Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Meeting with Villa

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona yesterday held a meeting with Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (28).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristiain and Barcelona director of football Raúl Sanllehí would have travelled to Asturias, a region in the north of Spain where Villa grew up and where he's on holiday after the Confederations Cup, to talk with the player and his agent José Luis Tamargo about a possible transfer.

Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias claims that the meeting took place at the Real Balneario restaurant in Salinas, ten minutes away from Villa's hometown Avilés. Tamargo came first to discuss the contract, Villa joined in later. Barcelona reportedly assured the player that they'll give everything to sign him.

El Mundo Deportivo claims that a personal deal with the player would be almost closed, with only the duration of the contract – four or five years – left to be decided upon. Las Provincias claims that Villa would have personal agreements with both Barcelona and Real Madrid to sign a five-year deal worth 5,5 million euro net a year.

Barcelona now reportedly invited the player to inform his club that he wants to join Barcelona. Catalan sport paper Sport claims that Tamargo will travel to Valencia in the coming hours to talk with Valencia president Manuel Llorente. Villa would only have two options: staying at Valencia or moving to Barcelona.

Las Provincias claims that Valencia is only willing to let Villa go if a bid of 50 million euro° comes in, while El Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona would already have made a bid of 45 million euro°. Sport claims that Barcelona is willing to pay 40 million euro°.

Asked about the situation of Villa, Valencia president Llorente told journalists yesterday that nothing has changed: "We didn't receive any new offers and the club didn't reconsider the fact that the palyer is not for sale. I can tell you the same thing as I tell my neighbours, my children and my friends: Villa is a Valencia player."

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pep said...

50 million euro =

70 million us dollar
43 million british pound

ej said...

if we sign villa for 50 M then we are more stupid than RM !!!

50 M for villa is worst than 90 M for CR !!!
villa 28 in 2 years we will need another guy 50 M /2 '= 25 M pro year

CR 100 M will last 6 years 16 Mpro year

aguero 60 M last 8 years 13 M pro year

Villa 25M/y
CR 16 M/y
Aguero 7,5 M/y

Anonymous said...

with mascherano and villa arent we a little over budget?

ej said...

are the stuff so stupid and blind to see this ?

villa in 2-3 years is no more than 10 M Euro worth

aguero can last for at least 7-9 years

CR is cheaper than villa if you just divide the transfer fee to years.

this is crazy .

and CR will bring RM 30 M when they sell him mark my words villa wont bring us 10 !

somebody call txiki and laporta and teach them how to do business.

James said...

If Forlan can fetch 25m at age 31, I don't see why Villa can't. As long as he costs 40m or less I don't mind too much.

ej said...

james most of strikers lose power after getting 30 .

there is always some who doesnt but most of them start getting weaker and weaker.

villa is in good shape now , but to be honest before 3 years barca could get him for 25 M now that stupid RM fucked the prices valencia want 50 M and its because he is in a very very good shape last 2 years.

Again if Barca pay 50 M for him , i dont want ever to hear RM are breaking the market , because even RM is not so stupid to pay 50 M for a pülayer who most probably lose power in 2-3 years , dont forget there are money RM fans who want villa in RM because they want more spanish players.
but 50 M no thank
40 M no thanks
30 M its ok and only ok because we need a striker and he is now in very good shape.

i will even accept 30 M + 1 year loan bojan because it will do go for bojan

Anurag said...

@ej - the reason i disagree with you is that crissy ron gets 256k a week at real, whcih is a LOT of money to spend. villa gets 5.5 mill a year, which is practical

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ej is playing too much Football Manager which made him obsessed with young players. Complaining about the price I find quite ok but to say that striker after 30 is finished, thats completely bullshit.

James said...

Yet again, you're trusting numbers that are just being rumored. Who knows how much he will sell for in the end. Complain about it after the deal is done.

Anurag already said it. Villa's contract is 5.5 million per year for 5 years = 28 million.

Ronaldo's contract is 9 million + 25% per year for 6 years. That's 9 + 11 + 14 + 17.5 + 22 + 27.5 = ~100 million.

