Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hleb valued differently in England and Barcelona

They say that several Premier League clubs are fighting over Hleb.

At Barça, thery're fighting to get rid of him.

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ej said...


funny although i think the english people are right this time

NouBarca said...

lol.. I hope he stays.. he is good enough. Last year was teribble for him, but I know he can do a lot better

Bogman said...

Yes, I also think he will grow in to the Barca-style next season. He will not be a fixed starter though since he will never be as good as the players in front of him in the pecking order. He will be usefull and I hope Guardiola will give him more opportunities to show his abilities. Three of our players are away for atleast a month at a crucial point of the season, so he will be needed for sure.

buj said...

@ Nou

For the money we invested in him, he better be.

Bram said...

If Guddy leaves I think Hleb will get more chances as a sub in midfield. Let's hope he grabs his chance now and has such a good second year after Arsnenal like Henry!

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