Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Forlan back-up for Villa

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is still interested in Atlético Madrid forward and Uruguay international Diego Forlán (30).

The Uruguayan striker would be the back-up option in case the transfer of Valencia forward David Villa wouldn't go through.

Although Atlético Madrid would only be willing to let the striker go if the buyout clause is paid, Barcelona reportedly doesn't want to pay that fee of 36 million euro° (plus value added tax) and will try to lower it by including players in the deal.

Barcelona would be ready to make Atlético Madrid an offer of 25 million euro° plus the loan of two players: Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20), who is close to joining Barcelona (read more here) and Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30), who would be willing to join the Spanish club (read more here).

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pep said...

36 million euro =

51 million us dollar
31 million british pound

25 million euro =

35 million us dollar
21 million british pound

ej said...

sry but soemthing is really going wrong n this summer

barca4life said...

benzema has signed for real madrid according to lyon's official website for 35 million euros + 6 million in additional add ons

alexxx666 said...

ej you got that right... Fake madrid just signed Benzema for 30mill and we are chasing these guys... Somethings is def wrong..

Tudor said...

The thing is that nothing is going on. This are just stories. I do not believe anything if the story is not confirmed on FC Barcelona official site.

Messi108 said...

Are you MAD ??
Keirrison +Guddy+25 for this 30 yr old striker ??

Soha_TZ said...

Is it really posible that Barca, who won everything last year, doesn't have the money to buy a decent player??????

refter said...

Keirrison and Gudjohnsen are on loan, mind you...

ej said...

Soha yes its possible because of stupid transfer policy.

i dont care when fans are stupid to see why its better getting 23-24 year old players instead of 28-29 years .

but the problem that the stuff doesnt see this too .

instead of offering 50 M for villa why didnt they ask lyon for benezma ? WHY??

when you always buy players that are nothing with at the end you will neve have enough money.


i guess ou stuff is still dru from trible.

maybe they will pay all the money for villa and forlan that if one of them get real injued he may finish his carrer ...

RM buy benezma after 4 years thgey will sell him with 25 they will get the same amount of money back so he cost nothing at end.

Barca buy villa fo 50 M sell him after 2-3 years and they wint get 10 M for him then ...

do you understand the diffeences? ??

hawk_barca_4_life said...

its better to keep keirrison ...he is good enough for wht forlan would add ..if they keep etoo
means he renews

if they sell etoo then they would def have to search for a better alternative not forlan as our lead striker coz keirrison is good comparing him to forlan not bad as we have henry who can play cf

if benzema goes for 35 that is really a good deal for them but considering that the player wanted to go there and lyon agreed

getting forlan for 25 is a bad deal considering his age and he is a limited player

rather keep keirrison even if etoo leaves henry is there to play cf and go for a left winger for 30m tht would be the best

Sad_Cule said...


Is Txiqi on holiday or what???

barca4life said...

Madrid has completed 4 signings barca are yet to do 1, man utd have got valencia arsenal vermaelen (not sure of spelling), inter milito and motta, milan signed 2 italians today juve got diego, liverpool got glen johnson, bayern have signed mario gomez and others and chelsea are on the verge of zhikov.

What is txiki doing? Is he awake?

Anonymous said...

real gave 35 mil. and bought benzema,so it's mean that's possible.but our genius board chasing forlan for 25+keirrison+gudy ????????!!!!!!!!! wtf is going on??

refter said...

Don't all be so depressed, we just won the treble, enjoy it. Who is Benzema?! Look at his numbers and it's not really impressive: 20 and 17 goals in the french league over the last two seasons...

ej said...

benezma would have been great fo us he is big skillful ....

i just hope barca wont sign anybody now.

because they are goig after unknown players or old players ...

ad they managed to make problems with etoo (am ot protecting him)

nexst seaso we are going down believe me etoo will stay and he wont fight , problems and all because ou stuff is sleeping why didt they offer for benezma ?

at least they could let RM pay 10-20 M more

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Folks, relax!!! These are just rumors and it looks like Sport is a little more than a tabloid based on all the rumors and stories they have been publishing this summer. There's no way Forlan is going to cost 25 million plus Keirrson (loan) plus a transfer of Gudjohnsen. That's bad business and there's no way anyone in their right mind would accept agree to this offer on Barcelona's end.

