Monday, 29 June 2009

Agent Eto'o calls for press conference

Josep Maria Mesalles, the agent of Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28), has announced that a press conference will be given tomorrow at the AC Diplomatic hotel in Barcelona.

The agent is expected to clarify Eto'o's official position on his future and most media agree that the player will announce that he will stay next season.

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skanjos said...

i want eto to stay.i know it will be difficult,but if the team truly offer him a new contract its possible.

trez said...

Whatever they say, we need clarity and the club is only producing smoke.

shanewhitehouse said...

I just read this,report-barcelona-sign-brazilian-striker-keirrison.html
so it has finally been done

SJP said...

hopefully we will know what is happening, etoo's crazy wage demands have finally been met by a club, city, so now we will see if he was just trying to stay or being greedy. either way we should know whether we need another main striker.
if he goes i kinda agree with ej we should get aguero before one of the other top clubs do. if man u dont get benzema they will go all out for aguero and he stuffed us with the atletico team last year, if he is at a top club he will do even better. enough of the midget crap, we are not an EPL side that just lofts bal into a big target man and hopes to get lucky, we are barca, talent is more important than size and there is no bigger talent out there than aguero. messi, bojan, aguero and maye kerrison and we will be set for years.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Eto if he stays without renewing contract and leaving on free next season!

groga said...

Siomething is only official if it's the club's website, shanewhitehouse.

And shame of the club for not trying to renew Eto'o and trying to sell him to a minor team like City.

buj said...

Thank god if it's true. 30mil is not worth it as we have to find at least 10mil more to replace him and that doesn't guarantee his replacement will gel straight away with the team. I guess Barca calls his bluffs.

skanjos said...

anony you know that eto has signed this contract and if he finish it he is top proffesional. he also won 2 cl in the proccess,thats not leaving free m8.
also i strongly believe its the board fault for eto and that if a new contract will be offered eto will sign it.

kike said...

hope so he goes to city

FCBarca said...

I think, unfortunately, the player is only going to stay to spite the club from making a sale on his transfer...He's one and done, IMHO

ej said...


remember last 2 seasons aguero has always cost us a game especialy before 2 seasons where he scored 2 or three goals.

people think that aguero is more expensive than villa buit truth is in long term aguero if we sign him now wil be much much cheaper.

if we sign villa lets say for 40 M Euro he will play max 3 years till he is 31 . we will sell him then for maximum 10 M this makes 40-10 = 30
30/3years = 10 M per year

if we sign aguero for 50-55 M he will be able to play 6 years and he is then still 27 -28 .
if we decide to sell him we will get atleast 25-30 M
55-25 = 30 M
30/6 = 5M Year

this makes:
we will pay for aguero half as much as for villa.

Anonymous said...

skanjos, you can not be serious. When was the last time one of the top 5 strikers in the world went for free to another club? It is a disaster.

groga said...

When was the last time one of the top 5 strikers in the world is pushed out by his club? It is indeed a disaster.

They have now one more year to offer him a serious renewal... ;)

HouseMD said...

"The agent is expected to clarify Eto'o's official position on his future and most media agree that the player will announce that he will stay next season."

I really hope he will stay. There's simply no reason to buy Villa.

skanjos said...

thats what i am hoping for groga,eto will give his best for another year and we will have another chance to not screw him up and offer him a contract. the last 2 years all i see is the board trying to find a club to sell eto and no contract renewal.lets see if this year we can make it right and keep eto,selling him for 30mil in this market is disaster,he is one of the best 5 strikers in the world atm.

ej said...

guys guys guys .
i want to tell yoiu some points:
1. i think we need some new faces next season , so as it is the last opportunity to sell etoo i think its good for barca to say now goodbye etoo and thank you a lot.
especially because pep want him to leave because of some behaviour.

I have very bad feeling about the conference tomorrow , its possible that etoo/his agent will say something really stupid against barca

3.i had a nigthmare tonigh (really) that barca signed luca toni . i just get awaik then and couldnt sleep more (lucky it was allready 5 o clock

4. both villa and etoo are not worth 30 M as a soccer player , forward players usually lose skills earlier than defender or MF player so i would like to see some new hungry faces that are 21-22 years old (axuxxo)

Pep-Guardiolas-Brother said...

Eto'o will leave to Manchester City, and we will bring in Villa.

