Sunday, 9 August 2009

How not to be anonymous on this blog?

Apparently some new readers have difficulties finding out how not to be marked as "Anonymous" if they are posting a comment on this blog. I indeed would recommend it that you choose a name when you comment here, because that makes everything more personal. Of course everyone is free to choose what he wants, but if you don't want to be marked as "anonymous", this is the way to do that:

- You click on "post a comment" or "... comments" under the post. Then there appears a pop-up, on the bottom of which you have a box where you can write your personal comment.

- Under that box, there's a "Choose an identity" section. If you don't do anything, you will be marked as anonymous. When you don't want that, you can click next to "Name/URL". Then two new boxes appear and in the "Name" box, you can type your real name or a fantasy name. If you have done that and you publish your comment, it will appear under that name.

We jump to the occasion to ask that people would refrain from personal insults on this blog, towards each other, the club and the players. This blog focuses on Barcelona, we all like the club, we want to share our thoughts about the players and the games, we're all having our own opinions and we all think that we're right and that all the others don't know anything about football but that doesn't mean we should lose our heads.

There are people from over 200 countries visiting this blog, all have their own culture, tradition and sensibilities. Besides that, every person has its own character and way of expressing himself. We're not always there to remove unappropriate comments, so just behave a little. Not too much, but let's try to have a basic respect for our fellow Barcelona fans, the players and the club.


Mido said...

sorry what is meant by anonymous

fcbee said...

You're not anonymous, so don't bother... ;)

But to be clear: people who don't take a nick and when you have ten "Anonymous" guys, it can get confusing.

messidona10 said...

haha it works!

xaviniesta said...

but uhm can we still flame madrid every now and then..?


pep said...

Let's say once a month you can.

achtuba said...


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