Tuesday, 22 July 2008

OFFICIAL: Henrique Adriano Buss

Barcelona has today officially announced the transfer of Palmeiras central defender and Brazilian international Henrique Adriano Buss (21), subject to medical tests later today.

The player will sign a five-year contract and will be loaned out to German Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen next season.

Barcelona will pay a fixed transfer fee of 8 million euro° plus another possible 2 million euro° variables depending on the qualification for the Champions League in the four years after the loan deal with Bayer ends.

pep's opinion:
if it works it's a great operation, cause the fee will be quite low and a loan deal is perfect to adapt to the european competitions, certainly since it's really rare that brazilians shine at a top club during their first year. the other side is nevertheless that you could have six players (puyol, marquez, milito, pique, caceres, henrique) for two spots next summer and that's just too much, even with some of them not being the youngest anymore.

Read the complete Henrique transfer story from the first rumours until the official confirmation


pep said...

8 million euro =

13 million us dollar
6,5 million british pound

10 million euro =

16 million us dollar
8 million british pound

kamesh said...

I disagree with Pep regarding our defensive riches.I think that Marquez's role from this season will not be that of a central defender (he has lost some of the pace), he may play as a holding man, competing with Toure and Keita. Also we dont have any back up for Alves as Oleguer has left. So I dont thick our defense is as thick as it looks (considering Milito's injury which leaves just cacares, Puyol and Pique). But a very good deal considering the price and loan option and we will be having 3 22 year old tall defenders from next season onwards. Alteast our defense looks solid for the upcoming seaons.

kamesh said...

Pep great blog mate (I dont know how I missed this blog until 10 days ago). Now first thing in the morning I see your blog for all the great updates. Keep up the good work.

pep said...

To be clear: I was talking about next summer. If Caceres grabs his chance as centre back now Milito is injured and Henrique has a good adaptation year in Germany, that could leave you with six guys for two spots (although of course some of them could also play other positions), so at least one should then have to leave, probably being Marquez (contract expires in 2010) or Milito (who they love in Italy I'm sure).

Thanks for the compliment, kamesh. And this is just a little blog, not associated to any football network or whatever site, so I guess it's normal not everyone discovers it immediately. And I just started little more than five months ago, so it's not that you have missed years... If you like it, spread it!

Anonymous said...

I like deals like this. get young quality players and loan them (even barça b is a good option, but maybe it would be better if they play in second division)
WhatI don't understand fully is why we keep buying right footed central defenders. We have puyol who will play there for a long time, caceres, marquez, pique..
Why not left footed? Abidal isn't a strong link so far so I really don't get it. I Believe a barça b player will fill oleguer's gap

cojonudo said...

I don't necessarily buy the argument that you could conceivably have six players fighting for two spots next season. I look at the fact that Caceres and hopefully Henrique will have the versatility to mutiple positions at the back. Pique's the only one that I feel is pretty set as far as playing that centre back role. But even so he's not ready for major minutes just yet.

Marquez's clock is already ticking with the club. Milito, may never be the same player again and Puyol's only got a couple of years left. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Pep has already penciled in Caceres as a starter and you have Henrique waiting in the wings to replace Puyol once his time at the club is at an end. I don't see it as the logjam as it may first appear to be. Pep's just stockpilling reinforcements now so he doesn't have to do it a year or two from now.

Marc said...

Hey Pep: Why not to loan the player starting from the January window since Milito is injured.Also,I believe that Keita is a backup for Xavi mainly and partially for Yaya toure.Then R.Marquez is the substitute for Toure.Also, remember that the guy will be in the Olympics and he can prove to be a more than "good" talent(So, why not to stop and wait for the Olympics ?).I think we should at least keep him till January.I hope we won't regret this.What do u think guys ?

pep said...

Henrique is not going to the Olympics. Hernanes, the other guy we were itnerested in, does.

Mendoza Sun said...

can someone give me a short summary of how henrique performed last season with leverkusen... i don't follow the bundesliga and therefore am completely clueless... an addition to barca's defence is much needed.. towards the end of the year, we were short of people... it's confusing to have so many good players available at the beginning of the season, but wait til the end of the season and u'll wish that u had more players to chose from... i think with pep's rotation scheme, every defender will get his chance...

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