End of story. That's how Guardiola wants it.

djoef said...

LOL at point 3

Anonymous said...

i relly don't wanna say like this to player like him but...
only two words for greedy etoo
if we get villa, he will be only waste of money.
only you can do is leave some money for barca.

Messi108 said...

I'm really hoping Eto'o will leave.
God ! Lets get over it already.
Sign Villa and finish it off..

buj said...

LOL ej. That's what I would call eat, sleep and live football. Don't know if this is before or after the annoncement but 35mil transfer and 18mil/yr for eto'o is pretty luxurious offer for him tho not quite for Barca. Can Barca compete with that kind of sum?

ej said...


first its not nice hoiw you speak some respect for the guy who played long for us.

i just dont understand why all are so obssesed about villa ?
he is good striker but to pay 40 M -50 M euro for him its even more crazy what Madrid do .

the guy have maximum 2 years more to play , you dont pay so much for this age , look for etoo we wont get 60 -70 M euro because he is old too .

we need striker 20-24 years old not more or a old striker that we get for 5-10 M Euro but not villa for 50 M i will be really dissapointed , and besides i hear he prefer RM , do you all want us to play next season in the classico with a #9 striker that prefer RM ?

we need players who really want to wear our shirt , flipe , aguero ....

trez said...

Every paper has its own numbers, let's just wait what Eto'o has to say tomorrow.

HouseMD said...

skanjos and groga are right.

I can't understand why should treble winners give their players for nothing while the others asking the same price for some mediocre players. There's no reason for Eto'o to be unhappy at Barca and I hope he will say no to Man. City just like Valencia's director said no to selling Villa. Anyway, why push for the same player which we already have (and better of course)? Valencia have competitive squad but I didn't see Villa and Silva in extraterrestrial form.
I reiterate, why sell Eto'o for some undervalued price (30M) + extra cash + 2 players (Caceres and K9 or Bojan)??? Disaster!!

1. what behaviour? Have you ever been in Barca's locker room so you know Pep-Eto'o relation? Bullshit, you hear some stupid stories about it (from As and Marca).
2. what could Eto'o/his agent say against FCB? I'll tell you - nothing!
Turn ON your brain and think.

Anonymous said...

HouseMD: Do you live under a rock? Eto'o has one year left on his contract! That is why the price is so low!

ej said...

1. i want to ask you to keep it polite here , since we belongs both to same team.

2. I think we should sell etoo , because we need some new faces he need some new chalenges and this will do good for the team

3.If Mcity offer 30 M for etoo is noit undervalued , its very good deal since etoo has maximum 1-2 year to play in top power is a FACT that etoo have left the training thuis season because of problems with pep .againFACT

groga said...

I think it's the club's fault that he has only one year left. Why didn't they renew him last year instead of saying they wanted him out? Now they're stuck with a problem they created themselves.

P.S. I think Active Anony is Marc4Barça... ;)

ej said...


i will ask you a question and please answer it truly .

would you have offered etoo last season a contract after whole [ronaldinho vs. etoo vs. deco vs. whole] the world situation??
and after he get booked before the classico so he wont have to be at barenbau ?

HouseMD said...

Right, groga. And according to Mesalles said that Eto'o is staying next season and will upset Barca's transfer plans. Barca staff made mistake last summer by forcing him out. The worst thing would be losing him for free the next summer.

@ej: I really appreciate your opinion. I didn't want to hurt anyone by saying what I believe in. Sometimes I'm getting nervous when I hear some "second hand" stories aka rumours. Cheers mate

groga said...

I will very truly answer "yes", ej. Even after coming back from injuries, he immediately picked up his scoring rhythm, so I never had doubts on him.

buj said...

If what's reported here ",19528,12876_5405942,00.html" is true, then we're screwed. Barca won't have the money for his replacement and eto'o for sure will be relegated to Barca 'B'.

ej said...


omg that exactly what i ment .

that is the kind of trouble i was afraid of , but you know he will hurt himself too.
he has maximum 2 years to play in top level and now he will be (if the story is true) benched for a whole year(m akes 50% of remeining time) .
i would even ask them not to let him play in barca b too , let him get no praxis no training nothing .

you see HouseMD that what i ment with etoo.

but first let us wait and see.