Anonymous said...

43 Million Pound?? Get Fernando Torres with that money.

ej said...


yes CR has higher salary but RM wasnt attacked because oif how much salary they pay for CR all world and especially laporta start saying 100 M is too much no player is worth this (and this is rigth)

butto go after 1 week and to buy a player even more expensive when you take in considration the years he still have its rubbish.

Its enough to say that even RM think its too much !!

ej said...

and for the wage .

cr earns much more but he will bring you something like 50% of that back with shirt selling .

ITS CRAZY what barca will do if its true.

ej said...


nice math but you forget CR will bring 50-60% of his salary back by shiort sales .

i dont say i want CR in barca.

but true is CR is stronger and better than villa and i dont understand that after all this RM are crazy we go and pay for villa more than for CR

R10FCB said...

ok so its roughly 15 mill for keirrison, 30 mill for mascherano and 45 mill for villa, aswell as buying a new left back and left wing...what happened to the 30 mill budget?

marko said...

I think it's a good deal getting Villa. We might overpay a little, but looking at his wage it will all even up. We need a player like Villa, a true '9' that Aguerro is not yet, sorry.

ej said...

and you guys wonder why even after winning trible we can not get 1 player we wanted .
its easy RM buy players 5 years younger than barca pay 10 M more but sell them after 4 years for much moire than barca sell because they are still in good shape.

barca buy players like villa 28 Years will have 2 years very good after that he will start getting weaker and Barca wont have a CF that is not in full power because we depend on attack we dont have the strong defense like RM and we dont even want it we attack with 7-8 players and when the CF is old its a problem

Soha_TZ said...

Sad transfer period for barca, really sad.

ej said...

marko did you ever see aguero playing ?

i watched all AtMad games because they are my second favorit team in spain , and this guy is awesome maybe he is 4-5 % weaker than Villa but he is young and this year he will be allready better than him .

marko said...

Of course I watched Aguero playing, many times. He is great and everything, but he is not a player we need IMO. We need a player like David, a goal machine, while Aguero is more of a support striker. Also, getting Aguero would mean bye-bye for Bojan, which are not our plans.

Anonymous said...

aguero is the new saviola.

to say he is overrated/overhyped would be an understatement.

villa on the other hand is perfect for us.

sashi said...

Aguero is not overrated. he can be a very good striker but he cannot be the center forward. he can play very well just behind the center forward. he provided the goals for Forlan and we dont need a provider, we need a finisher and tats wat Villa is.

but the worst part is Man Utd are almost close to signing Benzema for 38 mil pounds. why cant we get him atleast? he has proved his abilities now and he is definitely worth his price tag which is less in today's market conditions. 38 mil for a 21 year old??? damn tats a good deal.

Mahi said...

I also have the same opinion as you ej. I am completely supports you.
I think it is foolish to buy a player of age 28 for 50mil. As you said he can play 2 or 3 yeas max at high level. If we we can give 50mil for Villa then 60mil for Aguero is not much. So it is better to buy Aguero. Within one year he become too good.

ej said...

anon ,

you say always aguero new saviola ...

ist because he is argentinians , so maybe you was against signing messi since they are both small and argentinans.

and bytheway aguero have much other buidy than saviola and messi , look at his legs full with muscles his feets look very similar to maradona (am not comparing anything else only the legs physics)

Mahi said...

Ya sashi. buying Benzema would also be a better choice. That was i said in all my previous comments related to Villa transfer. Aguero or Benzema no Villa for 50mil

Engineer said...

First of all, David Villa is 27.. his birthday isn't until December.

And second, as already have been mentioned, Agüero is not the type of forward we should be looking for, at the moment.