I'm confident that we will sign the right players for the right prices. It will just take longer this summer due to the market's crazy valuations of players. Be patient, sit back, relax, and enjoy your summer. We'll be stronger at the end of the summer than ever before.

ej said...


dont tell me : due to the market's crazy valuations of players

albiol 15 M super deal

Benezma 35 M good deal

Barca is not asing for all players look at RM they try to get all good players , so valencia wat 50 M they tell them no thas ad they go ask lyon and sevilla and ...

Barca is obssesed by villa so they are ot checking other possibilitys

Anonymous said...

football is not monopoly.

PD said...

guys we should also know that madrid put zidane in negotiating with the french players mainly... thats y benzema and (maybe even) ribery join madrid compared to barca... barca's transfer policy is good but its just that players like kaka and ronaldo join madrid for out of this world price and players like benzema and ribery prefer madrid over barca coz of zidane....

fcbee said...

I honestly think that Benzema is over-rated. Seen him with france during Euro 2008 last year? Very, very, very weak. During their games against us in the Cl he almost impressed me little.

When Madrid signs players, Barca fans always seem to be obsessed saying how good they are. Same happened with Sneyder, Vandervaart and Huntelaar, but now Madrid already wants to get rid of them...

Calm down, we're the treble holders and the pressure will be on them.

ej said...

start to like mattarazi

hawk_barca_4_life said...

let them buy whoever they wnt it will be rather good if we end up with player which have the desire to play for us rather than madrid

i feel the villa deal would not take place coz it depends much more on etoo coz if they r paying 40m for him that i feel is more with the loan

so we shld str lookg for other options aguero, podolski ....

but plzz sighn the players fast ..
coz many of my madrid frnds r taking too much of there transfers ..lolzz

Anonymous said...

After Keirrison, I don't think that the Board chasing Benzema because they already spent money for young striker. (Even though Benzema has more experience in CL and national teams than Keirisson)

Now they shifting focus to experienced strikers.

Who's next? Villa? Forlan? Adebayor (on no)? Drogba (oh no)? Ibisvic (hehehehe)? Torres? Fabiano? Marc Janko? Marco di Vaio? Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Andre-Pierre Gignac? Grafite?

Just kidding, folks!
Oh well...

Kevin O said...

After reading the Benzema story i have honestly reached my limit... I may not like the new madristas but we must acknowledge their superiority in the transfer market.

I now believe that our guys (txiki) are playing with our head by telling us not to worry.. NOT TO WORRY!! Really, after madrid sign 4 big names and we are yet to find 1.

Well im sorry, but worrying is all i can do. I know our team is the greatest, and most brilliant, but in all reality we do need some new blood. Chasing after 1 striker for the entire season (no matter how could he is) is certainly not a good move.

messiiiiiiiiii said...

oh boy. i've been trying not to panic over real, but this makes waiting for fcb to make a move really hard. with villa silent, ribery looking locked to bayen, i'm not sure where we go from here. we won the treble and we will be favorites no matter. i think there's a good chance that real won't be able to turn all these players into a champsionship side. but i'm still scared as hell of kaka feeding balls into benzema and ronaldo.

fcbee said...

Have some trust in your club... Madrid is building from almost scratch. And they're making serious debts now. Imagine this project doesn't work and they're stuck with all their over-paid stars.

ej said...

hmm its gonna be

messi vs. the world

EkY said...

i dont know what is going on with barcelona transfer this season ?
are barca waiting for the right time to buy a new good one (not like forlan) ????

why forlan??? OMG
its better you buy luca toni than this one

Nerrie said...

Hey guys real madrid just signed BENZEMA!! We still haven't got a center forward. Madrid is building a dream team. We need to act fast and soon or else we are gonna lose out to REAL!

jordy said...

pff what a disappointing summer. we can't get anyone and madrid keeps scoring transfers. benzema for 35 and we pay more for strikers who are 6 to 9 years older and got less potential.
what a joke :s we had better kept eto'o happy

Flippy said...

I'm declaring bullshit on everything. Has Txiki, Laporta, or Pep mentioned anything about Forlan? NO. Madrid are not good at the transfer market. So buying Benzema, when you've already got Raul, Higuain, Hunterlaar, RvN, van der Vaart, and CR, is a good thing? They've only bought ONE defender and defense is there weakest area. And EJ, Barca's transfer policy is definitely not to buy old players. There transfer policy is not to over spend. If Benzema is true, Real have spent over 200 million this transfer market already, and haven't even solved their problems. How many more are they going to buy? The Eto'o situation is a mess, but you'll only find out the truth at the end, then you can comment. How do you know Eto'o's agent is lying or Laporta? Where is the evidence? and fyi, we approached Benzema LONG time ago, and Benzema stated that he would stay in Lyon a year so he wouldn't lose form before the world cup. Ribery is likely not going anywhere only Real can buy him, and if they do, they already have Robben! Have you actually taken one look at how are Real going to play next season?
Ramos - Abiol (who sucks) - Pepe - ?
CR Kaka Robben
Benzema - Raul
just look at the defense. Honestly, Real is in a lot more trouble then we are. They need to sell a bunch, and strengthen the defense. We on the other hand are much more stable:
Alves - Piqué - Puyol - Abidal
Xavi - Iniesta
Messi - Eto'o - Henry

