Sunday, 28 June 2009

Barcelona prepares final offer for Villa

Barcelona sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is preparing a new offer for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27).

Barcelona is expected to make their final bid next week: 40 million euro° plus Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) on loan plus Barcelona players Martín Cáceres (21) on loan or permanently, in that last case with a buy-back option.

Catalan sports paper
El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has been negotiating on the contract of Villa. The player and the club would already have found a deal on the duration of the contract. If Villa would join Barcelona, he will sign for four years.

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pep said...

40 million euro =

56 million us dollar
34 million british pound

R10FCB said...

sounds good to me, villa is great and also if it goes through next season we will have villa and keirrison.
it sounds like eto'o will join man city so he is a perfect replacement.

Anonymous said...

It is not the final bid.

This sounds good exept that we rather should give Milito avay instead than Caceres

Messi108 said...

Aweosmee !
Hope we get a good news soon.

westinho said...

@ Anony

They don't give away Cáceres because he is bad, they want him to get more playing time. I agree with you, we should sell Milito. Cáceres on the other hand needs to play alot more and maybe he can in Valencia.

Harshawardhan said...

40M plus 2 players is too much.. we should try and bring down the price..

Mast said...

what club would buy or loan an injured player like milito?
wouldn't be logical now would it? :)

fcbee said...

I think Valencia will just keep Villa. They announced it, they have new credit lines, Villa has a very good contract after a renewal next year and Villa won't force his way out.

fcbee said...

Indeed, like Mast says: who would buy Milito now??? He 'didn't play for 14 months and still has to recover for several months probably. So he'll at least stay until january.

Anonymous said...

good deal i say.

caceres was our worst signing last season while keirrison will need to gain some experience in la liga/european football.

jordy said...

don't sell caceres! loan him!!!
he cost 16,5 million to us
that's a bid of 60 million for such a player of 27-28 y old
kaka for 65 is a better deal!!!!

Amir said...

it's too much!!!! who the hell valencia think he is???!!!?!

barca4life said...

Somebody was making the point

40 mill cash + 16.5 mill (caceres) + 15 mill (Keirrison) and we just effectively spent 70 million on villa. Hell at that price we could have added in another 14 from the sale of etoo and gotten ronaldo/zlatan. Sigh

Amir said...

yeah let's go get zlatan instead!!

shanewhitehouse said...

Amir:it's too much!!!! who the hell valencia think he is???!!!?!
he is the best striker in the world thats who the hell they think he is!!!!!

Amir said...

sorry shanewhitehouse ibra is the best stiker in the world then goes villa and then torres

Anonymous said...

caceres permanently? hell NO!
he has lots of future.
besides we paid 16.5m last year,
it doesN't make sense.

shanewhitehouse said...

Amir You are right but if barca get imbro then we wouldnt have the funds for any other transfers e.g felipe luis

Anurag said...

caceres is probably not going permanently. and even if he his, he has a buyback clause which will enable us to buy him back for a small price and with first option. no worries. i would be sad if keirrison was a permanent deal, i think we should see how he turns out first. a loan for him though would be good.

BARCA/FAN said...

can i just say that some of you have been sayin that villa is to similar to etoo and that we shouldnt get someone to similar to him.since etoo joined barca hes won 3 la ligas 2 champions leagues 1 cupa del ray and 2 spanish super cups,if barca got villa they would be gettin a better version of etoo,a goal scoring machine thats better then any of the rest and he doesnt bitch and moan like etoo.please no more of the hes to similar crap cause he would be perfect for barca

BARCA/FAN said...

p.s love the comment and the blog.forca barca

LeónDragón said...

to buy keirrison, who seems very promising and who's just 20, to put in the deal, looks not very positive to me, as i think, when things turn bad, he could become better than villa for the future and that's not unrealistic, as he's seen as a upcoming star in brazil.
to keep etoo and him as a backup could be the better decision in my opinion, or keep villa and him if etoo will leave

Manolo said...

If they reject this offer then we have to leave him alone!

Cáceres+K9 and 40 m € is damn much!

Anonymous said...

ibrahimovic the best striker in the world? do you live in sweden? cuz all our swedish "football experts" rate zlatan as highly as you...he is alot better than mediocre but worse than the best strikers like Torres and Villa.
Zlatan scores in the italian league,the league where everyone dives and corrupt judges rule the pitch.
In swedens national games he rarely scores...sure, alot of pople blaim the team since zlatan is soooooo much better...
what abut the champions league? the one league he wants to win is the league he also cant score striker my ass.
when he plays he's just standing at the top, waiting for the ball, no smart movement from him, he would never fot at Barca

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