Monday, 29 June 2009

Maximum transfer budget of 80 million euro

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona will at the most have 80 million euro° to spend during the current summer transfer window.

As club officials announced earlier this summer, Barcelona has an initial transfer budget of 30 to 35 million euro (read more

Transfer fees the club will receive will be added to this. Barcelona hopes to get around 30 million euro for Eto'o, while players like Hleb, Gudjohnsen and Cáceres could also be sold. Finally, the benefits of this season, estimated around 10 million euro, could also be used for transfers, although that's not certain.

Read more:
Barcelona has 30 to 35 million to spend
No transfers before end of the month


pep said...

80 million euro =

110 million us dollar
68 million british pound

sashi said...

gr8 news! bring it on.

Anonymous said...

sounds good

fcbee said...

We're already spending 10-15 for both Keirrison and Filipe, that will leave at the best around 55. Minus 40 for Villa, that's 15 left for a centre-back, a defensive midfielder and a left winger. Sounds not that good to me...

Mahi said...

40 mil for villa!!! it's too much. If we give 30 - 35 mil we will get Benzema a 21 year old skilled striker.

refter said...

30-35 for Benzema, get real. Lyon sold Essien for 40 or something, why would they now sell Benzema, their best prospect in years, for less. At least 50 for Benzema.

Marws said...

Villa is the best option for the CF.

Villa = 43m + loan on caceres
Ibra = 50m + Eto'o /80m
Benzema and Aguero = At the least 55m

shanewhitehouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fcbee said...

Shane, the fees for eto'o, gudjohnsen and hleb are included in that 80 million. So start all over.

shanewhitehouse said...

oh tanks fcbee

Mahi said...

For Benzema manU offered 30mil and Real Mad offered 32mil. So if we offer 35mil then we would get him.
Villa is good but same type of Eto'o and age.
If we get Benzema or Aguero(55mil) we can use them for many years as they are of age 21. Considering these facts Villa is not a good buy for 43mil+loan K9 or/and caceres.
If we give some more amount and loan of K9 or/and caceres then we could get Aguero.

Messi108 said...


What nonsense are you talking man ?
Deportivo is asking 20m for Filipe and you are saying 35m for Benzema ?
Maybe if we wait for another month or so the price may drop depending on how Madrid will play the ball. But at the moment NOTHING is cheap all thanks for Real Madrid.
40m+loan for Villa imo is the best price at the moment for the hottest property in Spain.
Atleast they didnt ask 95m like how they did for Ibra.

trez said...

Valencia did even worse than asking 95: they say he's not for sale... ;)

trez said...

And I also like dreaming, but 35 for Benzema is just not anywhere close, Mahi.

Mahi said...


Pls go through the following link.

Villa is not worth for 40mil+loan. he is a good forward and very well fit to our system but he is of age 28 same as Eto'o. If we can give 43+loan for Villa then why cant we give 40+Eto'o for Ibra (I am not interested in this tranfer though) he is far far better than Villa? then why can't we try 50-55 for Aguero? Why cant we try Benzema for 35? All are youngr than Villa and much better.

So I am not talking nonsense but supporting 40m+loan for Villa, you are the one talking nonsense.

Manolo said...

He will be one of the best CBs in the world one day..

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