It's already much better than Real. Solid Defense, amazing midfield, and goalscoring attack.
The best Right wing, and a growing left wing.
Now, why are you worried again?

Furymaker said...

Hey guys , CHILL OUT !!
Why dont u have any faith in our team ? Do u remember 2:6 at Madrid ?
STFU all and be relaxed.
Txiki and board arent stupid , baybe they are chasing another good player but keep it out of public .
We didnt won treble cuz of "stupid board".
Real Madrid may buy even Pele but we are Barca , even with this team with just 1 signing we could beat them.

Just relax and enjoy your summer , then check who is new in the squad and ull be impressed .

I have feeling that Mascherano , Villa are already on Camp Nou , so board might be waiting for RMs storys to calm down then they make it official.
I believe also Cesc is on the way too.

Relax and enjoy.

Mes Que Un Club !

downcast97 said...

I dont know guys but i really feel optimistic that RM signed Karim Benzima! RM will flop big time. Imagine a bunch of strangers in your pitch, playing together for the first time, imagine the whole squad gets changed. How could a coach employ each one of them!
I dont know but this is not football, this a cirus!
and i also believe all that has to do with money laundering! where the hell do they have all that money from?! 67+94+35+15=211 thousand Euro!

Furymaker said...

its 211milion Euros .
But dont worry about them relax and enjoy.
Look how u all act , like ur scared of Madrid like kids of black hole :)
Dont think of Madrid think about Barca.

downcast97 said...

i mean 211 million euro. 211 thousand is the salary of Christie Ron per second! :)

Furymaker said...

Ok guys chill out !
According to Cesc is almost signed for BARCELONA !

english version :)

jordy said...

what can we do with cesc? iniesta is at his best in the middle and so is xavi toure. We can't do much with him.. also keita is a good player..We also have thiago for the future to, and jonathan dos santos. You forgot madrid already bought garay too..
I think raul robben sneijder huntelaar will have to go. wouldn't mind robben and higuain coming to us though!
real will play 4-5-1 (pellegrini also liked to play villareal that way)
arbeloa/ramos pepe albiol/garay marcelo
CR7 Diarra gago ribery
benzema (Higuain)
I'm afraid we will not be stronger than last year and our weak points (strength,air) will only be worse. benzema was suited to play in our attack. strong, fast, great shot, tall..
i'm sorry but if we pay 40m for 28year old(in octobre)villa it's a bad deal if you see benzema is going for 35+6. Now we overpay for villa or forlan.
I do think eto'o has to go now. but i find it a very sad story. barça will lose too..both barça as eto'o made mistakes. one to many from eto'o.. but barcelona pays for it

barca4life said...

Albiol sucks? Thats news to me. Also everybody is saying 6-2 but anybody notice real madrid are actually starting to build a better quality team. With casillas in your goal you dont need a great defence and with Kaka Ronaldo Benzema and maybe even ribery and some good DM's in M.Diarra Lass and Xabi Alonso Real Madrid is much better this year than last year.

Dont forget for all the 6-2 talk real madrid won 17 of 18 games during one stretch last season and drew the other 1. They were just 4 points behind us at the start of that game in madrid and were leading. It could have been down to 1 point with 4 games to go. So become arrogant and overconfident. While we are living on past glory madrid are slowly building a pretty decent team. And never forget when madrid had figo zidane raul they won the champions league and other things. it was only after they let makelele leave that things went downhill. The galactico era wasnt as much as a total failure as some would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worry when they meet us. Yes, we have great players, genius coach etc.. If we loose on papers, we can win by good tactic.

I'm more concern of other teams in La Liga. Can they cope with Madrid attack? Will they be able to hold the pressure when the see who's playing? Madrid is building team not just to attack us, but the whole league.

Keep that in mind.

downcast97 said...

