Sunday, 28 June 2009

Quote of the day: Kaka

Messi will win the Ballon d'Or and the trophy of FIFA World Player this year.

Kaká, Real Madrid player


Anonymous said...

He is saying this because it is obvious but I think Kaka doesn't fancy Messi...

Anonymous said...

tell us something we don't know

1. messi
2. xavi
3. eto'o
4. iniesta
5. henry
6. yaya toure
7. cristiano ronaldo
8. ...

Marc4barca said...

lol anon your list is funny.

shanewhitehouse said...

so will someone be signing tomarrow cause it said felipe will sign on monday and it also seems like keirrison will sign will it be tomarrow?

Kambo said...

WOOOHOOOOO BRAZIL 3 U.S.A. 2! Great second half comeback 2-0 down and to score three goals in a finale is just amazing. Brazil deserve to be number 1 in the FIFA list. Sorry but Spain screwed themselves with their recent bad performances and Brazils awesome performances!

barcaaa said...

We need to buy Luis Fabiano as soon as possible! He is amazing!

per said...

I want André Santos if Filipe doesn't come. Amazing left back!

sbah said...

@ Kambo

Yeah, and Brazil really shined against South Africa.

Kambo said...

@ sbah

Yeah, and Spain really shined against U.S.A.

Louis said...

@ Kambo

"recent bad performances" would rather apply to brazil than spain, although they weren't bad enough to lose against south africa or the us

"awesome performances" would rather apply to spain, do you what they did before losing to the us (which, i agree, was a bad performance, although that always happens here and there, even with a great team)

Dude said...

I agree Louis... Spain proved why they are still or are #1 number by redeeming themselves by coming back from being down 1-0 agianst S. Africa w/o Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta (injured), and Cesc playing.

Until then Spain are still #1 and if Brazil or any other team can go 35 GAMES UNBEATENED!!! w/ a 15-game or whatever numbered winning streak... then we'll talk

Anonymous said...

madrid are getting Xabi Alonse . I was not worried when they signed KAKA or c.Ronaldo. even arbeloa . now I am worried .they are building a very strong team . their project is very convincing . I am huge barca supporter And I have been watch the team for 12 years now . Barcelona must reinforce their line's. we don't have a Left back . we need one badly . and we need a left winger and a striker . and thanks to Madrid we are screwed. now we the marketprice's has gone way high . And why do you guys want sell etoo ! I can't belive it . he is amazing And he knows everything about our style . I really don't think Villa is that good Etoo IS MUCH MORE BETTER villa is short ! lol. I don't belive that laporta or guardiola will do this if they do I will be disappointed ! :( I hope Laporta Can make a super signing like ribery or maybe robinho Player's that can decide the game with a move . or maybe benzema ! that would make my day for sure ! I hate the fact that barcelona are not active in the market ! :( .

Iurisimo said...

anon eto must go!

sashi said...

yeah right. Villa is 2 foot and Eto is 8 foot talll. you're crazy man! dono why but anons always sound crazy!!! tats why they are anon i guess :)

Don Luis said...

2.C Ron

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