Monday, 10 August 2009

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percentage of Barcelona goals scored by homegrown players during the pre-season


pep said...

12 goals were scored so far:

3 Jeffren
3 Pedro
3 Bojan
2 Messi
1 Rueda

Fenderek said...


Marcus said...

Don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

The average age of the goalscorers aren't that high either.

SimonP said...

The pre-season doesn't relly tell a lot about the team. A couple of years ago Gio dos Santos was the top scorer of the pre-season and was almost exclusively used as a sub during the season, barely scoring anything.

Fenderek said...

How is the low avarage age of players a bad thing?!!! Should we feel about the fact that Messi is not 28? It's only a good thing! They learnt sth- even if this season they won't play a lot this could really benefit those players in a year, two years time. Iniesta wasn't the best player in the world in his firest season in Barca. Give them some time- and the others will score when it matters and when they'll play whole games, not just 45 minutes, don't worry. I say this year we brake Real's record. Mark my words.

Ba-Beka said...

What Record does Real Madrid Hold , i don't know this ?

If you talk about goals in LA LIGA then we have that Record from the previous year , they scored 107 Goals but played 38 Games , so we scored 105 but in 34 games , that's a new Record , i don't know if Real holds any other Record


Anonymous said...


Last time I checked we played 38 games last season, like we have done for the past decade..

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

I believe its points in a season. 90 or 92 I forget

Anonymous said...

who said we played 34 games? We played as many games as Real Madrid of that season I guess it was 1988-89 season

KEMPEcy said...


Fenderek said...

The record is in goals- no matter how many games we played. This one- still held by Real. Would be really nice to score more- even with less games played, don't you think?
No matter, though- will be broken THIS year.

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