Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Front: Sport


This is the maximum Barça wants to pay

The player will have to move and force his exit

His own team-mates think he's getting tired of not winning titles with Arsenal

Poll: The fans prefer him over Mascherano


Drama at Espanyol and in the world of football


Anonymous said...

look at this blaugrana1.HAHA.i'm laughing my heads,you are the DUM* one now.

and please don't delete my post pep.


Anonymous said...

if such level of comments is not prohibited, then please add an option similar to the flag in youtube. no offense intended towards anyone, but while I appreciate this blog and the different comments I don't want to bother reading such comments, it is just plain waste of time. sorry.

Unknown said...

I've always refrained from commenting on TengkuAmir10's remarks but this time I found him too much handle, to say the least. It's pretty much a direct insult. Don't bother explaining yourself, please, it's not necessary.

Etsp said...

Hey, what did I miss?

Anonymous said...

I think it's strange that when a player from barcelona and playing for a club from barcelona dies that he isn't even the main topic of a sports newspaper from barcelona.
Even at Marca the whole title page was dedicated to him.

Anonymous said...

lets just say i'm much as you like me.stop refraining yourself from saying it.just blast yourself out.i understand.i know you love don't worry bout it.


and btw,my word verification is 'sanest'.MUAHAHAHAHA

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