Monday, 29 June 2009

Keirrison will sign contract tomorrow

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) will sign tomorrow a five-year contract with Barcelona.

(sources: rac 1, sport, tv3, as, el periódico, globo esporte, lance)

Last Thursday, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona director of football Raúl Sanllehí met with André Cury, a representative of Brazilian player's agency Traffic that owns 80 per cent of the transfer rights of the player, the other 20 per cent being in the possession of Palmeiras. Traffic chairman Júlio Mariz also took part in the meeting.

The negotiations are then said to be well-advanced, a pre-agreement would have been reached. Cury says: "We're optimistic regarding a deal. As we are concerned, we now have a pre-agreement that we hope to finalize on Tuesday." Barcelona would already have had before agreed on an option on the player that expired on 30 June.

On Friday, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain had a lunch with Marcos Malaquias, one of the player's agents Marcos Malaquias in a Barcelona restaurant to negotiate on the player's contract. In the afternoon, Malaquias and Mariz met with Barcelona officials at the club's offices.

Naor Malaquias, the other agent of Keirrison confirmed the talks: "My brother and a Traffic director are in Barcelona to take part in the negotiations. I don't know anything about possible fees yet." Marcos Malaquias said after the meeting that a deal was very close: "There are only a few details missing before it's official."

It was then decided that Keirrison wouldn't train or play anymore with Palmeiras. The Brazilian striker travelled the same day to his home-town Keirrison, where he was getting ready to fly to Barcelona. Palmeiras put out a statement confirming a formal offer by Barcelona, Keirrison did the same (read more here
). Barcelona president Joan Laporta says the next day that they're on the verge of finalizing the deal.

Despite having more than four years left on his contract, Keirrison can leave Palmeiras without an extra fee. When he signed his contract earlier this year, a clause was inserted that allowed him to move at any moment to Barcelona, his favourite club since childhood (read more
here). Sport claims that Keirrison also insisted that in his contract with Traffic a buyout clause would be included saying that he could leave to Barcelona for 15 million euro°. For other clubs, the buyout clause would be 50 million euro.

Other sources mention other figures regarding the agreed transfer fee: "13 million plus 3 million in incentives" (tv3), "around 14 million euro" (el periódico), "around 15 million euro" (globo esporte), "16 million euro" (lance). Keirrison, who also rejected an offer by Real Madrid in January, will most likely be included, on loan or permanently, in a transfer deal on Villa or (more unlikely) on Forlán or Bruno Alves.

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pep said...

15 million euro =

21 million us dollar
13 million british pound

hawk_barca_4_life said...

"Despite having more than four years left on his contract, Keirrison can leave Palmeiras without an extra fee. When he signed his contract earlier this year, a clause was inserted that allowed him to move at any moment to Barcelona, his favourite club since childhood (read more here). Sport claims that Keirrison also insisted that in his contract with Traffic a buyout clause would be included saying that he could leave to Barcelona for 15 million euro°. For other clubs, the buyout clause would be 50 million euro."

"Keirrison, who also rejected an offer by Real Madrid in January"

this shows his desire to play for us he is an absolute quality and i believe he will impress every buddy during pre season just watch him

hope we get zhirkov he too has the same desire to play for us

Marc4barca said...

zhirkov will be a chelsea player on wednesday

jordi said...

The "read more here" dont work for me pep

James said...

Somehow I doubt he would let Barcelona buy him just to send him to another club permanently.

We should make a move for Zhirkov right now, Filipe is turning out to be quite a long and drawn out saga, at the very least it'll push the price up for Chelsea to sign Zhirkov.

Anonymous said...

great signing....

This guy is great..

Barca dont wanna sell him, they wanna loan him to Valencia.. no selling

barcalover said...

i think buying him is an excellent move!! were not real madrid were BARCA! we buy young players or we grow them in our academy and generate FIFA PLAYERS OF THE WORLD! Keirrison should stay and shouldnt be loaned to valencia even for villa!!! because he will be better than villa and he needs to be surrounded with greats of the game today like iniesta and messi and xavi and henry so he can gain invaluable knowledge that he wont find at valencia even with playing time!
KEEP Keirrison!! please!!! no selling or even loaning out! please! mark my words he will probably be the best signing we've had since RONALDINHO!!VISCA AL BARCA!

R10FCB said...

lol love how he's buyout clause drops dramatically for barca.
will be a great player for the club in the future, hope he signs.
and if he does go to valencia on loan for a villa deal that would be even better, he would get the minutes he needs to improve and next season we will have both villa and keirrison!

Iason said...

Keep Eto'o, don't loan or sell Keirrison, buy Zirkhov and then buy a CM like Mascherano. Sell Guddy and maybe Hleb, sell Caceres and bring Henrique back, then buy Bruno Alves and we are good.

