Monday, 29 June 2009

Four English clubs interested in Hleb

British tabloid The Daily Star claims that several English Premier League clubs are interested in Barcelona attacker and Belarus international Aleksander Hleb (28).

English clubs would have been alerted by the claims of Hleb that he doesn't want to spend time on the bench and that he wants to come back to England.

Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City would all be monitoring the situation of the Belarusian player, while Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger might also be interested in taking Hleb back for a lot less than he sold him for last summer.

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vascogalactico said...

boring post.. but epic picture!!!

ej said...

OUT : gudi , etoo , caceres

IN : Aguero , kerrison , flipe

and i am very happy

Anonymous said...

aguero is Short will be the midget teams ! lollll no way dude maybe ribery so herny can be a stiker ! woohoo !

TengkuAmir10 said...

sell hleb to manchester city for 20-25million then i'll be a happy man

ej said...


aguero will replace etoo so its not like that etoo that big ...

so nothing changes ...

and please stop saying midgets its not nice our best players are xavi iniesta messi and they are all not 2m20 i dont like people calling them midget

Ekar said...

Eto'o is 1.80 while aguero is like 1.71 theres a load of difference

deco said...

Ronaldo (I mean the real one) isn't that big either and he was a great barcelona striker. Being fast with amazing technique and much depth in his game.

- max 55 miljon and his sertainly ours
- very young
- argtine, friend of messi
- want's to play at barca
- can also playing left wing

- not that big
but the only big striker i know with the specific barca qualtity is Zlatan

=> Aguero

Marws said...

@ TengkuAmir10

5-10 m for Hleb and I'll be happy.

Wouldn't mind if he stayed eighter

Anonymous said...

Aguero=next Salviola with nonsense price tag

waste of space.

ej said...

ekar with 1.80 etoo is not a header specialist.

dont forget villa in 3 years is worth nothing aguero in 3-4 years is stil 26 and maybe even more worth than now !!!

get aguero

if i only could contact laporta or txiki makes 1000 more times to sign aguero and not villa

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree, if the argument is heading ability eto'o and aguero are pretty much equal. Heading is not all about height(henry). If your argument is strength on the ball I'd say aguero is stronger because he has more muscle and a lower center of gravity. They weigh the same amount(75kg look it up). Overall id much rather have aguero than eto'o at this point.

Gorga said...

Gotta love the way Hleb points on the ball before smashing it into the goalie's face!!!

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