Monday, 10 August 2009

The starting eleven for the super cup (part 2)

After Sport yesterday, Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo has today also published the team they think will start the first leg game of the Spanish super cup against Athletic Bilbao next Sunday:


Alves - Piqué - Puyol - Abidal (or Maxwell)

Xavi - Touré - Busquets (or Keita)

Messi - Bojan (or Pedro) - Henry (or Pedro)


Anonymous said...

Here i´s the lineup:

ALves Pique Puyol Abidal
Xavi Toure Keita
Messi Bojan Pedro

remember it ...


Ramzi said...

No kidding El Mundo Deportivo :)

Is there any room for a different selection? They posted all options available!

Anonymous said...

There ARE other options: we could have Busquets as DM and Touré higher, like you proposed, Ramzi... ;)

deco (begium) said...

That's one of the reasons why we need some more signings...

If one of our stars are injured, we lose lot of quality

I believe in our youth but imagine xavi and piqué are also injured, we cannot start a CL final with muniesa and thiago

SpenBarca said...

With this lineup i don't think we can win. It looks very weak to me especially the attack.

SimonP said...

Alves, Piqué, Touré, Puyol
Xavi, Keita
Messi, Bojan Eto'o

That was the lineup in the final, I think we can use almost any players in the first-teams squad and win the game(s).

dzonii said...

definitely pedro

Anonymous said...

If Henry is still injured, Pedro should definatly play...hes in great form

peter said...

No kidding..

Hey you guys, i really like you taking over this site. But is theis really "news"? I question the need in posting EMD och Sports fantasy starting 11s. Relxa and focus on something else.

NackoSLO said...

hope that keita will play box to box and that toure plays more upfront...

jordy said...

Pedro and bojan will have a good season i think. I even think henry will lose his place to one of those guys towards the end of the season.
Losing quality when one of our stars are injuried? ofcourse, every team has that problem..

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