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[2008] Manchester United considering Henry bid

this post was publised exactly one year ago:

British tabloid The Daily Star claims that Manchester United is weighing up a bid for Barcelona centre forward and French international Thierry Henry (30).

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has been forced to look at other strikers after being blocked so far in his attempts to sign Tottenham forward Dimitar Berbatov and Henry is one of those on top of his list.

Much will depend on whether Ferguson wants a player to make an immediate impact, or a signing to build for the future. In Henry, Ferguson knows he would be getting a player already adept at the demands of Premier League and Champions League football.

Ferguson believes that the Barcelona forward could do a similar job to Berbatov, assisting Wayne Rooney up front. There are few players in Europe with the qualities to fulfil the role, which has led Ferguson to check out Henry’s situation at Barcelona.

Though new Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has indicated that he wants Henry to stay, the fact that Samuel Eto’o is still at the club means the Frenchman could be available. The Champions League winners could offer Barcelona 20 million euro° for the striker.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

20 million euro =
30 million us dollar
15 million british pound

Anonymous said...

that would be great

Hauns said...

I would masturbate all night if this came true! :P

Anonymous said...

well said hauns!!! lol

this story makes me sooooo happy. i would go crazy if we made this deal. i dont understand why pep wants him, rumor was he blocked a near done deal in may. why does he want to keep a 31 yr old aging cry baby who played like a moron last yr and sell out young and goal scoring machine etoo.

if we get an offer for 20 mil euro i dont see how u can reject that. we recoup the money we lost buying him and we can put it towards launching a big bid for villa or berbatov.

seems all win win to me!

Kamesh said...

I dont think this will happen, but if it happens this is the better option than selling Eto'o. Sell Henry and buy Berbatov. Eto plays in the home games and Berbatov or even Drogba plays in away/CL games and we win all three trophies...... dreamland.........

Anonymous said...

henry will stay and 25 goal are already on the net!!
kempe cyprus

Kxevin said...

Wow. Such animosity. Unreal.

If we sell Henry now, we are idiots. He'll be a better striker in Champions League than Eto'o, particularly with the way the lineup is coming into view.

Who replaces his 17 goals and 20 assists (last season, in less than 40 appearances while learning a new position)? And that was a bad season, by Henry's standards.

The up side for Henry is that he gets away from as unappreciative a bunch of fans as I have ever seen.

So we sell Henry, keep Eto'o and go back to making ineffectual curlicues in front of jam-packed boxes in the Champions League. Or does anyone recall that when he entered the Man U second leg last season, and instantly generated real chances, which weren't happening before his entry?

But let's keep Eto'o, right? Everybody's happy, we maybe win the league, go out in Europe against a Premiership side again, then have to sell Eto'o for next to nothing next season to keep from losing him on free transfer.

Sounds like a great plan.

killo said...

Let's renew Eto'o and sell Henry now we still can make some money for him. After a second disappointing season, his price will just drop further. He's just not suited for our system.

Anonymous said...

In general I like your stands, Kxevi,n but in your pro-Henry / anti-Eto'o stands you sound like a fanatic, man. A little more objectiveness and reason would be good.

one year ago, readers said...


Henry is rubbish, right? He scored and made assists last season and he was played out of positon by silly frank! So If he gets to play in his favourite position, you can imagine the number of goals he would get. I woul say keep Eto'o and keep Titi. They are both good enough for Barca. I cant believe people would say things like this about Henry who didnt complain throughout last year despite the fact he was played as a winger. Play Benzema on the left wing for a whole season and lets see how many goals he would get u lot! Loosers!!

nozbleed said...

I think Drogba suits well in Guardiola's plan than Henry.. and Eto'o would be a great sub..bjloxnh

Kxevin said...

It isn't pro-Henry, it's pro-Barca. I want the best players on the pitch for the mission, which is to win the league and Europe.

We can win the league with Eto'o as striker. No question. Ask yourselves if we can win Europe with Eto'o as striker. Was last year an aberration that should be written off as one of those bad years that all teams have? Possibly.

If selling Henry (or Messi, or any other player) was best for Barca's chances as ultimate success, I'd ask what part I could take to make the deal happen. Yes, I'm a fan of players. I like Eto'o, I like Henry. But the team comes first.

We know what Eto'o can do. Score goals in the league. All day and all night. But if he were so immensely valuable to our chances this season, why in the heck are Guardiola/Txiki B. trying so hard to sell him? Spite? Stupidity? Insanity? Don't know, but at some point I have to trust the team's technical staff.

