Sunday, 26 July 2009

Barça B - Official: Jaume Sobregrau (Huesca)

Barcelona has last Thursday officially announced the transfer of Huesca right back defender Jaume Sobregrau Mitjans (22), who will play with Barcelona Atlètic in the third division next season.

Sobregrau, who passed the medical tests, might have signed a one-year deal. The Catalan defender, who played with Barcelona youth teams from 1996 until 2004, played last season with Huesca in the Spanish second division.

Sobregrau is, after winger Edu Oriol
, midfielder Luque, central defender Armando and central defender Iván, the fifth signing of Barcelona Atlètic this summer.

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Anonymous said...

We are buying so many players, that it can become hard for our youth to get to play. None of these players we buy for Atletic will ever be good enough for Barcelona and most not for any La Liga team. They are just there to give Atletic more experience and physique.

barca nike said...

why do they need a right-back when they have Dalmau and Montoya

pep said...

Dalmau is expected to play with the Juvenil A.

Anonymous said...

you're quite brave to say that non of these players are good enough for the team. let me ask you a question: do u have the slightest clue of who they are? the last right-back has more than 8 years experience being a player just for FCB (and to precize, Gerard Piqué was his reserve at the time), must be for something. next time, make sure you know what you're talking about.

Fer said...

I agree with the last comment, you shouldn't judge a player if you don't know him great. Jaume is a really professional player that he did her best playing evreywhere he did, I am sure that if he still playing as now he will become a good right-back of first spanish division!!!

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