And third, do clubs always buy players with the intent of selling them in the future? Legendary players doesn't have to be youth products.. and I can definitely see this kind of potenial in señor Villa, but maybe I'm the only one?

ej said...

aguero is exactly the kind we search .

henr can play as a cf too aguero can play both cf or wing

he can play as lw cf rw so he caan sub messi too.

he has allready more skill than villa and for sure than etoo .

and we can play like this in future

bojan aguero messi

yes they are small but last year we had henry etoo messi and tehy wasnt that big too.

some thinks if we get a 2.20 guy he will solve all our problem with high , its wrong we need to maximize what we good at and its skill and not try to be what we are noit.

and by the way who score in head in the CL ?

marko said...

Whatever. Thankfully Guardiola knows what he is doing and he wants Villa. I won't discuss this Aguero deal anymore as it's just a fantasy...

Jayson said...

get the deal done and case closed.

IF eto'o plays alongside Villa,we'll see free flowing attacking prowess.

pep might try to figure out how to play:Xavi,iniesta,messi,henry,villa & eto'o together.impossible?possible?

henry,messi,iniesta & Eto'o terrorized every defense last season

this season we add villa?he's the perfect icing on a cake

cheers my barca buddies!!

visca Barca!!!

Ondra said...

Benzema to Madrid for only 35 million Euro? Then Villa definitely shouldn't exceed the same amount:)

Messi108 said...


No You're not. Best news of the day for me.

Anonymous said...

don't buy that guy. keirrison is good and when eto'o leaves for african cup, henry can take his part.

ej said...

i will answer this
"And third, do clubs always buy players with the intent of selling them in the future? Legendary players doesn't have to be youth products.. and I can definitely see this kind of potenial in señor Villa, but maybe I'm the only one?"

I am not asking barca buying players for selling them later , but i just want that they examine

A - how much the player will cost us ?

B - how long this player will serve us ?

C - if we sell him in 4-5 years how much he will bring back?

this three criteria are important , and if we want to stay a big club we need to think about financialy too and not always say we barca we dont care about the money , in this way we wont be able to pay salarys ...

Mahi said...

Benzema to madrid for 35mil and we r try for 28y.o. for 50mil. Very bad move.

Anonymous said...

hahaha guyz...benzema is chance of another huntelaar?
villa've proved himself much on the other hand
benzema is not enough to prove him self on the bigger stage.
we almost signed keirrison and have bojan, we don't need to be obessesed with age.

Messi108 said...

Eto'o To Gain Citizenship

Samuel Eto'o could be set to join Manchester City despite Barcelona's offer of a new contract because he has become disillusioned with the Catalan club, according to his agent.

shanewhitehouse said...

he is the best striker in the world and why do we need young players in that position if we have bojan and keirrison villa will be top goal scorer in spain next year if he plays for barca he came third this year with a weaker team think what he can do in the best team in the world!!!!!!Dont buy macherano buy Melo younger and cheaper.
Villa7.Froza barca

Flippy said...

LOL, EJ. You complain about how Madrid spend 100 million on CR and how he is young, but they also spent 65 million on Kaka, who is also 27. So to say Real know how to buy is just bullshit.
Just think about what Villa might add to the team?
and for the long term we're getting Keirrison and have Bojan as well as Rochina and Icardi.

Sebastian said...

aguero would not be a good choice right now, his finishing is quite horrible, his mentality seems low, rite now, and hes maradona's son-in-law, thts horrible, he will be surrounded in controversy, he's already been pushing him to inter, all though hes with atletico. Instead villa is very humble, never made any problems, great header, amazing finishing, increadible mentality. but i dont think 50 mil is a bit for a player who on paper, is worth his 17 or 15? goals and 8 pks. but hes really amazing, at barca surely 35

ej said...

sebastian please tell me one problem that aguero did ???

i am sure you dont have any .

just first think and then write

@ flippy
i didt say RM know how to buy i said that buying villa for 50 M is bigger mistae and even more expensive and crazy than buying CR for 100M.

B. Beltrocco said...

This is how I would like to see the formation next season:




Xaviniesta said...

lol groga what club do you support then :)

i've seen aguero many times he doesnt impress me, forlan is much more useful than him. villa is at his peak, barca should take advantage of that. benzema is overrated, 35 mil for him is stupid, you madridistas will realize this to ur horror later loool.

messi said...

formation next season:




eto'o s agent confessed today he has an offer from man city.he will start discussion with them shortly.

fcbee said...