Anonymous said...

"Ask yourselves if we can win Europe with Eto'o as striker."

We did win Europe with Eto'o. While Henry lost Europe for Arsenal that day. You're unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kxevin. Henry played out of his pos last year and did better than anyone expected. If Henry played on center farward i bet you 10000 EUR he wuld score twice as much goals as he did last year. What Frank did when Barca signed Henry and put him out of his possition it was the biggest mistake. And about Eto: he has an ego bigger than Mount Everest and that is hurting the team. Now do you want a team who plays well together and score goals and wins matches. Or is this year gonna be another one like last year with troubles players like Eto and Ronaldinho were making?

killo said...

Henry played centre forward when Eto'o was injured during the first half of the season and he was a disaster, so that "he had to play out of position" is no argument cause he did play there half a season.

Henry's best position is centre forward in 4/5/1, which is something completely different from centre forward in 4/3/3.

Anonymous said...

Henry did too get his chances in the middle. Several times he an Eto'o exchanged places. And even when Iniesta and Bojan plyed , he was in the middle. The main reason he played on the left was because of Ronnie's injury or "injuries". but i don't think that playing out of position excuse will win any player any respect with any coach. But i also think it was also becasue he (Henry) wasn't the go to guy like at Arsenal. Lus they said he was injured. Don't blame Eto'o for our Champions League failures. i mean we only have 2 trophies as a clubs and one was under the old name. i think against Manu he was the only one willing to shoot, well along with messi and Deco sometimes. We cant also pass to death, or lull teams to sleep with possession but we need to go for it sometimes. Did you see the way the guys were playing with 10-20 mins in the game and with us needing a goal to at least have a chance. There was no hurry in their game , too calm. Other teams would've been running their socks off by this point. Best wishes to my team Barca this and coming seasons. Bigger than any player. More than a club! A family!

one year ago, readers said...

cojonudo said...

Sure Henry had a "mediocre" campaign by his standards, but most players would have cut off their right arms to post similar numbers.

Keep in my mind that:

A.) Henry's entering the new campaign fully fit unlike last season when he rushed back prematurely to join the club.

B.) He has an extra year under his belt to get acclamated to the league, style of play, tempo, his teammates and the Barcelona "system".

C.) He will no longer be playing out of position on the left wing. The centre forward position will be his to lose.

D.) He is a legend! And as legend's go he's got a lot of pride and I'm sure he's out to prove all his critics who feel he's "washed up" wrong!

E.) There is NO way Henry would ever don the 'Red Devils' jersey. Not after being the greatest Gunner of all-time.

All things considered he really didn't have that bad a year last season either. Knowing his role with the club and how much Pep and the team are counting on him, I'm sure that should give Henry more confidence, peace of mind and make him feel more settled at the club. Given all that I expect Henry to have a BIG season at the club.

Kxevin said...

No, we won Europe with Larsson, with the help of a Lehmann red card. To be precise. I believe that we still would have won, but if you watch that match, the red card changed everything.

This season will tell. Henry might still be sub-par, in which case I will be leading the wagon train to run him out of town. This is definitely his last chance, but let's see him in position for the entirety of the season.

BA said...

more crazy talk. Henry shouldn't go anywhere for a full season at least. least of all to United, where he wouldn't go and who shouldn't want him anyway. they have enough money to buy any striker in the world, why would they single out an old, lately off-form player who hates their club, and who was just bought by another major club a season ago?

SAF is going senile if this rumour is true.

Anonymous said...

"No, we won Europe with Larsson"

Yeah, Larsson won it on its own. Just proves your anti-Eto'o obsession. Anyway, hope you at least agree that it was Henry who lost it for Arsenal. And that one he did on his own by missing two one-on-ones with Valdes of which a top striker at least should net one.

( And the red card was right, so I don't see the problem. I would have preferred no red card and a 1-0 advantage though, that would have be an easier win. )

Actually you tried to avoid but nothing changes the answer on your question "Ask yourselves if we can win Europe with Eto'o as striker." We shouldn't ask ourselves cause history has proven that we can win Europe with Eto'o as striker.

Choose better arguments if you want to bash Eto'o, Kxevin... One cannot find proper sportive reasons, so I suggest to play the "big ego" argument. Although if you would ask his former team-mates, I'm sure they would say there was a lot more place in their dressing room when Henry and his ego left Arsenal.

groga said...

Whatever will happen, you can't Henry see our first choice as centre forward. OR Eto'o leaves and Drogba or Adebayor comes in to be the number one. OR Eto'o stays and then his goals will hand him that spot very soon.

