....
as sylvinho is gone now, instead of buying a nw full back we should promote muniesa. he can serve as a back-up for abidal and play as CB when needed. then loan caceres and use henrique as a back-up for alves n also as a CB.

for GK.....
promote oier(or buy a young, talented and not so costly GK) and sell jorquera

i wanted ribery but acquiring him doesnt seem to be possible. this leaves us with silva or mata....

IN: silva/mata and a new midfielder
OUT: hleb, gudj, jorquera

i forgot my name said...

so what i wanted to say is that 30mil+ revune from sale of players shld be enough!!!!!!





tero said...

If we "only" have 30M to use,then Ibra won't come to Barca unless we swap Eto'o with Inter...then we would be out of money to buy more players in more important positions (new LB and LW)

SJP said...

as has been said we are not galacticos or a EPL team we don't NEED to buy our success, we have just won a treble, not the league or just the CL we won the league, CL and Copa, the squad we have at the moment is historic and people seem to want to change it all. i can understand rejuvenating the squad but i can't see pep letting what happened after 2006 happen again. this squad is fairy young and most of them owe barca everything, buy back-up or decent squad players and rely on our youth.

for 30mil + maybe another 30 mil from sales we have 60mil to spend, we don't need to buy AlL the big stars, the only reason madrid is doing that is because they know we already have the galacticos - xavi, iniesta and messi are THE best players in the world now, they an buy kaka, ribery and ronaldo but will stll be 2nd best. all we need is young squad players to supplement an incredible squad and manager. dzenko/llorente will be hungry to win things and cost about 15mil, siator free, filipe no more than 10mil then you have 35mil for LW and CM, or buy cheap CM and get aguero for CF and LW, only spend big on potential

kamikaze kontiki said...

30 mill is quite enough by my reckoning. When Guardiola said he wanted a bigger squad I think he meant that he needs more bench players. He has been pretty steady with what he thinks is the first team. I don't think he is really looking for any major changes there.

Marc4barca said...

man i dont even care about the transfer season anymore, whatever barcelona do it will be for the best.

Carrer de Corsega said...

I said it a few days ago and I say it again, this is the most stress-free transfer market for me because I trust the work of the technical staff much more than I used to.

That being said, this site is crack!

Barca nerd-fan said...

I recond 30mil and a bit more is fine, look, if Eto'o leaves, we can either get Villa for 25-35mil as straight replacement or play Henry up front and get Tevez for 30mil for LW. If eto'o's not leaving, then we don't have to spend on CF. For left back, just keep Abidal and promote Muniesa. And for midfield we should sell Guddy for around 5mil, keep Hleb and maybe get Hamsik for 15-20mil. For RB, we don't need to sign, V.Sanchez is good enough, he is underated, and we also got Puyol. Loan Caceres and sell Milito next season.

next year's squad:
GK: VV, Pinto, Oier
LB: Abidal, Muniesa
RB: Alves, Victor Sanchez
CB: Puyol, Marquez, Milito, Pique, Henrique
DM: Yaya, Busquets
CM: Iniesta, Xavi, Keita, Hamsik, Hleb
LW: Henry(Tevez), Jeffren, Hleb
RW: Messi, Pedro, Hleb
CF: Eto'o(Henry), Bojan

rafouka said...

30 million is gd and enough i guess.
i will speak about every player:
v.v:he should definetly stay and be rewarded for his saves in the cl against drogba especially...
pinto:he has proved to be a decent back-up golie.he stays.
jorquera:definetly out.he is past his best.
puyol:our captain...
pique:the future of barca
marquez:proved to be a gr8 player.back to his best,stays.
caceres:although i think he is a very strong defender,martin should leave because he lacks a lot of experiece.i go for the loan.
milito:he is injured.if i was pep i would cash on him quicly.he was sidelined for over a year now and he will need more than a year to regain his old form.sell him.
henrique:it is said that he is extraordinary with livercuzen.lets give him the chance to start at least the preseason.
alves:no question about that.the best RB in the world.stays.
sylvinho:gd luck sylvie wish u the best.byez
abidal:as sylvie left we cannot buy 2 LB in one year.stays.
toure:a gr8 professional a gr8 player.stays without doubt.not to mention his him what he deserves.
keita:proved to be fundamental especially when we needed muscles in midfield.stays.
busquets:he has a gr8 future ahead of him.a lot of potential.stays.
xavi:the best playmaker in the world.the god of passing.
iniesta:the second messi.
hleb:i am sure that hleb is a gr8 player.if i was pep i will let him stay.he makes our bench stronger.stays.many won't agree.
gudy:too slow for the barca game he should leave get montolivo instead.
messi:no comment.
henry:its a very complicated situation at 31 i'd rather sell him and get some cash for him in order to buy ribery or matta.
eto'o:he gave us a lot but its time for goodbye samuel eto'o we will miss you.past his best.we need to be rejevunated.
bojan:a gr8 striker lets give him one more chance to prove he is a gr8 player.
pedro:a nice back-up.

henrique:o euros
filipe:8 mil
bruno:5 mil
montolivo:20 mil
matta:25 mil
ibra:50 mil(and its very enouh)

jorquera:3 mil
sylvynho:o mil

difference:30 millions

so nothing changed.
this is what barca needs to win the six trophies next year.
barca till i die.