I have full faith in my team. i think we will do the same or even better next season with a few well-studied signings, i have full faith in Pep and the board. but i am talking in general, RM make really bad changes the way football goes. every agent is demanding so much, every player is asking for half as much, and every club president is dying for euros. something dubious and suspicious is going on.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't some of you guys supporting Madrid? Every single day all the comments are about how our team's transfer policy is wrong and Madrid's better than us. You should go support them :)

35 + 6 for Benzema isn't that cheap considering his stock dropped a lot over this past year. He didn't dominate the French league like it was expected of him, he actually regressed a little bit and had a really bad second half of the season.

Now that Madrid signed their CF and is out of the market for Villa. We know Villa will only sign for Barcelona or stay in Valencia. Valencia needs money. This is the perfect opportunity for us to wait it out, be patient and lower the price for Villa's transfer.

For all the people insulting management. Mark Hughes from Manchester City was quoted to say "We had launched a bid for Eto'o, but we have to be patient". It just goes to show you can't believe Eto'o's agent and he's the one lying.

jordy said...

haven't seen us win before ronnie arrived. sure rexach was smarter than del bosque..
albiol is a very good defender. don't understand why we would buy bruno alves for the double. or the russian guy for the same price..

Anonymous said...

Fuck this shit . we need 3 player's ! and we all know that . real madrid are buying very promising player's and so far our move's have been terrible remember when the African cup starts we lose 3 players who are essential in our formation . GET REBERY . FUCK VILA HIS OLD 28 ! . GET A LEFT BACK AND A STRIKER A PROMISING 1 i really wished they get tevez but his going to man city or maybe. Robinho he will be perfect especially agianst madrid !!!!!!!!!!!!! . I am worried .

barca4life said...

Oh ok lets not believe eto's agent. How does that help us beat madrid next season? You think Valencia is not watching the etoo saga. You think his price didnt jump by 20 million now that they know we are desperate? Or have you forgotten that madrid had agreed a deal for villa and then the valencia president kept asking for more and more. Stay there and feel that we are just going to walk in and take villa easily.

Anonymous said...

What about our youth will they be enough about madrid signing's ?
and PEREZ is a very good president . very smart and better than calderon ! for sure it will be very competitive I hope they start building the team again ! .

Xaviniesta said...

omg you guys suck. why are you panicking???? so madrid got ronaldo kaka albiol and assuming they have benzema but so what??? did we seriously target these players?? i dont believe pep was ever interested in any of them. we dont need a ronaldo or kaka we have guys better than them, and benzema lol you cant be serious he's not barca quality + no one knows how he will adopt in the primera he is a risk and remember he comes from a weak league who knows how he will perform against better defenders for instance. dont waste your time feeling sorry he went to madrid instead of barca lol he's overrated. madrid's only signing i like so far cos it makes sense to me is albiol.

Anonymous said...


Valencia is in financial ruin. They have only sold a single player for 15m (if that's a good deal for Madrid then it's not a great deal for Valencia). They are desperate for money. They have to sell. The Eto'o saga has nothing to do with Valencia. Whether we keep Eto'o or not we are going to buy a CF. Valencia has to sell regardless.

Now we have no competitors for Villa if you believe that he won't leave Spain. We can give them a replacement on loan (Keirrison). We hold a lot of leverage on this transfer, we need patience. Whatever, Real Madrid only offered 25 + Negredo. That's only a 30m investment total for them. I don't think they'll be just walking in and taking him after they bought a 40 million CF.

barca4life said...

I didnt want us to buy any of them xaviniesta, i want us to get some good players of our own. WE HAVE NOT MADE ONE SIGNING YET. Every other big team in europe except chelsea have made signings. We are the only one that have not. We are waiting for the market to "cool off". Madrid for all of their failure last year were right behind us in la liga after 33 games. We were very lucky to get past chelsea in the champions league. A half blind ref instead of a totally blind one may have not sent off abidal but given chelsea a penalty for the pique handball. Guardiola said we need a bigger squad but we only hear our board say everybody is too expensive and when we finally look like we signed 1 good player (keirrison) all we hear is that we want to send him out to along with caceres to get villa. Are we insane?

BARCA/FAN said...

all i no is we have the best team in the world at the moment,all we need is a touch up.get villa get someone to cover heanry like matta or even silva.were in talks with 2 good defenders and theres a possiable transfer of mascherano and fabragas but i have to say,this is one of the most annoying transfer markets i can remember.i really wish they would get there fingers out and start to get active in the market and instead of been linked with good players go out and buy them.oh and fcuk madrid,kaka,benzaman and the ladyboy ronaldo.we have still got the best team and i really hope we prove it next season

barca4life said...

