Monday 10 August 2009

The economic impact of the US tour

Barcelona economic vice-president Joan Boix talked about the economic side of the tour in the United States in an interview with the club's official media:

"We're opening a very important market, we've signed new contracts with our local sponsors for the next three years. We have an engagement to return because Barça is striking a cord in the United States.

The benefits for the club of this tour are between 5 and 6 million euro, which is more than we had planned. It has been excellent, the tour was perfect. It was all very-well organized and it was good for the team too. Of course, this is only the immediate impact.

There's also a the medium- and the long-term, the fact that the Barça brand is getting known better and better in such an important country as the United States. One of the satisfactions of this tour has been the ticket sales, to see how many football fans in this country have been filling the stadiums and have supported FC Barcelona. And since part of the revenues of the tour depended on the tickets sold, that was very positive."

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Dude said...

5 to 6 million euros...? THATS IT... thats is one bench players contract at Barca :-/

TengkuAmir10 said...


It will grow from time.Just imagine something that will happen in 10 years time.**.kids in the US will automatically love football and the most important thing is that they love Barca.Then,we start thinking about big money because the kids will force their parents to buy OUR shirts and when the kids grow up ,their sons will love Barca since to me,cheering for a team in the world of football is mostly because of tradition.Although,in some circumstances like mine,very rarely can you find someone in my family who likes Barca.Believe it or not,everyone loves MAN UTD.

nik said...

I think we are little too late in going after the international market..

We should look at the Asian market, it is bigger (or will be soon) than the US market, and plus Asians already know the game. Just look at how famous EPL clubs in Asia.

I know that we will need to compete with those EPL teams for market share, but with our slick and sexy brand of football, who would wanna watch EPL again? :p

PS TengkuAmir: Almost everyone in my family likes EPL before, but now they only wanna watch Barca play :)..

Aimar_69 said...

guys 6 M is wonderful
from the American market , most BIG clubs that plays in the MLS can't make that much in months we made it in few weeks !
we have a good Management team trust me

Don't forget the fact that we had 93 thousand came to watch which is the largest in the state !

Anonymous said...

I agree with "nik" . Barça should look to Asia instead of the US . Americans are more interested in baseball,American football,basketball and hockey . Most of the people who come to watch football there are first or second generations immigrants . Barça should try Japan or China for a change !!

xaviniesta said...

its asia next year guys, be patient :)

Anonymous said...

How much more would you expect for playing three friendly matches?

JJ said...

I take it many of you are not American as you seem to have no concept of how popular the sport and the club really are here in the States. Ignorance is bliss and runs rampant on this blog.

Megano28 said...

Guys stop the stereotyping about Americans not liking football, because I am and I love it with a passion. To the anony who said it is mostly first and second generation immigrants thats true but we are growing big time in the states(I think like 13-20 million people in california are hispanic immigrants) so that is enough to start opening peoples mind about football just dont judge based on how the media projects the U.S to be.

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