Sunday 9 August 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


The captain of Espanyol died yesterday in Italy at the age of 26, victim of a heart attack

Dani passed away while talking on the phone with his girlfriend, who is seven months pregnant


The president wants Cesc to reaffirm his youth academy policy, but the coach has only asked for Chygrynskiy to strengthen the defense


MiDO H. said...

if we get cesc this will put an end to the so called second galacticos era for real madrid because cesc and Xavi are obviousli superior to xabi alonso and any other midfielder in spain or real madrid...
and it will help us a looottt because we would move iniesta more permanently to the left wing and solve our midfield problems.
so no need for mata anymore ( not that i wouldnt welcome him)
and for the defence Fontas seems like the new Pique so no need for Chygrynskiy anymore( muniesa needs one more season in the Barca Atletic)

Anonymous said...

i agree but how much can cesc bring?he is the same thing as xavi.and him costing 50 million is ridiculous and very humourous.if cesc and ibra are in the same team then the team could rule the world.


blaugrana1 said...

50mill , 100mill...who cares ?? its not like its comin outta ure pocket tengkuamir...what a cheap dude!

Anonymous said...

me??cheap??well,would you take out 50 million from your bank??(like you even have it)..anyway,i'm just saying.And just to add,Laporta will never pay 50 million for cesc let alone 100million.


MiDO H. said...

hahahahaha blaugrana LOL
but tengkuamir has got a point
any price between 35 M and 40 M is good, but more is just ridiculous ...
anyhow even if we bring cesc we still need players :
eto'o OUT Ibra IN
Caceres OUT Henrique IN
( if henrique out then fontas in)
Sylvinho OUT Maxwell IN
Hleb OUT and Guddy OUT
Cesc IN
we still need one more.
I sure hope we get filipe for free then we could use maxwell in midfield or wing.
so if we get cesc and filipe luis it would be the perfect squad.

Anonymous said...

Well,Tengku,Barca do have that kind of money figure but let's just be realistic,Barca will never pay a sum of money for someone who was trained by their own academy.

blaugrana1,please don't show your stress around here.You will only make people more irritated.Barca is a club that doesn't pay for something that is not worth because they are smart.

Unlike you people around here who think your taking control of the club.guys,WAKE UP!you are just normal people.bringing in your ideas of formations, tactics, skills, build up, those things are ridiculous and will only make us lose.The board member was chosen because of their skill.i mean if you people had skills then you would've got hired but no you did not.

And to all those people who think money is just an object, well, just wake up.You think its your cash,"Barca should bid for this kind of money,that kind of money, kind of money.

Finally,guys,be realistic and make people think that your smart.don't show your 'true smartness level'.


barca4life said...

Pep wanted to sell etoo last season but changed his mind. I dont think it makes sense signing a defender this season that cant play in the CL. Chygrynskiy should be signed next year before he plays in europe so he can be available.

Anonymous said...

a gd bid is 30m euros nd gudjohnsen fr cesc like that we will put fabregas as an attaking midfielder nd iniesta on the left wing nd fabregas smetiems can play on the right wing a substitute for messi

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