Anonymous said...




ej said...

anon stop spaming .
and besides you cannot sell him if he dont agree

skanjos said...

eto be relegated to barca b?geez what else i am going to hear.wait till tomorrow lads i think eto most probably will or sign a new contract or leave for city to help barca,cause thats the kind of person he is,

the board doesnt want him,they offered him to clubs since last year,and i bet if he leaves for the sake of the club for city alot of fans are gonna call him moneyhungry for going to city......whatever his choice its eto's fault.... i dont really get it.

ej said...


i said if the story is true.

the situation should be or he sign a renewal contract at barca for a normal wage , or he leave this year but staying this year and leaving for free is just a way of fucking the team.

so i except from him renewal or leave both are ok .

What i am afraid of will be :
etoo say ok i will renew in barca but i want very high wage (Mcity offered him that) so he will force us to let him go next season for free.

you can ask youself why so much people speak like this about him and nobody about iniesta messi toure xavi ?

just remember he started negotiating eith city and asked for a very high wage (most probably because he knew they will reject) but they didnt so now he says aa ok you accept , fine but i wont leave

Anonymous said...

Why would it be "shame on Eto'o" if he stays? He has every right to fulfil his contract and doesn't owe the club anything more than that. He has done his job and done it well...good for him.

skanjos said...

woah,yaya's new contract double salary,valdes new contract double/triple salary i know they did have small contracts,but if they get a raise why shouldnt eto get?its also his last big contract. so you prefer villa -70mil cause thats the cost of his transfer with his wage for 3 years instead of eto for 27mil for next 3 years cause i dont think eto will ask for more than 9mil per year the amount he "agreed with city"

speak the truth the board doesnt want him and didnt offer him a contract yet.if they do eto will consider it,and why has it to be a normal contract i dont get it,he should get paid world class contract cause he is a wc player.

ej said...


he is doing this to hurt the club.
he knows if he leave now the club ill get 30 M if he leave next season the club will get 0 euro.

thats all .

ofcource he has the right to stay but its more the reason that make some people angry.
and bytheway in the same way of thinking , barca doesnt owe him nothing and they can let him gother balls for the last season its not written in contract that he has to play amount of games.

if he doesnt renew and doesnt want to leave i would ask the clun that he wont even get training .

again i hope the story wont end like this .

ej said...


bro i must disagree with you , i dont think etoo should get more than xavi and iniesta .

and i think valdez shouldnt get that much either.

the fact is the stuff really thinking of selling him , and i am sure that they have there reason .
again i ignore all marca bullshit but it was announced that he this seasno was sent off training by pep for not taing training seriously so there must be reasons that we didnt hear because the stuff was clever and they didnt want to reveal problems in mid of seaoson(this i disliked bytheway by rijkard where he started showing all world that he has problem with R10 and benched him)

so now its the time to think at last season and pep want a new #9 striker and etoo should understand that .

Dolce said...

Villa is easily worth 40 million plus Keirrison loan. If Barca doesnt sign Villa now, then things could be very tricky in 2010 especially if Henry cant keep playing well. By saying that Eto'o will stay, his agent means that his client is planning to leave on a free transfer next year because by doing that his salary demand could be 15 million a season after he has fulfilled his contract at Barca. If he stays without signing a new deal, other clubs would try to land him for less than 10 million in next January. Why cant Barca seal the deals? They should complete Keirrison transfer during the next 24 hours and Villa deal soon after that.

SJP said...

it just needs to be sorted, tomorrow etoo has to say whethe he will go or not. from what i see on the pitch he doesn't look like the type of player that would deliberatly harm the club that made him a legend, i think that is probably media sensationalism. either way we need to move on, etoo will have to say he will accept a contract or will move to city, then the board has to react, give contract or move for replacement. i just think etoo should go out on a high, or stay until he retires, which wont happen so he should probably go now and we all move on.

trez said...

Eto'o has said several times: "I want to stay and I'm waiting for the club to offer me a renewal".

The club has said several times: "We want Eto'o to stay."

So I guess it's up to the club now to offer him something and then they can start to negotiate on the figures.

ej said...


paying 40 M for villa is more expensive than paying 93 M for CR7 !!!

Villa has 2 years makes then 20 M pro year

CR has atleast 8 years
100 M / 8 = 12 M pro year !!!

so do you realy think that villa is 2 times more expensive than CR ??(who i dont like)

Soha_TZ said...