Valencia are not in financial ruin, they got a loan to keep their club afloat, that is why they were able to say they are not selling villa to real madrid

barcafanaticos said...

I agree with barca4life
Valencia arent in financial ruin
they are 500mil in -
Manchester United is 1,3billion in -
so ? Manchester United is still better team then Real Madrid even with that financial situation.

trez said...

Iniesta is better than Kaka.

Eto'o (or Villa, so you like) is better than Benzema.

Messi is better than Cristiano.

So honestly: what's the problem?

Furymaker said...

Finally some1 normal(trez)
And we were proven as a team , they didnt and those transfers are too risky

OLALEKAN said...

this is a full load of rubish from u cules,whats our own concernr with madrids signing????? i think we shouldnt question txiki for not signing a player yet after this kind of succesful season with less than 70 million players u guys just want him to spoil the team with eagerness? benzema is a player txiki really tried to sign last summer,but he insisted in staying in lyon,even he tried in the winter transfer,but failed,so whats the strees???i think the only player we are desperatelly in need of now is villa/ibrahimovic,(that can only happen IF eto'o leaves) and luis fellipe and keirrison da souza(k9).and i think we are in pool position to sign all this three players,its just a matter of time.I STRONGLLY BELIEVE ALL THIS FORLAN NEWS IS JUST A RUMOUR.PEP WILL NEVER BID FOR A STRIKER OF 30 YEARS OLD WHILE LURING OUT A STRIKER OF 28 YRS OLD. NOT TO TALK OF INCLUDING CACERES AND KEIRRISON PLUS A 40 MILLION IN A BID FOR DIEGO FORLAN.

barca4life said...

the problem is if messi goes down injured for 1 month what next? We werent that far ahead of madrid that we can sit back and think we are so great. 33 games played 4 points seperated us and madrid have gotten a lot better. Meanwhile we are busy fighting amongst ourselves with etoo's agent calling laporta a liar and the board seemingly unwilling to spend money on players

druid said...

The problem is that we need some fresh faces. We need to strengthen some positions in order to survive the deadly schedule ahead of us.

I am afraid that 2007 might repeat itself. In 2006 we won it all, and then fell down deep.

Anonymous said...

Uh...Valencia is in financial ruin.

Manchester United is the world's biggest, most recognized soccer brand. They are in the Champion's League year in year out. They have one of the highest revenues in world soccer, likely three or four times Valencia's revenue. This is why they can afford to service their debt. i.e. They can afford the interest payments and still sustain their team.

Valencia on the other hand, can't afford to service their debt. They missed out on the Champion's league and don't have anything like the fan base Manchester United have. You cannot compare their models, it's completely different. Valencia got a loan JUST TO STAY AFLOAT, meaning to pay players salaries and the like. They cannot sustain such a massive debt and still run the club at the same time.

Speaking of Manchester United. They just sold their best player (someone equivalent to Messi to us). His replacement is Antonio Valencia from Wigan. We've all but signed Keirrison. What's the big deal? Just because Real Madrid have signed a lot of players we have to sign players just to match Real Madrid? What kind of way to build a team is that?

downcast97 said...

for the first time i heard of these notions "if you have a great goalkeeper you dont need great defence" and "the fact that due to exit of one DMidfielder, RM went downhill". youre making things very simple :) the first galacticos were a big time flop as they had a very deep debts and still they do. since the first galacticos, RM lost their identity. they lost the respect of many big and decent football clubs and fans in europe. I used to respect them honestly.
Last season barca were perfect, and Madrid were really bad and absolute failure and because of that theyre changing the whole squad like a wasted rotten furniture . Points arent that important, and the final results count. and remember barca was playing three championships unlike them. imagine you play a big hard team like Chelsea in two legs, and inbetween you beat a team 6-2! You will guess that team must have been Gijon? no it was RM.
I will live in the PRESENT that FCB are the champions in europe and spain till the end of May 2010.
btw who is Albiol? :)

barca4life said...

I said with casillas you dont need as good a defence as lets say barca who have valdes in goal. Ok explain it to me then, why did the galacticos flop? Wasnt it because they had too much attackers and not enough defence? what would have fixed that? Maybe a defensive midfielder like i dont know MAKELELE and some better defenders. Real Madrid were very bad? 17 wins in 18 games and 1 draw is very bad now? You are living on past glories. If we do not get some signings we are going to be very sorry. The longer we wait the higher the prices we will pay and the more chances of us getting another hleb. As somebody said Madrid dont need to beat us to win la liga, they just need to beat the other 18 teams. We have 6 competitions to play and they have 3. We have not signed a single player yet and it is 24 days to the start of pre-season training.

