Saturday, 9 May 2009

Silva wants to stay at Valencia

Asked about the rumours linking him with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), Valencia left winger and Spanish international David Silva (23) has said in an interview with Madrid sports tabloid As that he prefers to stay at Valencia:

"I want one thing to be clear: I don't want to leave Valencia. I'm feeling very good here, I'm here since I was 13 years old and my family, which is the most important thing for me, is very happy and feels at home. I want to fulfill my contract and despite all the talking I'm quite relaxed.

I'm already at a big club and I don't think I have lost a year. I want to return to the Champions League with Valencia. That the club has given the permission to my agent to start talks with Juventus is their choice, I had nothing to do with that. But in football anything can happen and even more when you look at the situation Valencia is in.

It will nevertheless also depend on me. If I want to leave or not and, if that's the case, where I want to go to. If you look at how they play, how they always want to have the ball, Barcelona is the team that would suit my qualities best. But I also played at teams who didn't have the ball a lot, like Eibar, and that also went well."

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HouseMD said...

Ribery is the best choice for left wing, but I red it yesterday that he prefers move to RM due to Zidane. Silva is a good player, but overrated a bit. With Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Bojan and Alves (all of them average height 170cm), it would be better to find someone stronger than Silva due to future games with opponents like Chelsea which are much stronger than us. If Ribery deal falls through, Zhirkov would be better and cheaper option. Adriano from Sevilla too.

per said...

He's one of very few players that would make me genuinely happy to see in a Barcelona-shirt. Love him!

Anonymous said...

A request: in there is 3 articles with Eto, ..

google translate make me more confused,..

anyone got time to translate?
adding to this blog or privately
emailing ? would be thankful

// B

wanted47 said...

Fantasy Option (attack)

- get riberyfor henry but henry should still stay one more year
- get snijder (good at free kicks, passing and he has the shooting ability to score that kind of goal iniesta scored against chelsea in every second game) good backup for iniesta or xavi
- get robben to backup messi
- sell hleb, gudi
- promote assulin

Anonymous said...

actually i think silva is a bit to slow to take on 1-2 guys. haven't watched him much but i see him more as a playmaker LW, not an messi kind of player. plus, he is also a lefty. his crosses would be pretty much useless when we've got eto'o,messi,xavi and iniesta in the box. another problem is shooting angles, as he is a left footed player. he wouldn't get his PREFERED shooting angles. either he has to shoot from a very sharp angle or he has to shoot with his right foot. as i see it ribery is the right option

pep said...

Nothing special, B, just reports from his last night's press conference.

Anonymous said...

Silva would be useless for us, a short player who doesnt score goals, this is the exact opposite of what we need.

A goalscoring midfielder and a strong, tall striker who can convert corners and Alves crosses into goals is what is needed. A left winger could be nice too, but we have Gai coming up, and Henry and Iniesta both do excellent there, so it shouldn't be first priority.

Carrer de Corsega said...

I take him over Ribery. What we are looking to get out of Ribery, a right footed winger who cuts in, we already have in Iniesta. Andres might not be as consistent of a finisher, but he is every bit as good as Ribery in other areas of the game, if not better.

I think we need to add variety to the left side of the pitch. Silva is a great player technically with good pace and a good shot. He is my favorite LW. He can play wide, or cut in. He can swap spots with Iniesta for different matches, or in a game. That should throw the opponents off. He is 23 and Spanish so if the 6+5 rule ever passes, he is an asset. The big downside to him is that he gets injured too easily.

To the anonys, Silva can dribble 3 guys in an area size of a napkin. I've seen him score from inside the box, outside the box, headers, etc. At least watch a highlight of him before you say that:

Anonymous said...

to carrer de corsega.
ehe , don't take me wrong. he is a good player. and i've seen does movies already. but as you said, the tape you posted is a HIGLIGHT movie. ofcourse you see him passing 3 players. it's a highlight movie. it's propaganda. you can't judge a player by a youtube movie. that's bull. and if you look at the movie, there is even tapes from his time at celta vigo ( isn't it ? ) and early seasons from valencia. he is a LW an ofcourse his going to pass through his back at least once. and sometimes score. and it's does clips they put in youtube videos. not when he shoots 50 feet over the goal or get's tackled by his back.

Carrer de Corsega said...

To Anonymous,

I was at Camp Nou last year when he assisted Villa against Barca in Copa del Rey. I also went to the Liga game in Camp Nou.

I've also been to Mestalla once March of 08 when I visited a friend in Valencia.

I've seen him in action on TV a lot , too. They are playing Madrid right now and he scored the second goal.

He is a quality player who will be playing for the Spanish national team for years to come alongside Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabregas. So if he comes to Barca, they will develop the best midfield chemistry anywhere for years to come. And it will be that much easier when Cesc returns to fill in for Xavi. Silva is 23, Iniesta is 24, and Cesc is 21. We could potentially have one of the best midfields in the history of the game for 4 or 5 good years when they all develop.

But again, he is a very fragile player. He just got injured a few minutes ago and had to be pulled off.

Aussie Barca Fan said...





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