I think Guardiola said if he doesn't renew his contract he will not count on him.
I like Eto'o but if doesn't renew he should be sould. Barca could lose to much money, and no player is bigger than the club

LeónDragón Rampage said...

buy keirrison to put him on the villa-deal.
this could be stupid, as there's the risk that keirrison can become better than villa, who has a prize of 40 millions+.
after what i saw, clips, talk, read and statistics, it could be a mistake to give keirrison away, who seems to be a very promising talent for the future, who also made himself a name in brazil and is seen as a very potencial goalscorer.
28 years old villa is, for me, too expensive and although he has a big name and is known for goals, i wasn't impressed by his last performances at the confedcup, with respect and knowing him well.
those who talk about midgets, want to say, that it's not about height, it's about quality and about how a player uses his skills, so there are many ways to break a bus, as many legendary-midget players showed in the past.
and those who say villa is similar to etoo, change the game.
p.s. you don't have to be good, to see that ibra is the world-best striker. that's a fact, even if i'm not a fan of him.

Anonymous said...

Guardiola didn't say that, Soha. Don't spread rumours like that.

sashi said...

just wait for tomo... wat ever happens, we are gonna support Barca, Eto or Villa. gotta wait another day.

Anurag said...

if etoo does not renew, SELL HIM. we need to recoup some cash rather than let him go for free. we might have to act like RM and say we wont register him in the squad next year. if he renews, well and good, use the money saved on villa to buy a new LW.

Anonymous said...

Does any one here have xbox live

LeónDragón said...

xavi's opinion (same as last year)

Soha_TZ said...

Anony it's not me, it's sport or emd, I can't remember right now

barca4life said...

What about if we just stop playing games and sign etoo to a 4 year deal. I dont see why it has to be etoo leaving next year. He still has a few good years left in him.

barca4life said...

What about if we just stop playing games and sign etoo to a 4 year deal. I dont see why it has to be etoo leaving next year. He still has a few good years left in him.

HouseMD said...

Yes, barca4life, he has so much to give to this club. I'd like to see him here till the end of his career.
Why don't Txiki and staff focus on the position we lack the most?! Reports say that Zhirkov will sign for Chelsea in a 2 days. Too bad Barca didn't get him.

Sune said...

This is good news, I doubt he's holding a press conference just to say he's staying.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

.p if the board doesnt want etoo that means the managing staff and coach doesnt want him for (due to there game play plans , or wants sme fresh legs )
coz in the end trikxi who is resposible for sighning and renewing players contracts does according to the needs of coach so whtever the board does they have a reason dont think they r doing for there personel likeness lolzz
when guardiola came hhe had told he needed a striker with diff profile we went afte adebayor thks we didnt bought him now the staff dont count on him so they r looking for ibra but high transfer fees so might be they bought keirrison for sme aerial threat along with villa they might be counting ..!!!!!!

Marc4barca said...

ok the first question is how many people wanted eto to stay last season?

the second question is who is actually right before taking sides? is eto really asking for something barcelona won't pay or is barcelona really not offering him a contract and eto wants to spite the club?

the third question is are there any direct replacement for eto?

the fourth and final question issss, is eto really that important to barcelona and is he that loyal to barcelona?

answer these before you make your decision.

my answers are
1. i didn't want him stay last season(same goes for this season)

2. i don't know don't care

3. yes i think they are people who will even do better than eto, wont call any names as that will lead to another argument.

4. if he was as important as most say he is then he would have his 5yr deal by now.

loyalty can be judged in many ways but is what eto doing loyalty or childish? i say both in one hand if barca wants him gone and he is purposely asking for high wages to scare off buyers and harm the clubs plans is childish and somewhat selfish the least he can do for barcelona who decided to give him another shot last year is listen to them and help them anyway they could. part of kaka's decision to leave milan was to help with their dept and squad building(don't get me wrong real still shouldn't have spent that sort of money on a player). the loyal side to this is that he isn't making such a big fuss over the media, once upon a time he wouldn't hesitate to speak to the media about this sort of stuff and of course wanting to win and help the club to more titles.

if barcelona wants to renew and he is asking outrageous wages then that's just being a mercenary. aiming for a free move next year to hurt the club. there actually no good side to that unless he helps brings us the treble again.

the options are:
eto stays, goes for free next year we lose the chance of at least getting money to help on transfers

eto goes this year to manc, milan or manu we get 30mil which is alot for a guy with 1yr on his contract

we release eto from his contract so we won't have to pay his wages if someone else comes after playing him in a cl match to keep him cup tied.

