Monday, 29 June 2009

Youth: Carmona followed by European clubs

Italian football site Tuttomercatoweb claims that several European clubs are interested in Barcelona Juvenil A left wing attacker Adrià Carmona (17).

Tottenham, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Manchester City, Panthinaikos and Borussia Dortmund would all be monitoring Carmona, but Barcelona would have no plans to let the Catalan winger leave.

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SJP said...

we should ask the top clubs in europe to contribute to the running of la masia, they always seem to be about so we might as well makes some use out of them!!

Anonymous said...

i like how its unfair when someone signs a barcelona youth product but you don't mind buying other peoples.

fcbee said...

We don't buy people from other European top clubs against the will of that club.

Anonymous said...

if a player wants to leave and isn't tied to a contract then theres nothing that the club can do and this is what barcelona does the same as every other team in europe. the club can't force the player to leave barca he has to want to leave for the transfer to happen. i admire barcelonas academy which is why it is always a target for other clubs but barcelona do take other clubs youth products also.

fcbee said...

Not from other TOP clubs. Going to another top club and offering players money to get them is a cheap way of acting and a lack of respect towards Barcelona's great youth academy work.

That players go from small clubs to bigger clubs, that's normal.

Marc said...

what is the difference between stealing from a top club and stealing from a small club???? can you say double standard !!!!???? we give as good as we get.

fcbee said...

Youth players going from a small club to a bigger club is NORMAL.

What do you want? You want every player to stay in their local club where they have one training a week on a bad pitch and have a coach that hasn't been educated for that and does it after his daytime job? Until they're 18, they cannot move to another club where they can develop better? That's ridiculous, Marc.

Small club to big club is normal.
Big club to big club is (in your terms) stealing.

Marc4barca said...

when we sign youths they are like 10-15 years old and come from places like malaga, cadiz and other foreign small clubs, if these youths were so good before joining barcelona then why didn't the big clubs in the world take them. barcelona don't steal talent, we find potential talent and train them the big clubs steps in and steal the player with loads of money. why don't they steal from juve, inter, manu?? don't forget that the player and parents are offered a place to stay and barca takes full responsibility if anything happens to the boy, does messi and iniesta ring a bell. players like cesc, fran, iago and dos santos are all to eager and would of been great at barca. with all that said no one can expect every single youth product to play in the first team but those who don't make it go to small clubs and do well. i'm glad they are some talented youths in barca who are willing to give it a shot at making the first team and turning down liver chelsea and arsenal the clubs who tend to attack us the most.

Arsenal is the true meaning of a poaching club they got alot of youths but how many are from their system. they have two highly profiled youth players from barca fran merida and cesc. arsenal will never win anything until they fire arsene.

Marc said...

haha... you guys are hypocrites... and i mean that in the nicest way.. you are blinded by your love for our great club..what we do vs what arsenal do is no different.. just because we find them early doesnt make it different... you remember the anger we all feel everytime we loose a pique a merida a cesc an iago to another club that can offer these kids absurd salaries and professional contracts a year before we can ?

well let me tell you that little clubs feel it too!!! especially when they get LITTLE TO NO COMPENSATION for it. Doesnt newel deserve some credit for messi's success ? think about it.. they were the ones who first told him to keep his head over the ball to keep it down, forced him to run through tires and around cones to hone his incredible agility... or are you guys naive enough to think that he was born knowing how to do everything he can do ???... we need to be fair...

The compensation system for young player transfers is broken !!!!

Look at brazil.. they banned transfers out of brazil under the age of 18 and look at how they are thriving... now all brazillian clubs get the compensation that they deserve for making the patos and the fabio and rafael de silvas etc etc.

James said...

Your example with Messi. Messi came to Barcelona when he was 13. Why would his old club get credit for his agility? Every single player go through agility training, none of them turn out to be like Messi. His agility is not something that's trained. That's not to say his club didn't do anything to nurture his talent, I'm sure they did many things. But they didn't want to pay his $1,000 per month medical treatment, that's one of the reasons why he came to Barcelona. As far as I'm concerned Barcelona paid quite a lot for his medical bills considering he was a tiny 13 year old who may or may not have ever grown big or strong enough to play professional football. Obviously it worked out for Barcelona but they still paid the money and took a risk.

I don't disagree with you completely but what we do is quite different from what Arsenal does.

There IS a difference between getting a kid who's 10-14 years old, and one that's 17-18. A 10-14 year old kid has a wide range of potential outcomes, from a superstar like Messi to someone who won't even play professional football. A 17-18 year old who is better than his peers will at least turn out be a professional, that's another asset that a club like Arsenal gains with very little risk. When we take on a kid, many, many of them will flame out, we take a lot of risk on our investment in training them.

When we sign a 10-14 year old from a small club the contract rules are the same, our only competitive advantage is that we have a world renowned youth system, and that we're a big club with prestige. But the small club has every opportunity to retain the player as far as the rules are concerned. When Arsenal signs a guy under 18 from us, the rules create a distinct competitive advantage for Arsenal that's isn't being created by their club, it's just inherent in the rules. The fact that they can sign full professional contracts over there and not here is ridiculously unfair.

You're absolutely right about the compensation system though. It needs to be completely overhauled as well as the rules governing professional pre-contracts. At the very least the rules could be more uniform so clubs are on a level playing field.

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