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[2008] Barcelona taking part in reopened Guiza race

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Madrid sports tabloid As claims that the race for the transfer of Mallorca forward and Spanish international Dani Güiza (27) could be reopened because Turkish club Fenerbahçe, which has a pre-agreement with the player (read more here), has problems finding the funds to pay the 15 million euro° buyout fee.

Mallorca president Vicenç Grande has in the last days been receiving phone calls from several clubs that are willing to pay the fee immediately. Barcelona is said to be among the candidates.

Despite closing an earlier deal with Fenerbahçe, Nuria Bermúdez, the wife and one of the agents of Güiza, would now be again looking at the offers that the Spanish striker received from other clubs.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

15 million euro =
23 million us dollar
12 million britsh pound

ife said...

buy as bench player in case becos the guy is good as super-sub.get rid of gudjohnsen afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to beat a dead horse but for 15mil for an experienced striker to have off your bench you simply can't go wrong! If Guiza's dream is to be a part of Barcelona then I don't see why he wouldn't be willing to accept a new backup role with the club. His experience off the bench would be invaluable and would take a ton of pressure off Bojan to be the first one in to "save the day". Plus you just can't count on Henry to make it through the whole season. The season itself is grueling enough for a young player, just imagine the toll it must take as you get older and Henry's no spring chicken. This move just makes sense! Reasonable price for a proven veteran goalscorer that WANTS to be here! What more could you ask for?

Dead said...

Dani Guiza is surely not my favorite for FCB's striker position but i have very much respect for this player. His patience, modesty, experience and, after all, skill is undeniable. For 15M €i doubt that we can find a better solution. I am happy to see Barca's focus turned to Guiza instead of overpriced Adebisi but i keep wondering why are they ignoring some players that could be bought for lower price and posses all requested characteristics (height, strength, finishing, heading...) - Klass Jan Huntelaar.

Anonymous said...

Well Huntelaar is available but with all the "heavy hitters" cueing up for him he's not going to be an easy target to land. Plus he's already declared his interest in playing for Real Madrid. Now wether they could still afford him if they sign Ronaldo remains to be seen? You also have to factor that Manchester United is going to get involved and if they loose Ronaldo Huntelaar would appear to be their #1 target. Questions still abound about Huntelaar though. Just how good IS he? He's scored goals at a phenomenal rate but in a weak league against opposition that offered little resistance. Even though he's tall he doesn't seem like the most physical of players. I don't see him being as physical as Adebayor or Drogba, willing to stick his nose into the mix and fight for the ball. I think he could become a "boom or bust" player. There is no guarantee that if he came to Barcelona that he would be lights out. He could just as well be a huge dissapointment. I guess the only question left to ask is, is he worth such a huge risk? Personally I feel a lot more confident and secure about Benzema.

Dead said...

Everything you said stands and I didn't say anything much different. It is true that, in terms of physical appearance, KJH cannot be compared to likes of Drogba and Ade but his goalscoring ratio cannot be ignored. He is not much smaller than Adebayor and, considering a risk, that is also well said but EVERY TRANSFER IS A RISK OF IT'S OWN. When we bought Henry everyone was delighted and tought, "Heck, if he can score so much against Premier league defences, Spain will be no match for him". I am not saying that he disappointed but haven't lived his expectations yet. Ruud van Nistelroy was also successful in Netherland and abroad. Just like Sneijder. Just like almost all players from Dutch national team. There is always a risk with a player in new enviroment. Just look at German national team - Bastian and Podolski, even Lahm and Klose.
Benzema would be a dream signing but, at the moment, it is simply impossible.

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