Monday, 29 June 2009

Hacker of the day: Nemesis1

The official website of David Villa has today been hacked by Némesis1, a self-called Barcelona fan, who said he didn't damage anything but left the following message:

"For god's sake Villa, what is a class player like you waiting for to come to the best club in the world? We're waiting for you crack :)"


Anurag said...

LOL, read this first on, but the site is down. thanks for the screenshot, wanted to see what its all about.

Xaviniesta said...

okay i confessss but dont turn me in ppl plsssss i was gettin desperate :((((


Kool Keith said...

I wanna see a bigger picture of this!

barcacanada said...

that's hilarious. i wonder if villa is now freaked out!

Messi108 said...

Eto'o leave for Gods sakes !
Make way for Villa......I'm desperate now.

Don Luis said...


Dude Eto'o is the best CF in the world. He plays big for us. Apparently u dont remember that he scored vs Arsenal in CL final 2006?

With the way the Barcelona management has been treating its a disgrace. If Eto'o leaves i wish him all the best because he scored in big moments!

Eto'o is one of Barcelona's all time great strikers. ROnaldo was great but he played for a short period of time like Romario.

Messi108 said...

@Don Luis

Absolutely buddy !
Eto'o has done a lot for Barca and i'm sure everybody is really greatful for that.
But things are not good with Eto'o and Barca at the moment and Fact: Pep doesnt want him in the team.
Its time to move on. This is football and nothing is permanent.
I like Eto'o too but i would relish Villa as the new striker. Its a new prospect and its exciting for me as Villa is my favorite striker.
Eto'o has achived more than there is to achieve at Barca and its time for HIM to move on.
Good Luck for Eto'o and again i really hope he leaves and makes way for Villa.

sashi said...

we are not a blood relation with Eto and that Eto is not the "son" or anything for Barca. he played big for us and we acknowledge it by giving him a pay rise. if he wants more, if we are ot able to give it to him, we cant do anything but to sell him to someone else. its all professional. just because he won us 2 CL finals(which of course is a gr8 thing), we cant give in to Eto's demands. its alll just professsional.

i say its better for both Barca n Eto to part ways as relationship has become bad. this can be the best possible way for Eto to say bye to us and for Barca to say thank you rather than have him another year and spoil the relation totally and turning the back on each other.

Marws said...

Haha xD

You're my new hero Némesis1 :P

madilu said...

Why is it that Barcelona treats all its stars in such a manner?

I think the board needs a serious PR Overhaul.

Maradonna , Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, and now Etoo.

Looks like we do not treat stars fairly unless they dance to some board member's tune?

What is our problem???

madilu said...


Then on the other hand, Etoo is no 'blood' relation so do not say he is greedy if he wants to leave for free and make the most of his remaining years.

It is either you treat a player fairly or you dont. If you don't treat him fairly then do not expect him to treat you fairly.

You cant have your cake and eat it.

If the best way is to part, tell the board to say that to him, not say we would like etoo to saty but not at any price, then say Man City have given a mega offer, only we forgot to tell Etoo about it, tehn send a renewal offer by SMS in the middle of the night because he has called a Press conference.

This is not how the best club in the worl treats its best scorer in a year when they won a treble largely due to his scoring ability.

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