Anonymous said...

what do you think Etoo will do?

a. accept the offer from city
b. renew contract
c. NO renew and go for free next year

a.1965 (29%)
b.804 (12%)

which means...every fans fear of etoo going free...nothing left at barca.

skanjos said...

that poll shows the hate and misinformation about eto the barca fans have. eto is better than that and love this team .he can wait for his current contract to end and leave for free in order to get huge contract next year,but he will either move clubs this summer in order to help the team if they say they dont want him ,or continue this year too and sign a new contract with us this year or the next summer.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing people say that if he doesn't renew, he should be sold. Well, no kidding... unfortunatey, Barcelona can not sell Eto'o if he does not want to be sold... they are under contract.

shanewhitehouse said...

read this,19528,11833_5406388,00.html
I hope it will happen and eto leaves he is so dam lazy and doesnt love barca

Anonymous said...

etoo will walk for free after next season,thats what i think.but if you think of it does he really owe us anything.hes been a bargin for barca.sell hleb sell guddy buy villa,matta e.t.c and a few others and we ll be more then ready for next season.pep wont bench etoo next season if he doesnt sign and villa,etoo and messi would be fantastic together.if only for a year

Meursault said...

My instinct is that Eto'o (unless he pleasantly surprises us tomorrow) is being mercenary and disloyal. But, when I really thought about it, I realised that the problem is with the system, not the player -- was it Blatter who recently said that today it's the players that have all the power?

Let me put it this way: If you felt a little bit undervalued by your employer (because they were saying they didn't want you last summer), but thought you were sensational at your job and had proved this since (by smashing in a bag of goals as the main striker in a treble winning season), who would you prefer to see enriched by the proceeds of the auction for your abilities: a) the employer (via a transfer fee while still under contract); or b) you personally (by higher wages either from the club worrying that you will soon leave on a fee or through the wage-based auction for your services when you end up leaving on a free)?

I. like all of you no doubt, think footballers have more than enough money, but we don't know about Eto'o's personal circumstances attitudes towards personal wealth etc.

The real problem is that the system allows someone like Eto'o to divert his increase in value since he signed away from the club and solely to him personally. The club's hands are unfortunately tied: can't be economically rational and sign him up for a few more years on a higher wage and thus retain his sale value (because it breaches the pay scale and sets a bad precedent for other players' negotiations) and can't sell him (because they need his agreement to a club which will involve Champions League football + ridiculous wages and that combo looks very unlikely because Chelsea and Madrid aren't interested). All the club can do is cop the hit on Eto'o and hope that it creates enough of a fuss that FIFA or the ECJ or someone changes the rules on transfers so it doesn't happen again.

Let's hope this is not how he (and his no-doubt money hungry agent are thinking) and he adopts a more loyal and less mercenary course tomorrow, but I doubt it (if he were signing for Man City surely his agent would be telling him to hold off on announcing it so that ManCity could have the benefit of a media frenzy for his presentation).

groga said...

Every football player is a mercenary, that's one. Eto'o, Xavi, Iniesta: if they don't get paid, they're off. Two: a contract has been signed, every party knows what he sings so you cannot come crying afterwards.

Barca wants him out, so they have to live with the consecuences. If he leaves for free, he's entitled to do that.

fcbee said...

If there's one agent -it's not even an agent, it's just a lawyer helping him out- than it's the agent of Eto'o, Meursault.

Have you ever heard him complain about the salary of Eto'o, asking for a rise over the past five years, threatening he would leave if he didn't get more? No. Get your facts straight before you give your opinion.

fcbee said...

I meant: "if there's one agent who's not money-hungry..."

barca4life said...

Well etoo's agent is saying he will reject the offer from city and is staying according to skysports. Even if we dont play him during next season he will leave for free and can negotiate from january. The ball is now in the board's court. End this insane chase for villa worth 70 million euros and renew samuel or risk losing etoo for free.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

I think barca will renew eto contract buy villa and by then eto will play big a role at the club to mentor the younger strikers bojan

pep said...

I have to note that all the reports of Eto'o's agent talking to radio station Ona FM are false. The quote is by the radio station and not by the agent, who will speak tomorrow.