Anonymous said...

Money and time are commodities. We need to spend it wisely. Yeah, sure we missed our targets, but there are lot more players that we can look into.

Remember when we got Marquez and Yaya? They were relatively unknown.

And Ronaldinho was playing in France and that time unproven in La Liga.

Trust of the board, skills and knowledge of coach, togetherness of team mates, support of fans can make player shines.

Calm down fellow Barcelona die -hards. We wait and see.

Furymaker said...

in that 24days Barcelona can buy 15players if they want , so stop being paranoic.
We will get good players and refresh our squad .
I believe in that and u all should too.

barca4life said...

While we wait and see, teams see us waiting and realize that if we need players more than they need to sell. Hence the prices they go up. Simple economics. Why you think depor asks for 20 mill for filipe? They know that the longer they stall the more desperate we become with the new season approaching and eventually we will have to either find a new target (another club that knows we are desperate) or go without a LB, not very smart for a team that is playing 6 competitions

Xaviniesta said...

b4l dude did i question that? thats not even an issue here, everyone knows we need reinforcements. but you guys gotta realize we cant proceed like madrid buying left and right not thinking whether this combination will work i mean personally i'm not even sure its football success (vs commercial success) that motivates perez. and omg forget the cl and chelsea we all know we shoulda won 1st leg if henry was given that penalty + pique handball yeah sure peno but so is ballack handball inside box etc etc. were we lucky sure but did we earn that win?? theres no question in my mind. and dude injuries will be a concern who doesnt know that lol but the thing is we should proceed with reasonableness here. you said urself we're waiting for the mkt to cool off great i'm all for it but then you contradict urself by saying everyone has signed exc us and chelsea i mean what shall it be wait or push mindlessly like madrid and bust our budget?? do u recommend we take out loans bury our club in debt so we can compete with them?

barca4life said...

Really furymaker because we havent signed a player since may 27th to now so whats the odds of us signing 15 players in 24 days? Assuming we get rid of Sylvinho Guddy Hleb Caceres and Etoo, that means we need 5 players just to get back to where we were last season right? Now lets say we bring in Henrique for Caceres, thats 4 players to bring in right? Wrong pep said we needed a bigger squad so maybe 4 more players besides the 3 we already need? Thats a minimum of 7 players we need. We have looked at over 22 and cant sign 1 yet. Where are we going to get 7 from?

barca4life said...

Ok i forgot thiago lets say we promote thiago, we cant promote gai because he doesnt have an eu passport thats still 6 players we need, and we are waiting. What are we waiting for? 6 players in 24 days means a siging every 4 days.

Kxevin said...

Forlan would be good, but not at the price. We'll need a Plan B striker with a good shot from the outside, and who wouldn't mind not starting, for a chance at real glory. That's Forlan. The price is the only problem.

Need I remind everyone that you need the ball to score, and who retains possession better than us? We still have the best midfield in the world, and about the best front line.

Get in Kaka's space, and he's ordinary. S. Africa showed that at the Confed Cup. We've already shown that we can mark Ronaldo off the pitch. Benzema? Maybe. He wasn't as dazzling this past year for Lyon. But is one man going to do the trick? Will he be any better at finishing than Van Nistelrooy? Doubtful.

Yes, they have names. But do they have a TEAM?

BlaugranaIRE said...

no thanks dont need old age pensioner.

Furymaker said...

B4l u are over reacting.
We dont need to sing "stars"as Real Madrid , we can promote 2-3 players and buy 3 ,
Muniesa , Thiago and Jeffren maybe
Vila , K9 , Cesc or Masc
and maybe an left back or not selling or loaning caceres and henrique back from loan.
Not so hard to believe ?

Furymaker said...

Villa not Vila :D
and i believe K9 is done deal , Villa is on the way just like Cesc or Masch.

barca4life said...

We need 8 players furymaker, assuming we are letting 5 players leave Guddy Hleb etoo sylvino and caceres. Pep said we need a bigger squad that means 3 more players i assume.

