Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Laporta talkative to the press recently

Oh! A microphone! I will go and give some quick statements and I return!

Hold yourself, Jan! Stand firm and don't give in to your instincts!

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Don Luis said...

Get us a left back, all i ask for....Keirrison will be a stud.

Villa @ 28 how much does he have left? and for 40M euros plus loan of 1-2 players? crazy.........

We should go for Aguero...Should HAD tried to sign benzema......

ej said...

jut make a bid for benezma so even if we dont get him rm should pay more

Messi108 said...


Bid for Benzema ?
For what joy mate ?

Villa >> Benzema anyday.

Villa=La Liga proven+Great chemistry with Xavi and Iniesta ( also proven)

And where does Benzema stand ?

Anonymous said...

Classic~! Showing his politician's nature fully~!

Anonymous said...

yes he's the most succesfull president in the club's history,but what about transfer policy?it's ridicilous,face it.yes they bought alves and pique last year,but we all know about caceres&hleb.when it comes to this year,today july 1st and there's no signing yet! london camp will begin after 19 are they doing?! all they do is talking about madrid.

Xaviniesta said...

i believe the transfers are txiki's job primarily, + i dont know how our bitchin and moaning will help get the job done. lol

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