Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ibrahimovic: "I really like martial arts"

Barcelona player Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave an interview to the club's official media.

How did it feel being presented in the Camp Nou?
Monday was a really busy day. First the medical, then after lunch I signed a very important contract that has made a lot of people happy, then came the presentation. It's difficult to put into words what I felt. These are emotions that can't be described.

Are you nervous about everything that has happened?
I was a bit nervous because everyone said there were a lot of people there. Normally I'm quite relaxed but for me it’s a dream to come here. This is where I wanted to play. I made an agreement with the president of Inter that the only club they could sell me to was Barcelona. The others could ask but they wouldn't get a reply. The only one I answered was Barça. That gives me a special feeling. The transfer from Juve to Inter seemed like an important fact but it didn't change my mood... In contrast, this transfer has made me feel nervous.

Nervous... Why?
Barça has a historic tradition. Everyone wants to be part of this great club, they've made history and I want to be part of that history. For me Barça plays football the way other teams will play in ten years time. The way they play is the way I want to play and I believe the people that go to the stadium really enjoy this football and 50 per cent of football is the fans.

Will you fit into the Barça style?
I think I'll fit in really well because it's the way I want to play, the way I want to train, the way I want to learn, because this style of football is what I tasted at Ajax. It really suited me and I learned a lot.

Have you had good references from people that know Barça?
Everyone I’ve spoken to has spoken positively. I spoke to Larsson, Figo, Koeman... everyone I spoke to spoke really well of Barça. Nobody said anything negative, everyone agreed that if you get the chance to come here then take it. Mentally, I was already with Barça when I received news of the club's interest. Normally a club that wins everything doesn't buy. When they come to you it's something special. It means a lot and I'm here to continue winning titles.

You are Swedish but your parents are from the Balkans. Is your character marked by that?
Maybe. My father is Bosnian and my mother is Croatian and I was born in Sweden. I grew up as a Swedish child but my mentality is different, more similar to my father who has a strong personality.

What are your hobbies?
I really like martial arts, taekwondo in particular. I enjoy watching films. I'm very much a family person and I like travelling with them to explore the world.

Have you got any idols? You’ve been compared to Van Basten.
Capello compared me to Van Basten and that's real praise for me, but I think players can't be compared. Everyone has his talents. Van Basten is a legend. I like complete players that make the difference. Van Basten made the difference as did Ronaldo. As a historic sportsman my favourite is Mohamed Ali.

read the full and original interview and see a video of the interview here

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Anonymous said...

>The others could ask but they >wouldn't get a reply. The only >one I answered was Barça.

i like it!

prathsBarca said...

Welcome Ibra, your are my idol after messi at barca, Hope you succeed very well. I am all excited. Hope you can emulate Joahn Crjuff's stature at barca and pay back Pep gaurdiola's faith in you. Good luck :)

Xaviniesta said...

aw there goes my article :(

buj said...

Q: You are a very technical forward. Normally that kind of player is pretty individualistic but your profile is that of a team player.

A:It’s one of my qualities that I learned in Italy. It’s important to know how to play as part of a team. If you don’t play as part of the team it’s impossible to achieve the objectives that your club is looking for. You have to help your team-mates and your team-mates have to help you....

This one answer is what I was waiting for from him. I have doubts early on about him creating for others and linking-up as he's well-known for creating his own chances but with the answers he gave during this interview I am more at ease now. Lets hope he put words into actions.

sho said...

marshal arts? OMG.. Messi and co better watch thier backs.. lest they get knocked out

pep said...

No, Xavininiesta, we'll have it. You can still dig up some other "facts" though... ;)

Anonymous said...

no wonder he scored so many goals with those weird side-kicks and back-kicks!! they are from Taekwondo!!

Anonymous said...

pep, i have a lot more. just thought we'd start with 10 first, it'd be good for a catchy title :)


Anonymous said...

oh ps..i'll have that tattoo thing up this wkend ;)


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