Assume Henrique comes back thats 1
Muniesa (although i'm not sure they will but lets say they do) 2
Thiago 3
Jeffren (I highly doubt more likely pedro) 4

That still leaves 4 players we need

Assuming the rumours are true and we do sign K9 we are going to use him to sign villa

that makes 5

Now i dont know if we can get cesc or mash as both clubs have said they are not for sale and both are in long term contracts

That still leaved 3 players we need including a LB and we are stuck in the bid for filipe at the moment.

I have a deep fear that we will rush to arsenal and sign clichy for 15 million in a panic the day before the end of the transfer window.

I have a hard time believeing we are going to get cesc mascherano and villa all this year even with 85 million to spend that we have.

While we insult the price of kaka madrid are building while we scoff at prices.

If messi is injured at any point next season we could be screwed. He has only ever had 1 non injury free season so far, we need to strengthen and as much as i love jeffren and gai and want them to be moven into the first team squad we need more good backup players with experience and fast.

jordy said...

K9 is a good thing, for the future.. He's a bit skinny though..
If depor keeps asking that much for felipe get cisshoko.because of a dental problem he only costs 10m.
I see pep promoting vazquez and replacing guddy with sanchez. I think the center is covered if we get another left wing attacker when we get rid of hleb..but i'm afraid the ones i like are to expensive. higuain and robben would be welcome

Furymaker said...

I agree with you on that (Gai and Pedro)
If Gai gets passport then he should be promoted ( great player)
But I think Clichy isnt that bad option isnt it ?(didnt hear Barca is interest in him :D)
But I think with few new names in squad we might fight with Real.
But we are giving a lot of attention to them , any1 see what Bayern , Juventus , Inter are doing ?
They are making great squad .
New 3 weeks will be so interesting about transfers(I hope).

Barca4life i know Real Madrid is building a great team , but what if C.Ronaldo or Kaka gets injured in there ? They are going to sell Vaart , Sneijder , Hunterlaar , M.Diarra
So they dont have back-up , and De la Red is seriously ill ( I hope he will be able to play again).

Just believe like adidas commercial
Impossible is nothing !

Carrer de Corsega said...

What's the point of having Kaka, Ronaldo, and Benzema on your team if they don't get to touch the ball in El Clasico? They can resurrect Garrincha too as long as we have Xavi & El Anti-Galactico!

Flippy said...

B4L, where did you get 8 players from?
Txiki and Laporta have said we will make 3-4 signings this summer. Hleb, Caceres, and Eto'o leaving is plain speculation. If we were to get Keirrision, Villa, Mascherano, and Felipe Luis this summer + Henrique and promotions we would have:
GK: Valdes, Pinto, Mino
RB: Alves (back up: Henrique, Puyol)
CB: Piqué, Puyol, Marquez, Milito, Henrique, Caceres (as well as Yaya and Abidal)
LB: Abidal, Felipe Luis (back up: Henrique)
DM: Yaya, Mascherano, Busquets, Keita
3rd MF: Iniesta, Keita, Yaya, Busqeuts, Hleb, Guddy
playmaker: Xavi (Iniesta)
RW: Messi, Pedro!, Hleb (Iniesta)
ST: Villa, Eto'o, Bojan, Keirrison (Henry and Messi can back up)
LW: Henry, Iniesta, Hleb, (possibly Villa)

and this is excluding promotions such as Muniesa, Botia, Thiago, Gai. That adds up to 27 players + promotions. so that means we will sell someone. Guddy is probably going. Keirrison might go on loan and Eto'o might go. Henrique is not a must, so he may go on loan to a Liga side (except Real of course). Caceres is definitely staying considering that we didn't loan him last season. Do we really need 8 players?

barca4life said...

If we get rid of 5 and pep wanted a bigger squad +3 that makes 8. Weather we promote thiago or not is another matter. We cant keep caceres henrique yaya keirrison and hleb because we only have 3 non-eu spots

barca4life said...

And i'll say this. Overconfidence is a very bad thing. Every season starts with all teams on 0 points. We would be damned fools to sit here and think because we had a great season last year its just going to happen again this year without us strengthening. The summer started off as an arms race with madrid going for villa cr kaka and barca heading for ibra ribery and cesc.

Its turned into 1 team arming themselves for a war and the other still celebrating last year and criticizing the other team's signings.

barca4life said...

