Sunday, 26 July 2009

Henrique: "A presentation would have been nice"

Barcelona player Henrique gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

Where were you on 27 May 2009 on 20:45 pm?
At my home in Germany, watching the final, supporting Barça like a madman. I was very nervous, I felt part of that team. I was very happy at the end.

What impressed you most: winning the treble or the way in which it was won?
The way they did it was impressive, but what impressed me most was the quality of the whole group. You could see a cohesion among all of them that I have now also felt. It's one big family and you see that on the pitch.

You know Paris Hilton?
I'm very much a family man. I always stay at home with my family, I don't like to go out. I know who she is, but I didn't meet her.

The transfers of Madrid give you...
A lot of motivation. I'm living a dream and I won't start worrying about Madrid.

Who do Brazilians think will win the world cup?
Brazil, of course. But there are also other teams, like Spain, who can win the world cup.

What about the FIFA World Player and the Ballon d'Or?
Although I'm Brazilian, I can only admit that Messi is at this moment the best player in the world. There's nobody like him and there's no comparison possible.

It hurts that you are the only player of the squad that doesn't have a club cartoon?
No, that's not important for me. An official presentation would have been nice, but that cartoon doesn't affect me.

Michael Jackson: homicide or accident?
That's the question the whole world is thinking about. I don't know.

You knew Eto'o?
No, and it's a shame. I admire him a lot.

Which Brazilian team you dislike most?
As ex-Palmeiras player, the answer is obvious: Corinthians is like Real Madrid.

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Anonymous said...

his answer of the paris hilton question very different from the gudjonsen's answer.
"no, i know the popular people only messi and henry" like that.

sashi said...

different ppl have different ways to answer such questions. he wasn't asked whether he would go to Real Madrid and that he answered differently. chill..

and wats the deal about the cartoons?is there some link where u cn see all the cartoons of the players?

0marX said...

Yes, on the official website.

Anonymous said...

for me the question about paris hilton is very have got better things to ask!!!

barca nike said...

I havent heard about the renewals of Puyol and Marquez from 2 weeks now

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton is nothing but a spoiled little rich slut and has nothing to do with Barça football !!

tero said...

I know another spoiled little bitch,who is very rich next season.Tip:he plays in Real Madrid

rasagna said...

Hey anyone .. it would be better if people who watched the match gave ratings to the youngsters .. or at least a panel of this blog can decide on the ratings .. what do you say OmarX ??

tricampions said...

Why did they ask him about Paris Hilton?! What's the point?!

ZenI said...

Need to stop that Hilton question. They just make fun of CR cause' their BFF =)

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