So 20 million euro for a bench guy seems a very good price for me. Although I personally don't think he's really what Man United needs at this time.

Anonymous said...

Cojonudo has a very valid point. I don't think Henry would be donning a Manchester United jersey after being hailed as an Arsenal Legend.

I don't think this deal is going to come through.

one year ago, readers said...

Kxevin said...

I'm fine with Eto'o's ego. All top players have it. They should have it.

Nobody doubts his ability. And certainly, certain kinds of Eto'o fans will construe any non-laudatory words to be anti-Eto'o.

To me, they're pro-Barca.

Yes, Henry missed some chances in that match. Strikers do. Even the best strikers miss more than they make. Strikers also have good and bad matches.

Just as Larsson wasn't the sole Barca player responsible, neither was Henry. But Larsson's effect on the game was far more dramatic than that of Henry, Eto'o, even Ronaldinho and Deco.

I'm not saying Eto'o is a bad striker. I'm saying that I'd much rather have someone else facing Rio Ferdinand, for example, than Samuel Eto'o, his La Liga gifts notwithstanding. Read anything else you like into it, but I would much rather grab a European crown than the Liga. And from the depth and defense-oriented nature of this season's signings, so would the technical staff, who, by the by, one reckons are anti-Eto'o as well. Or are they, too, pro-Barca?

Reverse the positions: Eto'o is the new signing, who played for a bit in his proper position, but mostly out in a system that lacked tactical versatility. Henry is the incumbent, who has scored tons of goals in La Liga, helped the team to titles, etc.

Then you could just reverse my argument, in that Eto'o would deserve a shot at being the player that we though we'd signed. At least a chance. Then if he cocks it up, out he goes. But then you know. Right now, we have no idea of the kind of player that Henry can be for Barcelona.

Anybody watching Les Bleus during Euros saw the two sides: the guy who missed a gimme, and the one who turned that crazy-ass, full-speed lateral kind of bendy deal. Strikers giveth, and strikers taketh away, right? BarcaTV on Fox Soccer fans saw a match on Saturday(?) in which Eto'o missed a couple of gimmes. They all do.

But give Henry a chance. You can do that without damaging everyone's love for Eto'o.

Anonymous said...

To Kxevin:
I'm another anonymous and I must admit that I don't agree with you with most of your claims about Henry.
He is a legend. That's true. And he is great player. True. But, he could play maybe one more season, and than what? The most reasonable thing would be selling him. ManUtd or anywhere else, it doesn't matter. The point is that he PAST his best and now we should grab any chance to cash in on him. The most important, Barca must seek for younger players and start it all over again in this after-R10-era.

Subhashis said...

I agree with the last anonymous very much. Henry is legend indeed, but he is past his prime. he will be at high level for one more year..at max. he is perfect example like kanu..the other arsenal lgend.now lurking in bottom epl teams.

I am surprised why man utd wants him. we shud hold on to eto'o, i stil believe a fully fit eto is still dangerous..and messi loves playing with eto'o. and eto plays our tik-tak-toe football much better than henry.
We now shud concentrate on getting a good left winger..preferably arshavin.and close the transfer chapter.

one year ago, readers said...


I aint no pro Henry guy but I jsut feel its funny cos most of you (the last 2 post esp) are saying hes a legend but hes past it. Fair enough he is 31. Most fans are saying buy Drog. How old is Drog 30(real age = 35 minimum) as an african player. Eto is 27 (but wld be @least 32, real age) as an african footballer. And dont get it twisted, this aint a race thing cos I am an AFRICAN who lives in the UK but was born in Africa and didnt leave the shores till i was 22, So am very AFrican. so its no racist issue. I know how we do. So, you tell me who is older. + Henry played the 1st half of last season half fit. He was in a new league after 7years with Arsenal. Am not saying hes the best thing for Barca but its rather harsh saying things like this about him. He can do better if fit and plays in the middle (CF) for a whole season and not half and LF and half CF.
I wish Barca a trophy-filled 08/09 season.

Chemistry Honours, St Xaviers College, Calcutta said...

Noubarca..may be you are in a better position /experience to comment about the real age, but I feel drogba and eto are really 30 and 28 respectively.

Henry is great player, but not the best choice for barca at the moment. i am not saying or in favor of buying drogba..he is worse option than henry.

Eto is our best bet at the moment

Anonymous said...

Some comments look foolish now ..:-)

fcbee said...

Great to read the big "analysts" opne year later... Always good for a laugh :)

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