LeónDragón said...

had sometimes doubts too on etoo, but wish that he stays and keirrison used as a backup.
to buy villa for so much money would leave a bitter taste for me, as i think, that money could be used for someone, else maybe younger.
villa seems not very charismatic to me and isn't it half as etoo.
good striker, but there's something, difficult to describe, i miss on villa. something etoo has more than enough.
whatever happens, etoo aka serious sam, black pearl or black mamba, king of lions should be respected forever, for what he did for our club.
time will tell what we will miss on him or not.

James said...

@skanjos, houseMD, groga,

I'm not sure who you guys are supporting but it's clearly not Barcelona. Yes Barcelona does want him out, but he also doesn't want to extend unless he gets a raise that breaks out wage structure. If Eto'o gets a raise to 10million a year, then each of Messi/Henry/Xavi/Iniesta will be demanding a 2-3 million raise to return to the old wage hierarchy. Offering him that wage is IMPOSSIBLE, it doesn't matter what he's done for the club, if he's African or Catalan.

The idea that we should have offered him a contract extension last summer is stupid. You don't offer a guy who you think might be a locker room cancer, someone you aren't sure you want on your team, someone who was injured and a malcontent a contract extension, especially since he still had TWO years left on his contract. That's why there's this year, that's why the expiring year exists, there's still a year left on his contract, here's the time to extend to sell.

If a 5 year contract is only worth 3 years, then what good is a contract? If Eto'o signed a 5 year contract and scores only 1 goal, we still have to pay him a big wage for 5 years, but if he scores 30 goals then suddenly the contract is only good for 2-3 years before we have to sign him to another 5 year contract and pay him more? What kind of 'business' is that for a club?

You guys can talk about how it's 'just business' but very few top players leave on a Bosman and there's a reason for that. What Eto'o is doing may be 'business' but it's also extremely vindictive. If Eto'o decides to do that, then it's just as much business for Barcelona to bench him permanently, it's their right to do that as well, they have him under contract. They shouldn't be helping a guy who will be leaving next year maximize his value, they also should be trying to integrate his replacement rather than help him win more accolades.

john said...

i don't see any reason to renew eto'o contract.eto'o wants 10m/yr contract for 5 year duration.he is already 28 and is injury prone.last year he wasn't injured but don't forget 06-07 and 07-08 season when injury to our main striket cost us title.he is already getting my opinion is if he wants to leave free next year sign in villa. keep in for reserve team or play him when any of our top strikers are injured.villa is unselfish spanish player who never ask for money and he will cost us not more than 6m/yr.why the hell eto'o wants so much money.he is nothing without the assistance of xavi,iniesta and messi

barca4life said...

Who scored crucial goals in the only 2 champions league finals that barca have won? You hypocrites have such short memories. The 4th highest goalscorer in the history of barcelona , only two players have scored in 2 champions league finals Raul and etoo. 130 goals in 200 games and you want to throw him away. He is nothing without xavi iniesta and messi? Look at the video what a difference a year makes look at the goals against lyon(h) bilbao (a) sevilla (a) betis (h) and man utd in the champs league final.

ricky said...

if eto'o doesn't leave this season and barca doesn't renew his contract due to his high wage demand he is gonna make a terrible mistake.cause this year most of the top clubs are signing strikers.milan is signing either dezeko or adebayor,and they dont have any interest to pay a player 10m/yr.thats why they sold kaka to madrid whose salary was 9m/yr.they are also trying to get rid of pirolo whose salary is 6.5m/yr.inter was interested in him.but his wage demand scared mourinho off.they already have zlatan and about english clubs arsenal and liverpool doesn't have financial ability to match his wage demand.manu is not interested to bring a trouble maker in their dressing room.same goes with chelsea as blues owner wants a stable and respectable dressing room environment.eto'o is already 28 and if pep doesn't play him regularly this year aka keep in as bench warmer he will lose his form and will turn out to be another savilola.basically all the european giants are signing striker this year no club will interested to bring a 29 year forward for that much wage demand and who will be without match eto'o needs to go for his own goodness

trez said...

And Raul played more finals, so the record of Eto'o is better!

James said...


How are we being hypocrites? Just because it's the right time for him to leave doesn't we don't think he's one of the best strikers in the world and one of our most important players. But throwing away 30 million is worse than keeping Eto'o for one more year of drama where they'll be constant distractions about 'will he or won't he leave', 'which club will win his signature'.

trez said...

