Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Transfer of Keirrison to be closed in next hours

Both main Catalan sports papers claim that Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) will sign for Barcelona in the coming hours.

The club and the player's representatives would be finalizing the last details of the deal.

André Cury, a representative of Traffic, the agency that owns the majority of the transfer rights of the Brazilian player, would meet with Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain today.
Cury confirmed yesterday in an interview with Catalan radio station
RAC 1 that there were only some minor issues left to discuss: "Seventy per cent is done. Now there are just some details lacking."

Catalan sports paper Sport claimls that Barcelona will pay a transfer fee of 13 million euro° plus at the most another 2 million euro in incentives. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona would pay 13 or 14 million euro°, while Villarreal would at the end of last year have offered 8 million euro for 50 per cent of the transfer rights of Keirrison, who has now been pressuring to join Barcelona.

It's not yet clear what will happen with Keirrison although it is generally believed that he will leave on a one-year loan. Barcelona would like to include the player in the transfer deal on Valencia forward Villa. While Sport claims that Valencia is not really interested in Keirrison and only wants him as a back-up, El Mundo Deportivo claims that Valencia manager Unai Emery would prefer Keirrison over Bojan.

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pep said...

13 million euro =

18 million us dollar
11 million british pound

refter said...

Nothing better than atransfer to shift the attention away... ;)

NC4Barca said...

I have a feeling, he will be a huge success at Barcelona!! :)

NC4Barca said...

Hi Pep, one quick question. When i go to home page of the blog, i see you have marked "update!!" against them. What does it indicate? JUst curious to know. Thanks in advance!! Regards, NC

pep said...

That the story has been updated, NC. If you of course come on the homepage after the post has been updated, you immediately have the full post. Unless "second update!" appears... ;)

hieifcb said...

they better sign him!!!!
last time they got rejected last minuted by stupid deportivo...
come on barca, finish the deal! and the Eto'o saga... im just confused, just work sumfing out dammit

NC4Barca said...

Oh ok Pep..thanks for the quick reply!!

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