Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Barcelona has arrived in London

Barcelona arrived today at 12:45 pm at Gatwick airport in London after a two-hour flight. This evening at 8 pm, Barcelona will train at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium.


ej said...

MU has offered Bayern 70 Milion Euro for ribery :(((

this is written in many sites :((

in germany and in other countrys.

we should have allready signed him , and now ii guess itzs too late since barca wont have the ability to stand against MU Cash

noubarca said...

Its not always about the cash mate. Players have a say too. And I am glad to see the "MUDERERS" on their way to London

ej said...

i am sure that ribery wanted to go to barca.

but i dont think that he will say no to MU since they are big team too.

i just hope that our staff are not sleeping now because after the humiliation from madrid they rae going mad after money players and MU is preparing the next season allready woo.

i hope barca will bring atleast 2 Players , and ribery will be one oif them he is really very good and most of all he has a very nice char that will adapt to barcelona very fast.

hope we get him because we know exactly that RM will be making a very strong team next season and i wnt us to win laliga next season too !!!

SJP said...

is bojan being given his pocket money in the fourth picture down? ;)

M4V3R1K said...

Hey guys .. does any one know the (FAT) person with Puyol in the 2nd picture .. He is always seen in the Barca dug out as well but I dont know his name ..

fcbee said...

That's the team official. Don't know his name though.

fcbee said...



Kubalafan said...

M4V3R1K, that's Carles Naval. He has been with FCB for a long time.

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