That last thing is not true, the british tabloids interpreted his words wrongly.

Anonymous said...

Villa or Benzema or Aguero.. Whatever, whoever...

If it's a flop, we will learn from mistake. It's not like we never flopped before. We always bounce back. We will always be. Better than ever.

If it's successful signing, then we rejoice. Well.. Until they start whining about salary and special treatment.

However, to praise and admire Madrid for their bullish transfer is not cool, man. I don't mind if FCB players praising them, they have to show that they are professional. But fans? I bet Madrid supporters are gearing to talk shit about us.

NC4Barca said...

Villa, if bought now, will have another 5 years out of which 2 to 3 years he will be in top form and thereafter he will continue to wear down. But I think, even that 3 years is good enough for Barca, as we have a good back up in the form of Bojan who gets invaluable experience from his team mates to get matured and start playing at the highest levels. So in this way, Villa is a best buy currently and he will suit Barca style of footbal more than RM or any other EPL teams. So, IMO, Villa is a must buy for Barca this season. If we miss this oportunity, then its not worth buying him in another season.

I saw "B. Beltrocco" & "messi" proposing starting 11 for the next season. Sad to see that Pique and Toure is not present in that, even after they playing a vital part in helping us to win the triplet this season.

Carrer de Corsega said...

With all the Aguero and Benzeman talks (considering Bojan and K9's arrival), I'm thinking that there are a lot of people here who play Football Manager with Arsene Wenger!

Villa is perfect for our team. He will perform at the top for 3 years or so, and if by then our young guns haven't developed yet, we are in deep trouble. Those guys should be fine and put Villa on the bench. And when you are a clinical finisher, you can still come on the field at 33 and finish Messi and Iniesta's assists in the box. Villa won't be the same fast player in a few years, but he will be the same finisher if not better. I think he would evolve to perfect the much-obsessed-over "Larsson Role," but more as a pure finisher in the time of need.

NC4Barca said...

Carrer, u said it. He is a perfect marksman. After his prime time, he will not be able to run faster, but his accuracy is what is really impressive, and it will remain or can improve with experience. So he can come from bench and score goals for us. After 3 years, Messi will not even reach his peak form. And I am sure Bojan and K9 will mature by then and will bring success at Barca. I hope Villa comes to Barca. Now when I think more about this, I have started liking Villa more and convinced he is Barca product...

Carrer de Corsega said...

It's official: Benzema to Madrid!

Anonymous said...

madrid pays 35m(plus option 6m=41m) to lyon to get benzema.

Carrer,if bojan or K9 not ready to replace villa,we will buy another striker thats all.
besides,who can tell benzema succeed for sure at madrid or just be another huntelaar or something?
villa would be better option i think.

James said...


nice math but you forget CR will bring 50-60% of his salary back by shiort sales .

I don't know about my math but you're just pulling your numbers out of nowhere. CR will bring 50-60% of salary back in shirt sales? Based on what? What Floretino sold you? I thought his shirt sales was suppose to pay for his transfer fee?

Here's more math for you to chew on.

Let's say in some crazy world where you're right, that CR brings in 50% of his salary in shirt sales. CR sells 50 million euros worth of shirts, pays for half of his 100 million salary. Villa only has to sell 11m worth of shirts to recoup 50% of his salary, an amount he's very capable of doing.

So CR for 6 years costs 92m (transfer) + 100m (salary) - 50m (shirts) - 30m (sale) = 112 over 6 years = 18.7 million per year.

Villa for 4 years cost 45m (transfer) + 22 (salary) - 11m (shirt sales) - 10m (sale) = 46m over 4 years = 11.5m per year.

Even in Bizzarro World David Villa is more cost effective.

ej said...


i hate CR but he sell shits 10 times more than Villa..

and you write 4 years he is old he will be only 2 years full power so instead of 11.5 it is 23

Villa 23 >18.7

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