Sunday, 26 July 2009

Gudjohnsen: "I couldn't celebrate Iniesta's goal"

Barcelona player Eidur Gudjohnsen gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

Where were you on 27 May 2009 on 20:45 pm?
On the bench at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, from where I could see the match in perfect conditions. It's a day I'll probably never forget. I didn't play, but it was one of the happiest days of my life.

How many tickets did you have for the Cup final at Mestalla?
Let me think... I don't know, I think ten. And I had nine left!

Do you know Paris Hilton?
I know who she is, but I don't know her personally. The only really famous person I know personally is Messi. And Henry.

What do you prefer: the treble or the way of winning it?
For history, it's about the treble. For all the ones who saw it, it's about the way of winning it. And for me, it's about the friendship and unity between all the players.

What did you do when Iniesta scored at Stamford Bridge?
I felt strange. I was happy for my team-mates and for myself because we would play the Champions League final, but I couldn't celebrate it because we won at a place that had been my home for six years. My friends Terry and Lampard were devastated so I felt sadness and joy at the same time.

Who will win the world cup?
Don't write Iceland off, we'll be the underdog and we could surprise all the others.

Do you know where will you be next week?
Well, I think that I will be in the United States, doing the tour together with the rest of my teammates... I'm referring to my Barça team-mates.

Michael Jackson: homicide or accident?
Natural death. I would say it is natural that he would die, like all of us will.

Have you already said goodbye to Eto'o?
No. I hope to do it later, but I haven't yet said goodbye to him.

What will you remember from the parade in the streets of Barcelona after winning the three trophies?
Well, that I probably, although I could be wrong, will not live something like that again in my life. It was a special feeling. A unique day of joy.

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buj said...

Always like him tho not barca quality i must say.

FCBdara said...

i think he is a great sub-player,and can play in many positions

barca nike said...

why do they always ask them about this Paris Hilton???/

fcbee said...

He's a great guy, but from a club's perspective, he's just too expensive to be a back-up's back-up in midfield.

Etsp said...

Barca nike: To poke fun at Madrid for Cristiano's night out.

Subhashis said...

He is a great person..have a big heart. Its good to have players, and persons like him in the dressing room.
He probably would leave...but I wud be happy if guddy stays. He already told that he doesn't mind warming the bench of a team like barca, rather playing in a hopeless EPL team stuck in mid-table

Anonymous said...

couldn't celebrate iniesta's goal? boo hoo eidur. let's see iceland tackle spain in WC when laporta pulls off his next ultimate deal/mission: changing ibra's nationality to spanish!

djoef said...

For 5 millions a year, who wouldn't be willing to warm the bench? Saviola didn't complain either...

sashi said...

wat a moron... guess he cried bcoz Terry and Lampard are gonna miss the CL final. wat an idiot.

tero said...

Guddy sucks in field,Paris Hilton sucks *...

Anonymous said...

what is it all about with PARIS HILTON?!?!!?!
can plz some1 let me know
and he had 9 tickets left?!he could have given these to some1 instead of throwing them

Exarch said...


Xaviniesta said...

lame how Sport would always ask the paris and mj q's :s

Anonymous said...

Gudy's great.. barca quality! barca! barca! barca! Gudy! gudy! gudy! mor goals next season you icelandic monumnet

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