Monday, 29 June 2009

Eto'o has found a house to live in Manchester

British tabloid The Daily Mirror claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) will join Manchester City in the next few days.

The player would already have found a place to live in Hale, a village in Greater Manchester. Eto'o would rent a Georgian style house owned by English cricketer Andrew Flintoff for around 300 000 euro a year. The property reportedly has a pool and gym and has easy access to the airport and City's training ground.

British tabloid
The Daily Star claims that Barcelona has already accepted the 30 million euro° offer by Manchester City to finance the bid for Valencia forward David Villa. British tabloid The Sun claims that Manchester City has offered Eto'o a year salary of over 15 million euro, which would double his current wages.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Manchester City's last bid was 27 million euro° (plus 3 million euro in incentives). Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has received a formal offer from Manchester City of 25,5 million euro° (plus 2,5 million euro in incentives), of which 15 million euro could go to Eto'o as a transfer bonus as indicated by Barcelona sources. Eto'o would have been offered a five-year contract worth 10 million euro net a year but sources close to the player would have said that Eto'o is not convinced by the sporting project of the English club.

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pep said...

30 million euro =

40 million us dolalr
25 million british pound

Ekar said...


Kevin O said...

Well even tho i believe that the Mirror and Star are pretty unreliable newspapers .. I can believe this article. Sad 2 see Samuel go but it had 2 happen

barca4life said...

Lol, his agent said he is staying,19528,11661_5405942,00.html

However, Eto'o's agent, Josep Maria Mesalles, claims the attacker is more inclined to remain at Camp Nou for the remainder of his contract, which expires in 2010.

"If there is not a 180-degree turnaround then he will stay with Barcelona," Eto'o's representative told ONA FM.

albert said...

i am very sure that Villa will stay with Valencia...Looks like Barca management does not want to see Eto'o play another game in blue-red .

barca4life said...

pep quote of the day


"As for Ronaldo, I wouldn't want him here. At Barca, we do not have room for players who fill gossip magazines.

"We are hard workers and sportsmen but he, on the other hand, is uncontrollable."

Veteran said...

The Media is very unreliable. No one knows the true story of Eto'o. Each and every website has the own version of the story.
Most Barca fans do not like Eto'o to stay at the Nou Camp. Dispite reading all the heading of eto'o in several websites, i still havn't heard a concrete reason why he shouldn't stay. A lot of people thinks Barca has don't a lot of good things for eto'o. Ofcourse, this is true but they are not feeling the services he's been rendering to the club,
He is just proving to the world that he is human by having dressing room issues. He made massive mistakes off the pitch but i think what he produces on the pitch is capable of overshadowing his attitute off the pitch. Many people think he doesn't deserve what is is asking from Barca. He desrve it due to the hard work he is doing. what matters is success and results rather than problems. His first year with Barca, he contributed in bringing the la liga back to the nou camp. His goal in the 2006 champions league final brought barca back in the game and they won it. Just look at the way Barca was playing in the first 10 mins in this year champ league final against Man u. But his goal made Barca a completely different and went on the win. He's a man of Big momments and Know when to step up when needed. If eto'o leaves or stays, he deserve a lot of credit from Barca. Viva Barca.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Laporta. Dont want to see sammy go, but i don't want to see us lose 25+ mill euros if he decides to run down his contract. We've been good to him and vice versa, as cules we need to know where he stands and any pity infighting with the board (if its true of course) should be put to one side for the fans!!!!

Anonymous said...

best striker in the world!!!etoo please stay!!!visca barca!!!

Han said...

Veteran,What kind of massive off court mistakes has Eto'o comitted?

I hoppy he doesn't get 15 mill of the 25 if he goes. Hope he stays. Anyway, I agree 100% with Veteran about what he has brought us over the years: Goals, Joy, Happiness and some doubts over his dressing room attitude. Nonetheless, he will be remembered as a big moment player with a dedication, persistence and a feeling for goals like few before.

Anonymous said...

Eto'o has been offered a new two year contract. An attack with Messi, Eto'o, Henry, Keirrison, Bojan and Iniesta will be fine with me.


Don Luis said...

I guess Pep, Tixi, Laporta will have taste of their own medicine. Eto'o will stay and leave for free... Which Barca wont get one penny out of the transfer. All thanks to the management "brilliant plans"....

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO ETTO STAY PLEASE STAY you can teach bojan and keirrison alot !!!!

jack said...

ead this :

If that's not greed then I don't know what is. Eto'o wants a 18 million departure fee from Barcelona, and a 15 million sign on fee from Man City plus a 16 million per year pre-tax wage. He wants to pocket 33 million for the transfer plus be the highest paid player in the world on top of that. How can anyone still defend this greedy mercenary?

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