K9= 15 m, Zirkhov= 20-25m, Mascherano= 30-40m, Bruno Alves= 20-25m= 85-105m.

If we actually negotiate the prices then we can maybe get 5m for Guddy, 5-10m for Hleb, 5-10 Caceres. We could maybe have a few millions if we got money when we sold Xavi Torres and all the other youth players we sold this summer. If we need extra funds, we can sell Abidal and maybe Keita and permanently use Puyol and Henrique and occasionally Zirkhov at LB and promote a B player. Again, this is my dream transfer season but it is only possible if we can spend a lot.

Don Luis said...

just sell Bojan! Bojan is way overrated....Keirrison is way way better then Bojan. Pato has left Krkric in the dust.


nickr said...

Don Luis, i dont think you have even paid attention to Bojan, but he extremely talented and is only getting better and better, he will soon be one of the best and we'd be making a big mistake to sell him. Bojan just gets no chance to shine cuz they dont pass him the ball and the lack of playing time. But soon he will be one of our main players and i feel he along with messi will carry the team.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Don Luis, Bojan is very overrated. I still can't see why people call him a super talent.
Why do you Bojan-fans think he doesn't get enough playtime? Because he isn't good enough.
I also think that Pedrito is way better than Bojan, and Guardiola clearly also thinks so, seeing how Pedrito gets more playtime, he even got to play in the CL finals.
Bojan is a super talent my ass.
He can't dribble to save his life (occasionally, he gets through but that's rare), he can't pass very well (he's had 2-3 assissts though, but hey even Guddy has had several assists) and he clearly can't shoot. He almost always misses the goal, or he shoots right at the keeper, who has no problem blocking to shoot. Just look at all of Bojans goals, the majority of them (especially form last seasson, when everyone, for some reasson, called him a super talent) came from passes that gave Bojan a clear shoot on the goal, even an average player could've scored from there.
No, Bojan is no super talent, a talent, yes, but no new Messi, not nearly good enough to play with Barcas first team. Barca should loan him or something since Kerrison (who is much better than Bojan) seems as good as ours and Pedrito is also better than Bojan.

Don Luis said...

@ anonymous:

u forget another point. BOJAN missed a wide open header from like 2 inches away against chelsea!

When Bojan plays he pretty much ruins Barca's game. Dont forget he pretty much always loses the ball!

Where was Bojan at spain's u-21??? He was a non factor. Actually when bojan was benched. Spain scored and won. Bojan is super weak. Shove him he falls. He doesnt have blazing speed or dribbling skills.

My fellow cules. Bojan will be nothing more then a huge bust.

jazzy said...

hey do you think that Madrid just bid for Keirrison to mess w/ us? i mean, if he were not our target, would they made the offer for him in january? ;)

Anonymous said...

@don luis and the last anonymous: i think pep guardiola, his staff and txiki know krkic better than you two, when they say that krkic is a supertalent then he is one! krkic will make his way and by the way he is only 18 years old now! tell me which so young player plays in the starting eleven in a club like barca! sure he has to get more playing time, this will happen next season, i hope!

Bram said...

Jeezes anony, mind your language will you! This blog is for praising Barça, a place where fans meet to discuss about the team. No need to start swearing at a player who gave our team so much so far. Let's see what happens.

K9 comming sounds exciting!

Marws said...

For the first time I'm acctually excited about Keirrison. I had no idea that he loved Barca. That does change alot.

Don Luis and Anon you guys have clearly not been reading about Bojan. Bojan scored over 950 goals in Barcas youth academy. Thats more than anyone else. Bojan is only 18 y.o. Do you think it's easy to play in the best team in the world when you are 18? Keirrison is almost 2 years older and he plays for Palmerias. So not the same.

Why don't you trust pep and all of the scouts and trainers in Barca? All of them think that Bojan is our future.

in 2007, when Keirrison was 18 he played for Coritiba, one of the best serie B teams in Brazil. He played 38 games in the league and cup, and scored 12 goals. If you include Campeonato Paranese he played 58 games and scored 21 goals. That's about 0,36 goals/match.

Bojan Krkic in 2009, he was 18. he played a total of 43 games (only played 90 min in 8 of these games) and scored 10 goals. Thats about 0,23 goals/match.

Yes, Keirrison scored more goals. Yey. But the real difference is that Bojan played in La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions league. La liga and CL is two of the best fooball leagues in the world. Thats more than you can say about Serie B in Brazil, Copa do Brasil and Campeonato Paranese.

Too summon up: Bojan is atleast as good as Keirrison at the same age (I would say better but what the hell). Please stop the trash talk on Bojan, he doesn't deserve it.

Bojan and Pedro are the most wanted Barcelonistas this summer so far. That says alot about their potencial.

Peace ;)

R10FCB said...

well said marws, Bojan is definetly the future of barca and will be our number 9 in a couple of years.

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