Anonymous said...

So why are they so many rumours about Zlatan, Ribery etc? With only 30 million we can forget any of those plaers.

rahul said...

@james somewt ur right bt teh facts r awful. barca last yr earned in excess of 65m. n manu spend 108m euros over teh last 3 yrs? seriously dude which world u in? last yr after winning teh cl n epl. they bought berba for 40m, da silva brother for round combined fee of 21, possebon for 4m, tosic n ljajic for a combined fee of 18m. so after wining epl n cl they spend almost 85m euros on transfers n u tell me tht in teh 2 yrs they spend just 23m euros? n they spent all tht wit just silvestre going out for 1m euros. so i think ur teh one who doesnt know too much bout transfer n lecturing others.

James said...

I'll respond, but honestly it's difficult to understand you because of your internet-style spelling.

"Barca last year earned in excess of 65m." - Where, on the transfer market? Television rights?

If you were talking about players sold then we sold 49.5 million worth of players last year before additional clauses.
21 (ronaldinho) + 10 (deco) + 3 (oleguer) + 9 (zambrotta) + 6 (dos santos) + 0.5 (crosas)

I gave you my source for the Manchester United transfer #s. ~108 million euros was the amount spent by Manchester United the last 3 SUMMERS. Tosic and Ljajic was a WINTER 2008-09 midterm transfer. Rafael & Fabio were WINTER 2006-07 signings, but due to the rules they just couldn't play until the 2008-09 season. They were NOT included in the figure.

If the rest of the #s are off it's because sometimes the fees are undisclosed and people are just going on unconfirmed rumors.

For example Sky Sports reported the Possebon transfer fee at 900k Brazilian reals = 350k euros but you got the 4 million number from somewhere else. Maybe the fee you listed was right, but undisclosed fees were not included. Oh yeah, Possebon was a WINTER 2007-2008 signing, and therefore not included.

Manchester United - Summer spending in last 3 years

Summer 2008 - Berbatov - 31 million pounds

Summer 2007 - Nani + Anderson - 30 million pounds (
- Hargreaves (undisclosed)

Summer 2006 - Carrick - 14m pounds

Those were the only #s included, along with some other minor signings. Ljajic+Tosic & Da Silvas were not included, nor was Hargreaves who purportedly had a transfer fee of 25 million euros.

James said...

By the way if you factor in player sales it makes our 30 million budget seem quite reasonable.

Even if you add all the winter signings and Hargreaves 25m + Ljajic, Tosic 20m + Da Silvas 20m = 65 million.

During the last 3 seasons Manchester United have sold Heinze 12m, Rossi 10m, Pique 5m, Alan Smith 9m, Van Nistelrooy 15m, Howard 5m = 56 million

The numbers are pretty close. Including all sales and winter signings the original 108 milion euro number goes up to ~115 to 120 million euros. That's an average of 40 million euros net investment per year. Manchester United also has 600 million euro more debt than us so you get what you pay for I guess.

James said...

I read my original post and I did not state clearly that it was Summer investments. I can see why you thought the numbers I listed were crazy Rahul.

rahul said...

i dont trust teh transfer details given by sky sport or sites like especially teh latter is awful. rossi's evaluation was more like 8m euros it was in a spanish newspaper. totals sales sums upto 53.34m ya its close. bt ur completely wrong in saying teh per year investment is 40m euros. if ur taking last 3 yrs investment(summer n winter), then u shud also include evra 11m n vidic14.4m, also possebon cost 4m. carricks intial fee was 14m which wud rise to 19 which i think has been paid after manu winning so many titles in teh last 3yrs. n inclduing every transfer in(berba 40m, nani+ ander. 52m, carrick 28m, possebon 4m,(hargreaves + tosic,ljajic + da silvas + evra + vidic) - 216m euros. deducted transfers out 53.34.
216m - 54m = 162m euros.
invest per year for last 3yrs = 162/3 = 54m euros.

rahul said...

i do agree wit u tht 30m euros is more than enough. for teh striker option keep etoo n maybe sell henry i think he is won everything now n wont be very motivated. buy an experienced player for teh left wing coz a young player wud limit our youth's opportunities. n i really think hleb's gona stay pep wud like to give him a chance. n buy fernando llorente i wud love to see that player in barca great technique, control excellent header of teh ball. proven in liga. can provide new dimension to our attack n wud be much cheaper than players like villa, ibra, dzeko or any other.

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