And to make matters worse we are on the verge of losing a key part of our team last year in etoo because of whatever reason.

downcast97 said...

for God sake spare me with 17 wins in 18 games! were you convinced with level of play of RM? i give it to you they had the fighting spirit to catch up with barca especially along with the boring tone of "it is mathematically possible to win la liga". their true level was clearly shown after the massacre of 6-2 that they lost all of their matches thereafter while playing in the same squad of the worthless 17 wins! anyway i will not argue more about this subject.
I think barca need 4 new players only, CDefender, LBack, DMidfielder and striker, i can see two guys are coming; Villa and Felipe. Mr Laporta said we will sign 4 or 5 players to keep the squad alive and focused to win trophies. well, i am kind of relaxed. I am pretty sure we will do very good next season, as long as we have Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Yaya and Pique. apart from being a barca fan, i would rate these players amongst the best today in football. And hey.. guys..We Have PEP GUARDIOLA.

barca4life said...

They lost the games after that and we did not win another game after that game either because both teams realized la liga was over,

you see a LB coming? Laporta said if depor dont accept 8 million we will withdraw our offer. Filipe said he wants his future decided because he doesnt know if he is staying or going. So that says he may stay.

We went through this same story last year with garay and we ended up paying 16 million for Caceres instead. We need to get our act together.

barca4life said...

We keep talking about 6-2 but last year madrid were talking about 4-1 and made ronaldo their sole target while deciding that all their squad needed was minor adjustments. Dont get too overconfident. Never feel we have some divine right to win, Just a few years ago we saw what happened after the ronaldinho led team won the champions league. The spine of the team that suffered directly after winning the champions league is the same valdes puyol marquez iniesta xavi messi etoo were all part of the team that struggled to win anything in the year after we won the double

Kxevin said...

Remember that the year after winning the double, Messi and Eto'o were lost to the team for a total of 8 months between them. That certainly affected that season.

Complacency is the biggest danger for us right now. Yes, we have the best club in the world right now, but every club, no matter how great, is a key injury away from being ordinary. Can anyone imagine how life would be without Xavi, for example?

John-Reid said...

WHen Real signed Kaka, I was sad but not scared. With ronaldo, I was more annoyed that I have to watch him dive every time in La Liga. But now plus Albiol and Benzema? Thats scary. Barca still has better players; like someone said, Iniesta > Kaka, Villa >Benzema, and Messi > Ronaldo. But still, Real is starting to make a team that will either fail miserably, or succeed at everything. At least for the first year. All those egos won't last together.

But still, for next year I'm scared. We need to sign some big name; Ibrahimovic, Ribery, Cesc, Villa, Aguerro, someone! We have a strong team, but with the African cup, we need more players! Come on Barca! Sell Eto'o and buy someone!

downcast97 said...

please dont compare the away thrashing of RM 2-6 to a home win 4-1 of last season. you probably dont know what is the meaning of 6 goals in Santiago Bernabeu! youre humiliating me as a proud Barca die hard, to the bone fan :) i will assume youre new to Barca-vs-Madrid saga :) moreover, Barca performance last season is magical, is new, is beyond imagination, i think they (well PEP) developed a new philosophy how to win games and titles, how to press high up in the pitch, how to possess for 60 or 70 % and leave the opponent with only less than half an hour to play. they masterpieced triangles in the field. they dominated every opponent second part in the pitch. they simply in love with the ball that theyre lost with out it! you really dont appreciate what they have done to the game rules, and how it should be played.
in 2006, after winning the double, Ronaldinho deteriorated very badly, and messi didnt take his chances, and Reijkaard threw all of his cards and left with nothing to add more. but now the situation is different, Messi is at his peak, well sub-peak since he's still developing more and more. and new genius coach who will make sure the squad will fight till death, he will forgive not to win, but never forgive not to fight. besides it is the same squad that lost after the 2006 double,but what do you think has changed in 2009 and that they got the triple? take a guess.
Depor president is very clever, he will maneuver till he forces Laporta to make a satisfactory compromise and pay more to get Felipe. and Laporta will pay or else he will be without a LB next season.

barca4life said...

I just here everybody saying oh madrid sign kaka they still suck, they sign ronaldo they cant win too may stars they sign albiol he isnt any good they sign benzema well they wont win anything and in the meanwhile, madrid are arming themselves to the teeth for a campaign while we have not done anything. I'm not saying we need to sign like madrid, but come on man lets get a move on.

Remember if madrid lose both games to us and win more games than us against the weaker teams they will win la liga, so its all fine and good to say that we will beat them, but after we fly to abu dhabi for the club world cup mid season and then have toure keita and maybe etoo head off to the ACN in january and international breaks we need a bigger sqaud to be able to compete.

We are in 6 competitions they are in 3 its a great deal more stress on us and right now we dont have the squad to deal with it.

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