It's all about how we spend the 30 million. If we again by Caceres and Hleb (more than 30 million), who didn't add almost anything this season.

Maybe with less money, we think twice before we sign players. Or maybe next year the market have coll down.

James said...

They are mutually exclusive.

We also bought Dani Alves for 30m, Pique + Henrique + Keita for 30m. Pretty sure having 30 million is better than nothing having 30 million regardless of who we spend it on.

Anonymous said...

i want greedy eto'o out of my club.

ron said...

eto'o is nothing but fool.i got a way how to punish eto'o if he wishes to stay against the will of the club and fans.
read this guys :

fabio said...

yeah agree with most of the fans.if he stays just bench him or send him to reserve team for rest of the season.his market value will be dropped dramatically

2PAC said...

barca4life i will come to your house and shake your hand for what you said :) you took the words right from my mouth,i think etoo should stay!!if he leaves we should buy ibra or kun

xavi said...

eto'o,if you have any self respect please leave my dearest club

ej said...

wtf ???

now you get racist here???????
i said i think etoo should leave or renew but starting now to speak about african or black is just stupid....

please some respect

hieifcb said...

wtf dudes, yall being all racist now...
think b4 you write sumfing stupid

Anonymous said...

hey guyz
MD says
barcelona offered Samu two years(till 012) new contracts with same saraly.
i hope it will work...but it seems too dificult.

James said...

can we delete all the unnecessary racist comments please.

Don Luis said...

@ Anonymous:

I wake up every day thanking god im not as ignorant as you. I wonder what kind of education you have? Clearly worse then a monkey huh?

ej said...

i just hope you guys are kidding with this racist posts .

anyway its not funny

buj said...

Damn these ignorant racist. I sincerely hope you're Madrid supporters out spamming Barca sites.

As much as we dislike eto'o's perceived greed, we still respect him for what he has contributed to this club. So what if he's from a poor place, he has every right to change his own fortune, I know I would.

All we true Barca fans want here is a cordial conclusion to his wage demands for the good of this club.

simon said...

sorry guys i am also from africa.but don't blame us for eto'o's greed.we are simple people. we are not greedy like eto'o.

Anonymous said...

quit eto'o quit.fuck yourself eto'o you son of a bitch

Anonymous said...

I am saddened when I see FCB fans turning on each oher for solvable grievances, when most do not have information based on facts and some recommendations come from the tabloids (who are most unreliable when it comes to transfer notches). I will say this once and one time only: Even if an Eto'o sale is in place and he leaves, the funds necessary to notch up most of the key players that Barca fans wish for are not simply there. Why?

Firstly, Barca management had a criteria of the inflow and outflow of players for this transfer window, which mostly called for one major signing, two other low profile signings (mostly players from the ages 21-25)and a loan in. Not forgetting the departure of one key player(if possible), one important player whose services were no longer deemed necessary and three loan outs. Whoever wanted to leave outside the criteria would have to negotiate that stance with management (as usual).

Secondly, Barca recently began an investment plan that would strengthen its financial position for the future (duration of min 5 business years).

Thirdly, some of the cash inflows from participating and winning of tounaments were deferred to settle miscellanous accounts and was not necessarily intended as notch up for transfer fees acc or wages acc. That position is however been renegotiation for whatever reason.

Fourthly and finally, the transfer market ideal for this window was to unsettle as many worthy players at other clubs as possible thus creating interests. Just in case this key players decides to join Barca, the deal was to reduce transfer fees with the notion of satisfactory deferrment and maintain wages as equal as those already in the team and not higher thus, reducing costs. Nontheless, despite their focus on the transfer criteria there was still that possibility that a player might decide to join Barca late in the transfer season hence going against the criteria. Delibrately enough, provisions were made if this need arises.

Unfortunately, most of this plans were trashed due to the fact that most players were receiving enormous transfer fees/possibilities from other clubs and the interests were more pressing than formally anticipated, not forgetting present staffs wanted pay rises that management did not initially intend hence, adjustments had to be made.

One thing I believe all can see is the fact that some of the initial management plans has gone sour and they now have to cope with the times as best they can. Well, until the Eto'o issue is put to rest so they can continue with their plans.

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